[Posters put up all around Booty Bay]

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[Posters put up all around Booty Bay]

Post by Gogol on Sun Sep 08, 2013 9:30 am

The following message is written in the fantastic vintage pirate styled writing.

A Mister Figgins and a Mister Krickle be searching for a well abled crew of seafaring mad dogs and swashbuckling vigilantes ready to stare the reaper straight in to her beastly whored gut of an eyeball.

Severe crippeling and death is a big possibility upon joining the crew, however the sold is matching the investment.
Upon the chanse of any loot this will be divided equally after risk and rank, done by Mister Figgins and Mister Krickle, with their Gnome word of honour doing so.

To get in contact with the two one shall ask by Salty Sea Sailor tavern in Booty Bay, and from there get further directions.
Recruitment is only due to the 15th of September.

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