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Eidan Hawke

Post by Fenuviel/Eidan on Sun Sep 01, 2013 3:34 am

Character name: Eidan Hawke
Alias: Eti, ‘Diateomos’
Gender: Male
Age: Appears 20 physically
Race: Human
Class: Death Knight

Birth region: Westfall
Specific area/town: A farm
Family: Maribelle Grangere (mother, presumed deceased), Elliot Grangere (father, missing), Cathair Grangere (brother, presumed deceased), Trianon Hawke (adoptive brother)
Known friends or enemies:

    + Trianon Hawke
    + Vindicator Rostis’lav
    + Sir Rae Wulfgnar
    + Arenfel Serentyne
    + Tuomas
    + Zail Emeraldrunner
    - (No enemies as such at this time)

Description: Eidan is neither particularly tall nor unusually broad. He is fairly average in stature, even a little on the small side. His features are somewhat 'mousey' and youthful, forever preserved in undeath; it would seem he was quite young at the moment of his death, only just a man. Though he makes an effort to disguise his status, his skin is noticeably pallid and chilled to the touch; his eyes when revealed are slightly large and glow a vivid, piercing blue.

His usual expression is not unkind, or even particularly hard. There remains a strange boyish quality to him, a look of naivety, almost slightly lost in the rest of his surroundings. His mannerisms are quiet and evasive; his voice is a soft spoken tenor, a slight country drawl still clinging to his spoken word.

Personality: Eidan is unusually gentle, especially considering what he is. Particularly under the scrutiny of the public eye, he makes every effort to display his qualities of honesty, patience, and a desire to help those in need. He is soft spoken, mild, even to the point of appearing shy or nervous around others. It is rare that he raises his voice or draws a weapon.
He is also very pious, though not to the point of being zealous; he maintains a level of tolerance and open-mindedness towards others, believing he has little room to be casting stones. He remains quite friendly to almost anyone willing to show a modicum of acceptance in return, oddly meek when challenged on his status as a death knight.
He tends to keep his life in Stormwind and his life and affiliation with the Ebon Blade entirely separate, and hardly speaks of them unless questioned.

History: Born and raised in Westfall, his family abandoned by his father, Etienne struggled to help his mother work the farm while his elder brother was away training to become a paladin. Ultimately failing due to a volatile nature, his brother eventually returned home, and the two struggled to get along at first. Feeling that he had been abandoned to the farm, Etienne eventually made up with his brother.

However, when he was just on the cusp of becoming a man, his family’s home was looted and burned, the farm vandalized by bandits, essentially costing his family their livelihood. While his mother and elder brother moved in with another family to help tend that farm to earn their keep, Etienne grew ambitious instead and ventured to Stormwind, hoping to ‘make it big’ somehow to send the money back to them.

There in Stormwind he eventually met new friends, such as Jaqien Reynard, Trianon Hawke, and Syskae and Nieve Anaheim. Fascinated by the paladins, Trianon and Syskae, he eventually was taken under their collective wing. The group often made trips up to the Plaguelands and Stratholme, where Etienne was trained in the ways of combat, and the Light, battling undead.

Ultimately, during one such trip to the North, Etienne was captured by the Scarlets there. Left to their mercy, he was eventually killed.

After being raised as a Death Knight, and then ultimately freed, he was eventually reunited with Trianon and Nieve. Choosing to stay with them while he recovered the memories of his past life, he ultimately decided to try and pursue it again. Making efforts to prove his sincerity and faith at the Cathedral of Light, he even made a pilgrimage with the Bishop Fortesgue and other Death Knights to Northrend. There they meditated, suffering terrible visions through the Lich King’s servants. Denouncing the Lich King and their unwilling servitude, Eidan let go of his name ‘Bloodchill’, and disposed of his saronite armour in the frozen wasteland. Since then, it has been a yet ongoing goal of his to prove himself to the rest of the populace.

Things you may know about this character:

    o Works at the Hawke Medical Clinic in the Dwarven District
    o Is quite deft  with his fingers and good at tasks that require manual dexterity, such as stitching
    o Is penitent, and faithful to the Light
    o Tends to like lurking about the Cathedral of Light stairs at night
    o Fairly unimpressive in stature, for a former member of the Scourge death machine

Things you may not know about this character:

    o Name as an Ebon Knight was Eidan Bloodchill
    o Name in life was Etienne Grangere
    o Tends to dislike Scarlets still
    o Is actually very poor at using his blood runes
    o Is fairly simple in terms of his education
    o Not very good at reading

Possible crime record:
No record, though possible crimes include improper use of magic.

Other information:
Has a slight country drawl still, indicative of coming from Westfall.
Thinks Draenei are neat.

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