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Charles Phillip Scene

Post by Charlie Blazesong on Mon Sep 02, 2013 1:57 am

Character name:
Charles Phillip Scene


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He is often found wandering talking to himself wearing a rather expensive suit. His hair is set in a ponytail. His eyecolor is blue.
He has a split personality disorder and has two personalities which more than often fight:
Charles: A rather nice individual which is the businessman of the two. He is more than happy to help in any way he can and is generally a nice person.
Phillip: The sadistic pyromaniac, he usually doesnt take control of the body and thank the light for that. He can however be disussing with Charles frequently and his voice is monotonic and discouraging.

He grew up in Lakeshire but when he was eighteen he moved to Stormwind to become a merchant. He started enjoying city life and when the business was going great he would always be happy. His mother was a magi and she taught him magic, primarily fire. He eventually ended up in a lot of dept with a goblin in booty bay and the goblin made sure he'd suffer from it. He was already staring at the edge of insanity and was pushed out when he was kidnapped by Dark Iron dwarves and taken to the Blackrock Depths where he was tortured for weeks before he was saved by the Freelancers.
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