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Fenuviel Mooncrow

Post by Fenuviel/Eidan on Sun Sep 01, 2013 2:52 am

Character name: Fenuviel Mooncrow
Alias: Fenu, Mooncrow, Fenuviel Heartsong, Darksworn, Blackboots, Dream
Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
Race: Kaldorei
Class: Rogue

Birth region: Ashenvale
Specific area/town: Near Ashenvale
Family: Indoriel Heartsong (mother, missing), Silaelen Heartsong (father, dead), Dleslumenn Heartsong (brother,  deceased), Sly Blackboots (adoptive brother)
Known friends or enemies:
         Friends:  Jaqien Heartsong , Krevnasil Van Silth, Chessny, Andrek, Fira Firefriend, Avery, Eraphius
         Enemies: Neferi Nightheir, Adelaine, Melnerag, Etarios Shadestrider, Rovena Ravenblood, Bishop Fortesgue, Eldurin, Lexius

Fenuviel does not cut a particularly imposing figure in that sense, far more lean and lithe than most Kaldorei. His features are almost effeminate, though he holds himself with a confident, somewhat severe air.

His eyes glow with a somewhat dimmer than usual, silver light. Spidery violet lines spread out across his skin around his eyes, faint scarring of some sort. Another single, clean cut scar moves from the bottom of his right cheek to his jaw.

In his right ear is a simple golden hoop earring.  His long hair is held in a very loose ponytail half way down, and the beginning of a goatee decorate his chin. With a penchant for dark leather, long coats, and knee-high boots, he has an almost human air to him, that of a swashbuckler even.

Fenuviel is sly, smooth, and perhaps just a touch sinister, at the best of times. He tends to be quite calm and eloquent usually, not easily provoked, though he does seem to enjoy a bit of friendly banter. Though he is actually quite affable in most situations, unless other manners are called for, he does not give up much about himself. Fiercely loyal and protective of those he calls friends, he can be somewhat apathetic towards others at times.

He tends to be fairly polite and respectful despite his history. He prides himself on being charming, though politeness can make way for a bit of snark if provoked. There is an underlying weariness to him now that the most perceptive may pick up on, the banter seeming more for show at times than genuinely felt.

Not much is known of his history before leaving his own lands, seeming widely insignificant. It is known that he was charged with conspiracy to murder, when incriminating documents were found that implicated he and a friend had planned to murder Fenuviel’s father. Furious, bewildered, and beyond hurt, his father essentially disowned him, and he was sentenced to exile.

Upon coming to Stormwind, he was soon recruited by the cultist organization, The Dark Sphere, and later taken under the wing of Shagrath Sinistershot. During this time, his father and brother were both murdered in and near Darnassus, his mother missing though presumed alive. It is also presumed however that he is responsible for the other two murders.

He rose through the ranks of the Sphere, becoming ever changed through Shagrath’s tutelage over the period of two years. Inevitably, he threw off the shackles of Shagrath’s command and killed him. After this however, he became much more reclusive. Though he worked briefly with the Sphere still, the Netherdawn Empire, and with another shadowy figure for a time in Darkshire, he has since gone into seclusion it seems.

Things you may know about this character:

  • Served in the Dark Sphere, even as the Darkmaster at one point
  • Was the apprentice of Shagrath Sinistershot
  • An excellent shot with bow or gun
  • Fairly skilled at training beasts
  • Often haunts Darkshire
  • A close ally of Andrek the Defiler
  • Respects true honour

Things you may not know about this character:

  • Likes sour candy
  • Only an average fighter when caught up close, without the benefit of surprise
  • Has a wary respect for the Light, even if not the devotees
  • Afraid of large bodies of water
  • Terrified of undead (Forsaken especially)
  • Authority issues
  • Believes he is cursed
  • Uses an alter ego called the Sandman

Possible crime record:

  • Assault
  • Blackmail
  • Conspiracy to murder (Darnassus, sentenced to exile, found to be innocent, but sentenced to exile again for breaking it)
  • Cultism (sentenced and served out 20 lashes and exile from Stormwind)
  • Murder
  • Escaping detention
  • Obstruction of justice


  • Assault (multiple charges)
  • Kidnapping (multiple charges)
  • Defamation
  • Resisting arrest

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Re: Fenuviel Mooncrow

Post by vixenVIPER on Thu Nov 06, 2014 6:33 am

Nice and descriptive!
I don't know where you got the second artwork from though, but it looks more like something out of Lineage 2 (Dark Elves) or The Elder Scrolls (Dunmer). The armour that is. :>

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