(Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

Post by Muzjhath on Wed Nov 13, 2013 1:15 pm

... This thread made me wish Muzjhath was still alive! Awesome thread, just make's me wonder "Sooo... how many people would think Muzjhath was a total bitch best avoided?"


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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

Post by Tanalia on Wed Nov 13, 2013 4:08 pm

Tanalia sees herself as a work in progress...

This battle hardened, yet kind and compassionate former Lance Corporal, turned Paladin-in-training, is constantly trying to better herself...

She sees her faults and is often too quick to point them out. If pushed, she might admit that she should trust in her abilities and instincts more often.

She'd describe herself as a very capable fighter, if not maybe a little bit rusty around the edges since she left the Shields Regiment... Cathedral life for her, so far, has been much more about healing and praying... And alot less restraining and arresting!

She likes to believe that everyone is good, deep down. Though sometimes, she isn't sure if that's a good or a bad thing.
So overall... Tani knows that she can be better. She sees her faults and she's working hard to change them.

Anne Shieldheart:

Anne Shieldheart -

Mentor. Dearest Friend and Sister.

If not for Anne, Tanalia would likely have likely wandered, in a daze, right into the hands of the horde, during the campaign in the Barrens... Or devoured by Raptors (she doesn't have luck with Raptors).

This is one of the many, MANY times that Anne has saved and influenced Tanalia... And the most life changing event she has had to date. It was from that moment on that Tanalia knew her life had to change.

Tanalia would lay down her life for Anne in a heartbeat, without thought.

She sees Anne as the ultimate role model and she can think of nobody else more fit for the task of mentoring her.

Ekaits Stormwrath:

Ekaits Stormwrath -
A very, very dear friend.

Tanalia sees Ekaits as the most kind, gentle soul she's ever met and ever likely to meet...
She sees him as the Angel on her shoulder. He helps her see things clearly and calmly... And he has saved her more than once. She met Ekaits slightly before she met Anne. He helped to heal her when previous (slightly unorthodox) treatments had failed, after an incident with a Raptor.

Her nickname for him is "Stormwhistle"... This being the only way she could remember his name, during the period of Amnesia that followed the Raptor incident.

Ekaits is another person that, for many reasons, Tanalia would lay down her life for... In a heartbeat.

Susan Earlstead:

Susan Earlstead -
Tanalia greatly respects Susan and likes her alot. She has enjoyed every chance she has had to work alongside her. She respects her bravery and determination to do something that she knew would likely cause some upset and trouble among the Order but that she knew, deep down, was the right thing to do.

Monrena Scaletail:

Monrena Scaletail -
Tanalia is still unsure about Monrena. She likes her, but finds some of her personality traits to be a little bit off-putting. She does like and care for her but she needs more time to get to know her properly. Tanalia admires her engineering skills... Though she's a little bit afraid of her Mechanical Squirel!

Rae Wulfgnar:

Rae Wulfgnar -
Tanalia is curious about him. She's never interacted much with him but she's watched him at work. She'd like to get to know him. Especially since those around her seem to think so highly of him.

Amelia Taragon-Tollemache - formerly 'The Whisperer':

Amelia Taragon-Tollemache - formerly 'The Whisperer' -
Well! Tanalia once swore she'd never rest until she found The Whisperer. After she attacked her dearest friend... Tanalia would have happily killed her. Very happily.

Tanalia met her a few times when with the Shields, her crimes were bad enough but attacking her friend, that was the last straw... She wanted BLOOD!
But recently, a series of events have left Tanalia accepting her, possibly even LIKING her..! She thinks Amelia can be sweet and she finds her feistyness to be quite funny... But even so, Tanalia will always have her guard up against her.

A Leopard can't change its spots... Or can it?

Tenisha Stormstout:

Tenisha Stormstout - A young Pandaren that bought out a motherly side to Tanalia.
Tanalia thinks that Tenisha is a wonderful young soul. She loves her energy and her spirit. Tanalia worries greatly for her and is very protective of her. She hasn't seen her for quite some time and is deeply concerned... She hopes she's just off on an adventure and that she will visit Stormwind again soon.

Mortimer Mitts:

Mortimer Mitts -
She sees him as kind and brave... And quite cute in his feline form!
Mortimer came to the aid of Tanalia when she was still with the Shields Regiment... He assisted her with apprehending a Cartel thug. Tanalia doesn't know him well, she's only seen his human form a couple of times... But she never forgets a good deed and will be there to help him, should he need it, in whatever way she can.


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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

Post by Gesh on Thu Nov 14, 2013 5:26 pm

Manslayer Krelk
ultimately Krelk has suffered through enough battle and torment that she's past being bitter about it and simply has come to accept it as a way of life, having been born into slavery and finding her life becoming no easier when she was freed of her chains, she has found a bittersweet comfort in her ability to kill well and enjoy doing so, whether it be for survival or the entertainment of a crowd she favors action over talk and sees life (unlife) as little more then a cruel joke with some warfare thrown into the mix, although however morbid her past may be, she is still very much a 'cheerful' individual who simply is past the point of caring and finds pleasure in the little things, like the feel of human bone breaking beneath her boot.

The Alliance
Krelk sees very little reasoning in protecting the weak, unless they have the coin to pay or entertain her enough, she finds The Alliance to share many qualities she's grown to despise in her lifetime mainly the arrogance most of them seem to exude, her interactions with Night Elves, Draenei and Human have all been short and bloody and given her undead status most of them have started off as sword or arrow being aimed at her, as Krelk is a pretty care free individual she shows little interest in the politics of war and her hatred of The Alliance has grown mostly from years of spontanious conflict, she doesn't wish genocide on any of the races but wouldn't wheep any tears if Stormwind fell into the ocean.

The Horde
Being an Undead Mok'Nathal is complicated enough, Krelks attitude towards conflict and seeing submission as a sign of weakness has left her with very few friends and far more enemies in her travel, despite Thralls promising speeches of democracy and equality regardless of blood, Krelk is still very much sceptical about The Horde as a whole and lacks the patience to take it seriously, despite this she has made some friends amidst the faction and considers many very capable brothers in arms.

The Ebon Blades and fellow Death Knights
Krelk was thrown into the fighting pits of her slave encampment as soon as she could walk and has spent all her life with bloodied weapons in hand and scratched knuckles, she ventured to The Plaguelands to find a foe worth fighting and the promise of gold from aiding the various factions fighting control of rotting Lordaeron, one thing lead to another and she found herself chained up amidst another fighting pit, this time one of Scourge origins, for many months she was put against various Apprentices and new conjurations of experimental undead, she grew even more feral and blood thirsty and for a while lost herself entirely, when the liberation came and she found herself free she showed very little interest in socialising with her new " kind " and killed a few Knights who tried to talk her out of leaving, Krelk is not one for community and holds a lot of resentment towards the idea of teamwork, she has shown no finesse or twisted sense of nobility that many other Knights have grown and finds the whole order to be equal to a batch of bickering children.

Grim Stonepaw
Although the two have only conversed once or twice, they have found themselves on the same side of the battlefield on more then one occasion and from Krelks point of view bleeding next to a fellow warrior is a far greater bonding experience then any words, she acknowledges Grims strength as an individual and for that reason alone she's comfortable following him to war, even if she finds him  inexperienced as a leader she values his abilities to find a good fight and plenty plump Alliance pigs for her to split open.

Contactable ingame via Geshel(Alliance)


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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

Post by Kittrina on Fri Nov 15, 2013 3:59 am

I know I'm not on here any more, but I'm sick with a cold today and thought I'd do this one for Kitt:

Kittrina believes she is a decent person and that all of her various horrible and reprehensible deeds are justifiable in some manner; to protect her friends and family, primarily. She has a variety of internal conflicts, nonetheless, and avoids facing them primarily through drink. She attempts to redress some of her worst actions through maintaining a charitable exterior, and is kind those she sees as innocent or vulnerable.
She is riddled by a set of hypocrisies - she despises nobility as a concept, but married into nobility herself when she wed Humphry. Her current occupation, having run away to sea with her husband, friend, brother and child to essentially be a pirate- is a direct escape from the politics and pressure that interacting with the noble classes bought about.
Secondly, despite believing everything she does to have been to protect her family and friends, she has to spend a great amount of time and alcohol avoiding two large instances that prove this false. Firstly, that she directly caused the death of her parents by ignoring her fathers instructions. And secondly, the several instances where she has killed her own friends when they went against her.
Apart from that she's an okay person, in her own eyes. She is proud, and loyal to her friends, and overall cautious and meticulous unless riled up.


A necessity that outlived its duration. Formed as a protective force when on the run from the Ravenholdt Sanctuary with her closest freinds who rose up in mutiny and humiliated the then-leader, Vincent Whitecastle. Vincent swore blood and killed a few of the original group- it was some two years of work later before he could be bought to task and killed himself. During that time, the Blades, which was to begin with a convenient cover, had developed into a fully grown business in its own right, and was passed on to the other officers when Kitt and Humphry left Stormwind. (n.b. The Sanctuary stuff isn't general public knowledge)

A bunch of vicious bastards that can't be trusted. Had a few amusing/decent people in it but has got more backstabbing and chaotic with time.


Practically family. Has been close friends with her for years, and has an irritating habit of being right about things. Trusts him completely.

An innocent that joined the Blades and who the Blades corrupted or used for their own means. She possibly feels a bit bad about this. Maybe. Despite that, she valued his unswerving loyalty and missplaced trust.

The perfect merc- emotionless, reliable, unburdened by pesky morals in the heat of the moment and of general good judgement. Kitt saw her as a potential replacement.

A touch volatile but generally useful and a decent sort. Oh, she tortured him one time and feels pretty bad about that.

A lot like her brother- a blunt instrument, all righteous wrath and shouting. She sees him has having a touch of a cruel streak and is, overall, rather wary of him; nothing's more dangerous than someone with a big sword who thinks they're in the right.

Small but dangerous. A lot of untapped potential.

A nice chap who liked his guns probably a little bit more than he should.

Difficult one. She think she's a smart woman, but makes foolish choices. She appreciated her emotional intelligence and diplomacy when initially trying to resolve the conflict with the blades and Lex's Death Knights, and that entire episode left a positive impression.

A crude, silly little mage who hides behind bigger meaner sorts when called out.

Yet another Death Knight with philosophy! Possibly quite dangerous. Best avoid.


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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

Post by Bakar on Sat Nov 16, 2013 4:23 am

I figured it's finally time for me to write something about Ekaits so that I can join everyone else here!

Ekaits Stormwrath Sees himself in a generally negative light. Or at least, he used to. He had a lot of problems with his self-confidence, holding himself to blame for a lot of bad things in his life, and it only being reinforced by how he acted around crowds. Just a few months back, he'd never have been able to stand up for himself. Believing himself inferior in many ways and so, he'd almost never stand up for his own arguments if someone else suggested something in place of what he said. This was shown a lot in how he spoke and how he held himself. The only real time that he held any sort of confidence is when he would be healing someone. He believed that if one was injured, they shouldn't be doing things that could injure them further, and could grow quite adamant and stubborn about only such things. Only to go right back into his meek nature as soon as he is done healing.

Recently though, he has grown much more confident in himself. Which is due to a lot of different reasons. He no longer thinks that he is to blame for all bad things in the world. He feels that he can speak up for himself and be taken seriously, and he has become even more stubborn. And as always, he values his friends beyond anything else in the world and would do anything to help them. This was true both before and after the confidence boost.

Wild Tempest:
Ekaits still feels a close relationship with the Wild Tempest unit. He still thinks of many of the people there as friends and even though he knows it's futile, because of the amount of dangerous missions and other operations, he hopes that they will be safe.


Siaer Stormcloud:
Siaer was the first druid, outside of Darnassus, who decided to help Ekaits, taking him under her wing as her Tero'Shan and teaching him the more aggressive ways of the druids. She helped him become more confident in himself and he even fell in love with her during such training. She is one of the few people that Ekaits would do anything in the world for, he holds her very highly and dearly. He sees her as an anchor point in a stormy sea. One of the few places where he can get respite in the troubling turmoil that is both his life and his own mind.

Tanalia Young:
Tanalia was Ekaits first really troublesome patient, always up and running about whilst her leg was healing, and always calling him by the pet name "Stormwhistle" which at first he found a little annoying, but he has grown rather fond of it. She is another source of his confidence, as she has stuck with him and holds a great amount of faith in Ekaits, which he holds to her in return. She is his closest friend, except for Siaer, she would be the person that knows him the best, and he would trust Tanalia with his life if need be.

Ekaits never got to know Salara in anything but a brief moment before he discharged himself from the Wild Tempest. But during the time, he got to know her and he couldn't help but feel a form of sympathy with the "Last Chance" verdicted Draenei.

Anne Shieldheart:
Ekaits has gotten to know Anne through Tanalia, and he thinks she's a generally nice person. Though recently he has changed his viewpoint a little. Thinking that she holds a slightly warped vision about undead and Death knights and perhaps a bit too quick to anger if confronted with the subject. But despite that, Ekaits thinks she could be a fine mentor for the paladin in training, Tanalia, and she is still a friend in his eyes.

(I will add more as I remember and think up things for everyone! This is definitely not a finished list by any means!)


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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

Post by Trakmar Earthwalker on Sun Nov 17, 2013 7:48 am

Trakmar is an old and troubled Orc. Seeing the downfall of his race, his clan and nearly dying from the Red Pox left its impact on him. He is respected by few Orcs, which often leads to underestimating him as well. Not caring a whole lot for his personal honour either, Trakmar isn't afraid to step out of bounds to help others.

His mind is stuck in the past, and stubbornly so. He wishes to see old traditions brought to new life, though part of him knows that is not likely to happen anytime soon.

Orcs of the Red Blade:
Once he considered the Tribe his family, but recent events caused him to leave. Still cares for some orcs in the Tribe, and hopes the Chieftain will learn to lead a Tribe instead of an army in the future.

Keishara Wildeye:
First mate, and the mother of his firstborn (That he knew off at the time). He loved her with his whole heart, and would go great lengths to keep her safe. Trakmar looks forward until he dies and can join her again.

Rargnasha Bloodmark:
A young runt that needs to be kept on a leash. Trakmar respects his position as a Chieftain, but sees him as a warleader and not a Chieftain.

Revax Hellbrew:
Trakmar's brother by blood oath, and among his best friends. Trakmar considers this old drunk family, and would gladly give his life for him. A Brother he's got complete trust in.

Shargla Thunderfang:
A Sister, and family. Trakmar loves her as if she was his mate, and would gladly throw himself into the Nether if it coudl keep her safe. Following Keishara's death, she was the first to offer Trakmar help with his daugter, which soon lead to seeing Shargla as a suitable mother for the pup.

Grogona Marshfang:
Young, short and fierce, Trakmar is proud to call his Orc his Sister. They shared a deep love for Keishara, and after her death, the bond between them only got stronger.

Rhonya Steelheart:
Young, but wise well beyond her age, Trakmar holds high respect for this Orc. At times he's felt he needs to guard her, due to her habit to get in trouble.

Rhiga Ragemaul:
Despite seeing her as some little whining runt, Trakmar holds a very small amount of respect for this Orc, mainly for haveing sought him for advice in the past. However, when faced with truth, she has pulled her weapons, which lead to bloody ends for her.

Krogon Devilstep:
A lying, wordtwisting snake. Trakmar loathes this Blademaster, mostly for saying he'd take away his daughter in the past. Only good for a practice dummy.

A former mate that he never truly loved, mostly just saw her as a suitable mother. Mateship ended quickly due to misunderstandings, and Trakmar being generally bad with words.

Mozrogg Doomhowl:
A stupid brute, but a respected fighter. While never getting along and often fighting, Trakmar has been glad to fight at this Orcs side, approving of his ferocity.

Trakmar's bastard daughter. Only reason he loves her is because she is among few Orcs with Trakmar's blood in her veins.

Blood Wolf Clan:
A herd of runts. Nothing more than cannonfodder.

Shatterskull Marauders:
A bunch of no-good mercs. Unorganized and generally stupid. A surprise they've alster as long as they have.

Hand of Damnation:
A bunch of worthless rotbags. They should've stayed in their graves as soon as they got the free will back.

Trakmar's mate. During the Rebellion, Trakmar was the only one actually taking time to talk to her. A much loved mate, and mother to his daughter. It didn't take long for Trakmar to fall for this Orcs ferocity.

Garrosh Hellscream:
Trakmar was proud to see a Mag'hari Orc as Warchief. He saw this as a new oppertunity for the Horde, to see it return to old traditions again. Unfortunatley, he tried too hard to follow in his fathers footsteps...

Trakmar Earthwalker

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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

Post by Shariah on Mon Nov 18, 2013 3:49 am

Shariah sees herself as a person of knowledge. With her head filled with knowledge from corner to corner, especially with the Light she wishes to spread it upon everyone who deserves it, and those who needs it. Her selfconfidence never fades and she knows she can bee too proud. Time has shaped her to what she is, a High Priestess with too little time to spend on cheeky paladins. However, she loves everything with life and she sees herself as in need of some support every now and then. However, she takes her role as High Priestess very seriously and dislikes whenever someone disbehaves or disrespects the Light.

An old cheeky paladin. He has good values but can sometimes dress silly. She knows he has a good mind and she sees him as a twin if not older brother. She always listens to his advice.

Rae Wulfgnar:
A very cheeky paladin! She knows him well and knows how to soften the hard shell that Rae consits of. Although, she believes he can be too harsh on people in general Shariah truly enjoys his rage towards the forsakened and those who dishonour the Light. Good Paladin!

In need of a good bashing. Shariah can never seem to come to an agreement with this Draenei that has a very strong mind. Shariah believes that Monrena could use some good teaching on respect and compassion. Otherwise, another cheeky paladin.

A mage that enjoys his high horse. Shariah does not mind him too much, they do get along well enough.

Heretic, witch, black magician, dark person, die a death that you deserve. Shariah is angry with Drustai and does not wish her Lights blessing.

A kind goofy Draenei. Kind enough and understands the Light to some extent, Shariah enjoys his company and sharing ideas.

If Shariah can avoid Helmut, she will as she does not enjoy his company more than what is needed.

Susan Earlstead:
Another Paladin. A sweet one with a strong mind. Shariah has no issues with this woman and sometimes when Shariah has the time they can agree upon thoughs. They really should speak more often


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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

Post by Tantzui on Tue Nov 26, 2013 4:40 am

Awesome thread, why haven't i seen this before!? Just need to get to know more people. And then i will use some time to write something here. :]


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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

Post by Ixirar/Kavalis on Tue Nov 26, 2013 5:37 pm

Phillip Pierce has a bit of an ambivalent relationship to the concept of self-image. Having grown up never knowing his parents, he doesn't have a clear image of what to strive for. Because of this, Phillip has found himself attempting to fluidly shift his personality depending on the situation; A businessman when doing business, a friend when dealing with friends, and a romantic when hitting on women. The one recurring theme being that he always attempts to adapt to the personality that will gain him the most benefit from the situation. He views himself as highly rational, struggling to make choices that go against the goals he has set in a given situation, often to the detriment of those around him.

Because of this, Phil is often hard to predict. If he perceives that your friendship is worthwhile, he's as loyal as can be. However, the moment he decides that he's better off backstabbing you, he will not hesitate to do so. He's an opportunist to the core, and is very well aware of this.

Bradley & Domina Wright:
The Wright siblings, Phil's best friend & the love of his life. Phil grew up with these two, and he believes that he owes his very life to them. As a young orphan, they often smuggled out food from their home so Phil wouldn't starve, and they've been friends ever since.

Bradley: Phil always considered Bradley to be unreliable in situations where he needed to use his head, however in spite of this, still highly loyal and dependable. Phil has, in time of need, always been able to rely on Bradley's help. There's no other person that Phil would trust as fully as he would Bradley. Lately, this trust has been shaky at best, and Phil has become aware that perhaps it's time to find new friends. He tolerates Bradley, and overlooks a lot of the stuff Brad does out of respect for him. Despite this tolerance, Phil remains painfully aware of his contempt for Bradley's way to do business, and views his counsel on Company related affairs as close to useless.

Domina: Bradley's younger sister, Phil originally had to go through a lot of trouble for her older brother's approval. Phil did, however, end up in a highly chaotic relationship with Domina, influenced heavily by Phil's survival instinct and her tendency to get into danger. This has often placed Phil in a situation where he had to put his own safety on the line to help out Domina, which is something he's always been reluctant to do. Towards the end of her life, Phil had realised how much she truly meant to him, and was planning to marry her and take her away from the dangers of the Company to father her child and grow old with her.

Ahlexus Sparrow:
Previously Phil's boss, Phil used to playfully flirt with Ahlexus on many occasions, however never making the move to finish his hunt due to her relationship with Ray Hutch, nicknamed "The Butcher" (for many of the reasons that make Phil wary of him). Ahlexus played along, however, and didn't mind Phil's playfully pervy behavior, which made Phil take a liking to her.

Recently, Lex came back to Stormwind and enlisted in the Regiment, however making it clear to Phil that she did not intend to use her newfound position to screw over old friends. After talking to Phil a couple of times, learning that Ray had left her and that she had no intention on waiting for him to come back to her, he resumed his flirting and eventually agreed with her to have a try at being a couple. For once, Phil finds himself in a relationship that does not constantly involve volatile temper bursts. Lex is the first partner Phil has ever had who outmatched his sexual charisma, a great feat given his nature. Phillip greatly enjoys his relationship with Lex, and might for the first time in ages actually end up developing actual, romantic feelings for somebody.

Lucinder Hawthorne:
Although highly volatile, unreliable and impulsive, Lucy has always had a special place in Phil's life. Being the object of Bradley's affection, Phil has had a tendency to overlook much of her misbehavior, sometimes to the detriment of his own favour with his superiors, out of respect for Bradley. Being that Phil is, by nature, very attracted to women with whom a relationship would cause drama and chaos in his life, Phil has always balanced on the edge between platonic and romantic affection for Lucy. The balance is further thrown in the direction of desiring romance by the fact that Lucy has a tendency to sport much of the same behavior as Domina used to.

However, Phil is not likely to pursue this possible romantic interest in Lucy, as her behavior often puts him in a position where he is forced to discipline her. This would make any possible romance between them shaky at best, and disastrous at worst.

Rihani "Grey" Deephaven:
Knowing only her alter-ego "Grey", Phil is mostly unaware of Rihani's identity. However, during her time as underboss of the Company, Phil grew to respect her ability to priorize business efficiency over everything else.

William Jefferson:
Another one of Phil's childhood friends. Will, however, was never close with Phil. Phil believes that William's predisposition to solving everything with violence is a major character flaw. As such, Phil looks down on William and considers him a weaker minded person. Phil recognises the usefulness of somebody who's willing to get his hands dirty, though, and would have happily offered Will a job as henchman in the Company. However, Will was less than keen on the idea that he couldn't advance beyond henchman, and decided to rat on the Company. For this reason, William is now a mortal enemy and kill on sight to Phil.

Rend is the kingpin, and as such, Phil respects him for his authority. Rend is somebody who doesn't tolerate bullshit, which Phil appreciates. Phil doesn't have a whole lot of interaction with Rend outside of work, however, in her life, Domina took a liking to Rend, which affords him at least some respect from Phil on a personal level.

Overall, Rend is a person with his mind in the right place, and Phil respects him, both as a superior and as a person.

Tom Sirchez:
A soft hearted twat not fit for the position he's in. Phil despises Tom for his lack of spine, furious that Tom basically has his face stuck too far up Brad's ass, basically backing up every single bad decision Bradley makes. Phil would happily see Tom kicked out of the Company, given his way.

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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

Post by Adry on Sun Dec 15, 2013 9:56 pm

Auralia views herself in very recent times through new eyes. In times past, she was detracted and seperated from the rest of her family, to the point that none of them even knew she had went to war. With the fall of Orgrimmar came the decision to discharge herself from active service, still haunted by her knife-edge experiences aboard the Skyfire. After which, she loathed herself greatly, seeing herself as a failure, a feeling which only accelerated the more time she spent idle.

After reuniting with her family, things took a brief turn, for both better and for worse, before continuing on the way they were. Until that is she joined the Regiment. She's settled in nicely, and sees this as the kind of job she can happily do - feeling active enough without the constant threat of horrible death lingering over her head.

Though her joining the Regiment was totally on a whim and potentially accidental, she's quite happy with the bed she's made for herself, and is determined to stay lying in it, now endeavouring to be the best damn guard to ever walk the streets.

Her view of others:

Tom Sirchez:
She loves Tom, seeing him as the closest of her relatives. Yet, she is greatly distrusting of him. She knows for a fact she can floor him in one punch should it ever come to it (which it often has), yet is still pretty unsure of what he is potentially capable of. She is however greatly dissuaded by the enormous apathy he shows towards her, left often wondering if he even views her as a sister.

Elizabeth Hewits:
What started off as a friends-with-benefits-esque friendship with Lizzie had them stumbling arse backwards into being a proper couple. Lizzie has, to a degree, turned Aura's life around - giving her the inspiration to break out of what was becoming a spiral of depression, even being the one to introduce her to the Regiment. Though their relationship is turbulent at best, she loves Lizzie.

Xaphane Iero:
She quite likes Xaph, though finds herself mostly unable to properly befriend her. She isn't sure whether Tom bullying her is just Tom being an ass or if it's Xaph's fault too. And Xaph hardly helps herself. Aura really wants to help and befriend Xaph, but Xaph doesn't seem to want or allow this.

Damis Sirchez:
Aura is scared shitless of him, to the point that his mere presence has her quivering in her boots and stuttering and slurring her words through fear of retribution from whatever his ill temperament decides she has done wrong. She knows she could probably beat him in a fight, and if anything the scales are heavily tipped in her favour, but is so greatly afraid of what he'd do to her if he somehow won that she never dares risk any potential hostility with him.

Melanee Willowgild:
After "adopting" Melanee and making her a pseudo-Sirchez, she can't help but wish she were an actual Sirchez. Their relationship has grown stronger through their time in the Regiment together, and Aura sees Mel as probably her best friend (other than Lizzie).

Bradley Wright:
Aura barely really knows Brad, which didn't stop him trying it on with her. They went on a "date" which ended disastrously, and now Aura is mildly afraid and distrusting of him, though doesn't wish to let on, and still sees him as potentially being a nice guy.

Ixirar Swiftmoon:
Though their first meeting was of very bizarre consequence, Aura's been seeing a little more of Ixi around the place, particularly at the war effort up north where Ixi is with the 157th. Having fought alongside one another, she now sees Ixi as a proper battle-sister, and holds a great deal of respect for her, as well as thanks for helping her deal with her wounds.

Johnathan Ralegh:
Before joining the Regiment, Aura met John once or twice alongside Tom, in what were invariably facetious circumstances. However since joining the Regiment, she has seen fit to respect him not just as a commanding officer, but as a good commanding officer, seeing in him all that she would hope to expect of one. To this end, she'd quite willingly throw herself through hell and back at his say-so.

Vaell Silvine:
Aura and Vaell's relationship is love-hate at best, though in Aura's case, less love in lieu of more hatred. Though to a degree she thinks he's just misguided and soft and could do with a good cuddle and pointing in the right direction, she can't help but be constantly grated by his very nature.

Phillip Pierce:
Warned by Tom to stay away from Phil, she was naturally very apathetic towards him, especially when he seemed to, at least in her eyes, take a little liking to her, trailing her all around Stormwind on one occasion. She's really not sure what to make of him, seeing him as someone who could potentially be a good friend, but at the same time a little wary of him, be it for his pervy moustache or his personality. To this end, she keeps "forgetting" his name, instead calling him Patrick, partly out of fun from provoking a reaction, and partly to keep him at arms length.

Lucinder Hawthorne:
She has only met Lucy on a few occasions, though a clear pattern for their acquaintance has emerged. They always disagree immediately, and break into a fight within moments, which Aura always wins. Though she still really has no idea who Lucy is, she thoroughly enjoys slamming her head against the cobbles, and looks forward to the next time she gets a chance to show her who's boss.

Aggrippa Hammerhand:
Although not entirely convinced that Aggrippa is "all there" in his mind, she sees him as a good guy, and a good soldier. Having brawled him (and knocked a Worgen fang right out of his mouth with a powerful left hook), and now having fought alongside him, she sees him as a good battle-brother, happy to sit and talk with him and share stories of the Pandaria campaign, as well as hear out his stories of his time in Gilneas and in Northrend.

Aramand Caramaen:
Aramand was unlucky enough to have the displeasure of playing therapist for Aura on one particularly bad night, and now she seems to think that the arrangement is always open.

The forlorn cartel in general:
Aura isn't particularly fond of the vast majority of the Company, instantly distrusting of anyone that hangs around the Lady. She does, however, feel as if she has some personal sway or right to be there, due to Tom's importance in their business. To this end she has on occasion strolled up and told the thugs about to "step aside for Princess Aura". This however, usually ends with her being thrown in the canals.

The Horde:
Perhaps unusually for a proud Alliance soldier, she has no real disliking of the Horde. She understands how dangerous they can be, and the wrongs they have caused in recent years, yet she still respects them. With the exception of the Forsaken, she would quite like to one day see the races of the Horde as allies, partially out of curiosity.

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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

Post by Littlepip on Sun Dec 15, 2013 11:27 pm

I have this awful feeling of being forgotten.. Guess that's what happens when your gone for an extended period of time.
I will be writing what Thorvald feels about others as soon as I know it! Never thought about it before...

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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

Post by Coppersocket on Mon Dec 16, 2013 12:49 am

I have this awful feeling that you're over-dramatizing again.


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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

Post by Littlepip on Mon Dec 16, 2013 6:55 am

Just stating my mind, that's all.

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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

Post by Mozrogg Doomhowl on Mon Dec 16, 2013 6:27 pm

Updates a few *shrug*

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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

Post by Trinix on Tue Dec 17, 2013 2:01 am

Updated old views and added new characters.
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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

Post by Tor Wolfrise on Sun Jan 05, 2014 7:09 pm

Might as well jump on the wagon, as this is pretty neat.

John Fletcher's Self-View:
John is pretty confident in himself, maybe at times a little too confident; which some people perceive as cockiness. He enjoys what he does and has great confidence in his own and others abilities. He stays loyal to the Freelancers and respects them, sometimes poking fun at a few of them. He keeps a positive view on everyone he meets, unless they have done something wrong.

(I will try to add add more and update them as much as I can!)
John hasn't held a lengthy conversation with Siegmund as of yet, but he respects his position as director.
Rick Manderson:
"Awh... You two are a thing! Adorable." - He trusts Rick, and sees him as someone worthy of following.. He also enjoys to poke fun at him and Allonia, but not in a mean way.
Allonia Miral:
John normally gets on well with Allonia, he respects her as a fellow Freelancer and as a friend; but he also is careful when poking fun with her, due to what he calls "the soup incident."
Mariss Stormhammer:
"Looks like we brought gryphons to an equine party.. Hmph, Idiots.. Gryphons are superior." - Despite not knowing Mariss long, he sees her as a guard he can trust. With both of them sharing an interest for gryphons and the idea of clubbing orcs to death, they get on well.
Renita Fletcher:
"Being a Dragonhunter taught me much, but what it never taught me to share feelings with anyone, I was lonely.."- John cares for Renita deeply, seeing her as someone he can trust to share his past with and part of his family after her marriage to his cousin Tobias.
Tobias "Toby" Fletcher:
"Damnit Toby! Stop doing that old man impression.. IT CREEPS ME THE FUCK OUT! - As his near identical cousin, he has acted like a brother to him all his life. Despite this he loves to tease Tobias and has a fierce rivalry with him.
Kyliel Midwinter (and Melanee Willowgild):
"You two make a cute couple, you know that?"- John sees the two of them as guards he can trust, he cares for both of them, and tries to support them when he can.
Heir'tar "Charlie" Blazesong:
"Klub Ice? ... You know what, I don't want to know." - John likes Charlie, but does find his habit of teleporting into and on top of his house to be quite annoying.
Jeremiah "J-dog" Bain:
"GET OUT MY HOUSE!" - John isn't happy with the fact that Jeremiah crashed into his roof, leaving a giant gap in it and then "fixing" it.. He prefers it if he keeps away from his property.
Gerard Rowling:
"STOP PLAYING GAMES WITH US!"- John is not one to hate people, but Gerard is a special case. He dislikes his manipulative and rude nature, and will not forgive him for his actions easly.

Sorry for any typos or errors, i'm useless with forums and I was tired when I wrote this

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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

Post by Nexiax on Sat Jan 11, 2014 7:07 am

Rhia "Shadow" Nyoma doesn't really think much about herself. In her eyes, she is an example that bad people can do good. Once hellbent by revenge, she is now trying to redeem herself so that she may live the last few years of her life in peace.

Siegmund Shadow: In Shadows eyes, he is to be trusted. He may not be the brightest academically, but he has "Street smarts", and he is good at leading the Freelancers. He is to be trusted completely.

Rick Manderson: He's a loyal friend, and he cares for others. However, at the moment, shadow considers him to be a weak leader. Perhaps a leadership course would help him to become good? Even though he isn't the best or the brightest, Shadow trusts him completely.

Allonia Miral: Shadow respects and trusts her, though she wouldn't consider her a close friend. Rhia finds her quiet and reclusive, and they don't have many things to say to each other as they do not have many similarities.

Thorvald: He is considered a friend, and like the others he is to be trusted, though not completely. Shadow believes that he has forgiven her for being a demon hunter, but only partially. She will be friends with him, though she doesn't believe that they can ever become close friends.

The rest of the freelancers: Shadow hasn't met many of the others yet, but she has gone on a mission or two with them. She doesn't consider them as friends, and she definitely doesn't respect or trust them. She thinks that they need to be trained in many aspects of being a freelancer, and that currently they are useless.

Paozi: A creepy pandaren that is very good at talking. She wouldn't mind having a conversation with him over a mug or two of mead though.

Ju-sin Stormstout: She is to be trusted completely, and to be held in the highest respect. She helped shadow conquer her sha, which turned her life around. If she asked Shadow to walk off a cliff, most likely she would do so without hesitation.

The Cartel: Shadow believes that the group at the shady lady is a bunch of people who are evil who are leading some lost souls through deception and lies. They are elf haters and they seem to be freelancer haters as well. The Shady lady is definitely not a place to go.

The Stormwind Regiment: Useless and corrupt. Their privates can't do their jobs, and the officers turn a blind eye to the criminal activity that is going on at the Shady Lady. When the guards are needed, shadow wouldn't even consider the Regiment and would instead go to the shields for help.

The Blazing Shields: These people know what they are doing. They can be relied upon to do their jobs to the best of their ability, and they are doing their best to tackle the crime in the Dwarven District. They are to be trusted and called upon when necessary.


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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

Post by Tantzui on Wed Mar 26, 2014 7:55 am

Little bumb for this thread.. AND:

Tantzui's view of himself:
Tantzui thinks himself as a strong individual, thinking on his own and pleasing authority because he gains from it. Also clever enough to not show it to others. He knows he is young and in his full strenght, and enjoys using his talents. He stays open minded towards most of people and likes to get to know lot of people. But never enough to make risk his own life because of them. He thinks honor is not as valuable as others think, he uses his chances in combat if got them. No matter diry or not. But Tant is not evil person at all. He enjoys company and laughs willingly. He is positive and cares about others.

All the happen things in the rebellion has made him grow alot. It chanced his life and ways to think about things. If there is someone who got his full loyality, it's Voljin.

Tantzui's view of others:

Shatterskull Marauders:
As a part of this warband, Tantzui has close bonds with many members of it. But still considers belonging in it as a job. If had to choose between two, he would save his own life more likely than defend the warband to the end.
Recognizes the warband as a strong elite force of the Horde.

Orcs of the Red Blade:
Highly idolizes this tribe. Tantzui has grown around Orcs and has always felt good among them, Red Blades are not exception. Tribe's effort in the rebellion made him respect red blades even more. Strong fighters and wise shamans indeed!

Blood Wolf Clan:
Tantzui is not sure about Blood Wolfs. He thinks them as a morons because they were not able to side with alliances at the time of rebellion only because of old useless hatreds. Clashes with alliances only reduced Vol'jins rebellions strenght, not cool mon. But is still impressed that clan has survived this far. Hikka seems to respects them highly and Tantzui respects Hikka highly, so... Better stay neutral.

Flying Bolts:
Not very familiar with the Bolts yet, but sees no harm in them. Funny little people. ...And a bit annoying sometimes.

Second Gurubashi Empire:
Tantzui wishes to see the trolls as a mighty as he have heard from the stories. He respects the Gurubashi and likes to work with them if have a chance to. Sometimes feels weird feeling of belonging in them and interest towards their primal manners. But his loyality stands in the Horde and under banner of Vol'jin. He wishes gurubashi and all the tribes would join the horde someday..

Path of Dawnchaser:
Good people following unrealistic idea of ​​the world. Usable as healers.


Respects Hikka as a great Shadow Hunter and a warcaller of the Marauders. Tant might sometimes have problems against authorities, but he likes to be led by Hikka. She's so wild, ferocious, passionate, brutal, weird, sometimes a bit scary and those are all good things! Hikka's ways to do things arent usually the most clean ones, but Tant doesn't mind getting his hands dirty.

Good and powerfull friend. Troll bruddas yay! Thinks he's a bit too "orcish" sometimes. Messing with Elements rather than Loa and all! He also seems to value honor. But it might not be a bad thing..

Chieftain of the Marauders or not, Tant really doesn't bother about Himo. Tauren does all kinda business in Orgrimmar while "his" marauders do all the work. Thats fine actually, but absolute loality towards the chief? Nah..

Maybe the best elf there is at the moment. Great stealther to fight with and good friend to drink with! A bit sad he leaved Marauders for the Bolts...

Tantzui might be Rargs biggest fan boy. Single orc that leaded the whole north rebellion.. Orc who had balls to stand against Garrosh. And of course a chieftain of the Orc tribe! Whoah... He secretly wishes to shine in Rargs eyes someday on some campaign! :3

Enjoys company of this friendly orc. He beated Tant in tournament once, even he's so much older. What a strong orc!

Sees this orc as an interesting person. Haven't got much history with him, but is impressed by all his blademaster stuff. Tant has heard many stories about blademaster's "Wind Walk", he'd like to hear more about that! Someday when got enough money he plans to buy a blade made by Krogon.

((Will add and edit things in time))

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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

Post by Eldiros on Wed Mar 26, 2014 12:07 pm

Eldiros Almadros

View on himself
Eldiros has during his entire Life followed the same philosophy concerning his surroundings. It is this philosophy that he will also preach to everyone interested to hear what the old Archmage has to say on specific matters:

Wizard's First Rule: People are stupid!

As a wizard, Eldiros is extremely overconfident in his abilities and magical Powers, and with good reason, though it has very often led to his own loss rather than a direct victory. He views himself as one who is superior to many others, more or less using this as an inner justification to meddle in other people's affairs without their consent. Eldiros tends to look upon himself as a powerful Guardian of his own moral views repressented in various factions and individuals.

View on other factions and individuals (will update with the times)

Eldiros considers Arenfel an honest individual worthy of his trust and admiration to a great extent. He would Count Arenfel as one of the supreme ideals of wizardry, while at the same time, he feels a constant surge of competition towards the Kirin Tor Archmage, at the same time considering Arenfel a fool on many political matters, where the two wizards clearly do not see Eye to Eye. He feels that Arenfel is lowering himself to a what Eldiros considers a level beneath his titles with his specific opinions

Rae Wulfgnar:
Rae Wulfgnar
Eldiros sees sir Rae Wulfgnar as an intresting and profitable individual to have as an ally. While he may even agree to a partial degree in the Chaplain's views of the dark arts and their potential danger, the Archmage Believe that Wulfgnar is in the end, nothing but a zealot and a mere piece in a larger game. However, his confidence in the obivious fact of the Wizard's First Rule assures Eldiros that as much more is not to be expected from Wulfgnar or any other (who is apparently not a peer of Eldiros) , he should still be accounted for his potential with the thought that there is hope for the benefit of both sides in a possitive relation and potential Alliance.

[to be updated...]


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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

Post by Officer High Morale on Fri Mar 28, 2014 7:24 am

Gramot Dragneel

He looks at himself as a man in a cruel, yet to be saved world. He sees as everything he wants to do is to smack yet another evil away.

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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

Post by Tantzui on Tue Apr 15, 2014 6:52 am

Added few personal thoughts. Just scroll upwards for one second!


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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

Post by Krogon Devilstep on Tue Apr 15, 2014 7:22 am

Tantzui wrote:Added few personal thoughts. Just scroll upwards for one second!

$ _ $

You buy dagger!?

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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

Post by Tahlrana on Mon Apr 21, 2014 7:05 am

Lucinder Hawthorne

View of herself: Lucy knows she can be incredibly difficult but why should she change? It's her adamant belief that others should bend around what she does and feels it's better to be feared than to be walked all over.

Thoughts on people:
She loves Bradley but at times she doesn't feel like he is meeting her expectations. It's frustrating to her that he has to lead the Company now as she feels like he puts his job in front of her. She would love nothing more than for him to beat up a few people in her honour now and then.

Charlotte was the subject of her hatred for a long time but since her return Lucy feels like she's slowly gotten more lenient toward her. Sometimes Charlotte's choice of wardrobe infuriates Lucy but she's taken it among herself to slowly teach Charlotte how to be a rough girl on the street. Lucy feels like Lotty tends to get loud at the wrong time and that her infatuation with Loki is a weakness that Lucy intends to work on with her.

Loki's just there. He's the guy that buys her drinks now and then and now somehow a higher rank than her. Although she's certain he'll never has as much as a reputation as her on the street.

Lucy sees Grim as more as a shield, however in the most recent months she's had a habit of imagining he's her brother due to his worgen form. This has lead to an odd attachment to the dirty mutt and she's often clang onto Grim in dire situations or relied on him for help.

Dev was once also an object of hatred like Lotty, however she has quickly become fond of Dev. Sometimes Dev can say stupid stuff, but so can Lucy and in that regard she feels like Dev is the only one on the same wave length as her. For having recently found out that Bradley finds her attractive she has gotten a little wary of Devyln's presence around her partner and at times she gets overly suspicious if she finds them together.

Always her brother, Lucy often misses him. However, with their both stubborn nature she finds they conflict way too often. She thinks he's always doing the wrong stuff and should be with her and not fighting for Stormwind, or now adventuring (Little does she know it). He has returned on a couple of occasions where she has thought he was dead and now she's beginning to think he'll never come back for her this time.

Jack and Lucy used to be best friends and they thoroughly enjoyed creating havoc together. When Jack confessed his feelings for Lucy she felt that it was eventually best to distance their friendship. She feels like he is a good person really, but there's just a lot of disgusting grime on the outside. She's not all too happy with him and Dev's recently relationship and doesn't really see it as a barrier between Dev and Brad either. She thinks that they're relationship isn't that strong and suspects Jack has been cheating on her.

Tophene (Tom and Xaph)
She misses them being around, mostly for the comfort of numbers, but also because they were both friends to her. Xaph was kind and understood Lucy more than most at times, she also misses the odd heal now and then. Tom was never really someone Lucy got to know that well. She'd seen him rank up quickly within the company from when he first joined but she finally felt at ease the first time she saw him cry. She hopes they both come back soon and stay this time.

Arenfel and Crowley
She often gets mixed up between both of these mages. She knows one of them is related to Irene and that they're both eccentric. She specifically remembers being at a point where she could barely afford food when one of these mages gave her his entire coin purse. The coin was traded for her life, but she was eternally great full for his generosity, whichever one it was!

Although they are often the 'enemy' in her line of work, she feels an attachment to them too. She knows if she's in trouble or wants to get away from the reckless street life she can sit in the Cathedral or mock some priests now and then. Although she has her select favourites that she would even call friends, she doesn't feel like they look at her in the same way and that's she's just the dirty rat who sometimes visits.

The Regiment
Lucy used to rely on the Regiment way too much but these days she doesn't trust a single soul there asides from Iriel. These days it's just a place to rat on people you don't like, although she'd only admit this to Bradley even in his position on the street.


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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

Post by Helmut on Mon Apr 28, 2014 5:07 am

Updated Helmuts thoughts on the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

New people are:

Charlie Blazesong

Updated people:



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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

Post by Cathee Piner on Mon Apr 28, 2014 6:11 am

Grimkel Biórrn - Self
Grim has a rather poor self-view, originating from his younger days as well as past events. He mostly rather insecure in himself, and often tend to think in lines of him being a failure on many levels. At the same time he can also be confident, as that is how he was trained during his time with the Argent Crusade. But what Grim prides himself the most with, is that he's very calm and collected, kind and understanding - something which isn't always positive of course. And still, he carries many aggressive feelings and can at times act in a very aggressive manner once some subjects that bother him gets brought up.

Lannael Ven'Renn
Grim was never, ever so attached to someone like Lann. He never had any special bonds, not even to his family except for his cousin Skye. Grim was very awkward around Lannael at first, simply due to the fact he did like him - but could not accept it or even that specific preference. But Grim quickly became very protective of the small elf, and felt it was his duty to make sure Lannael was safe. The more time they spent together, Grim just simply became more and more attached and would now protect Lannael with his life if he had to.

Teagan Hornsby
At first, Grim was insanely attracted to Teagan. Teagan was, in many ways unobtainable - which to the Grim that had yet to start to accept his own preferences, meant Teagan was safe to admire and grow feelings for. Which he did have. But with Lannael at his side, Grim soon started to see Teagan more of a friend and colleague.

Kurt is what he calls himself now, Grim's what was believed to be, decesed son Brad. But evidently he made it through and is now some form of criminal on the streets of Stormwind. Grim of course blames himself a lot for what happened to Brad - and even though he seem to really want Grim dead, Grim simply can't properly protect himself or stop Brad due to all the guilt he carries.

Magic scares Grim insanely much. Much of it come from surpressed memories of his childhood where his sister used to bully him by practicing her magic on him. This, he does not remember. All he knows is that magic scares him to a point where he often just freeze on spot, making him very vulnerable to it.

(Will add more later, this was just very quickly written)

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Re: (Out of Date) Characters - Self-View, and the view of other 2013-14

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