Stig Radley

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Stig Radley

Post by Charlie Blazesong on Wed Jul 31, 2013 5:58 am

Character name:
Stig Jonathan Radley
Johnny Terrel
Engineer, explosive expert and a good sneak.
Birth region:
Redridge mountains
Specific area/town:
Small house by the lake
Stig Radley senior(deceased)
Preidith Thurber (mother)
Known friends or enemies:
Kings Bane crew (enemy)
Miss Van Der Fang (friend)
Nasheli Darkchaser (ex gf)
A very skinny man but it fits him. He is growing back a beard and his left hand looks metallic because it is mechanical. His right hand has a rune tatooed in his palm. He often wears gloves and rarely walks around without leather armour. He has several scars on his body due to him often getting harmed in various ways.
Helpfull and is always ready to lend a hand(provided he hasnt broken both). He usually seems happy and hides his feelings well but not perfectly. He tries to be a joker but doenst always end up like that in conversations because he tends to start talking about what is on his mind. Sometimes quite depressing stories and experiences.
He was born in Redrige and grew up there but eventually moved to Stormwind orphanage when his mother died during a gnoll raid. His first girlfriend he got when he was thirteen and their relationship ended at fifteen when she died by a stabwound in the dwarven district. This tragic happening has later followed him wherever he went and set off a depression which wasnt cured before recently. Nothing interresting before he joined in with the Freelancers and have had a lot of adventures and injuries ever since. He did not care for his life before a few days ago. During the Barrens campaign his father, now a Scourge death knight tracked him down and took his hand and almost his life but he managed to kill his father using a dagger which drained his father from necrotic energies. He was also addicted to several substances for a while but is now clean.
Things you may know about this character:
Good fortune doesnt follow him and he often ends up in dangerous situations.
Things you may not know about this character:
His first long term girlfriend died while they were getting mugged. He is still scared from this experience.
his actual age.
His middle name.
Possible crime record:
Nothing on record.

Other information:
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