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Post by Odgan / Keag on Tue Aug 13, 2013 10:03 am

The poster below can be seen attached to a many walls and notice boards in Ironforge and Stormwind, and the major settlements within these kingdoms.


The "157th" Dashing Association of Marvelous, Noteworthy and Ingenious Tinkers is a newly opened tinker shop for soldiers and others, by soldiers!
Are you in need of your own personal mechanized toothbrush, or a mobile storage that's able to mix and cool your alcoholic beverages, or even a ear mounted death ray? We've created it all, and way, way more. Can't find what you're looking for among our wide assortment of inventions and don't have the knowledge to create it yourself?
No problem! Customers can request their own ideas to be turned into actual working, 100% safe devices by our experienced and multi talented tinkers.

Interested? Make contact with any member of the 157th "Wild Tempest" regiment to point you in our direction.
Be aware through, we're part of a military unit and might be deployed on distant shores.

Cpl. Hugir Strongbrew
157th "Wild Tempest" Regiment
OOC: Greetings! As some of you might have seen in the Lionheart thread already, this is a little initiative thought up by the Wild Tempest officer team to inspire more creativity within our own guild. But we thought, why only keep it for ourselves eh? The more the merrier! That's the reason the shop and it's services are open to any Alliance member.
Basicly the poster above hopefully explains what DAMNIT is and does already, if not, here's a lil' explanation:
It's a tinker shop! Simple as that. Created by several tinkers within WT, people can buy their inventions and can ask them to turn their own ideas into actually working inventions for a certain prize of course. Hopefully resulting in fun and creative RP both in and outside WT.

Still any questions? just give me a PM or poke me in-game on Hugir.
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Re: D.A.M.N.I.T.

Post by Feeniks on Fri Aug 23, 2013 2:47 am

When my poor gnome gets back from Kalimdor's workcamps, where she was sent without a tiral and on false accusations(she was found innocent as she and her friends were sent K, but it didn't help Laughing ), she will SO JOIN you.

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Re: D.A.M.N.I.T.

Post by Skarain on Sun Oct 20, 2013 6:58 am

What is D.A.M.N.I.T?:
D.A.M.N.I.T. Or the "157th" Dashing Association of Marvelous, Noteworthy and Ingenious Tinkers are the power behind anything even remotely mechanical within the 157th Company. Be it the upgraded engines and firepower of the Warship of the 157th, 'The Stormbringer' or anything else from gears and guns what the Command and fellows soldiers ask for.

These tinkers of the Tempest not only use their spanners and many other tools for service of the Company, but for everybody Alliance aligned! Be the customer a soldier from another unit, a minister of a city or a simple citizen, they are all welcome to browse through and buy inventions these creative minds have made....Or perhaps they have a ingenious idea themselves! But lack the knowledge and/or the resources to create it. No worry, D.A.M.N.I.T. will help!

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Re: D.A.M.N.I.T.

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