Thurman Agamand

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Thurman Agamand

Post by Charlie Blazesong on Wed Jul 31, 2013 5:36 am

Character name:
Thurman Agamand
somewhere between 25-30
Birth region:
Specific area/town:
Capital city of Lordaeron
Buren Agamand (cousin) Jens Agamand(cousin) Jens Birger Agamand(father, deceased) Ciroc (son)
Known friends or enemies:
Anyone affilated with the Scourge
Remarkably friendly with death knights
He always walks around with a satchel and has a holy blade he dubbed Shadows end. Several scars in the face and all over his body from many great battles. Burnmarks on his hands and his lower left leg is missing. He looks handsome and tries to always walk straight.
He judges every person by their own actions and does rarely judge by race. He tries to be fair and not to provoke anyone. Sometimes tells jokes and is fond of sarcasm though doesnt use it too much anymore.
He was found by Theodric Lightsoul and was tought the way of the paladin by him, they activly fought the Scourge together for a long time. He eventually rose to the rank of Lieutenant in The Lordaeron Alliance and took the loss of Theodric tragic but he continued to fight to honor his memory. He also tried to make another order after TLAs fall but was eventually forced to retreat back south with a wound in his left leg. He later joined the Disciples of Light.
Things you may know about this character:
Does not like being called with titles he does not feel he earned.
Things you may not know about this character:
His partaking of Recruit Smith's demise. His father was also later risen as a death knight and he always seeks to grow powerfull enough to end him. He has a son.
Possible crime record:
none on record.

Other information: Write here
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Character sheet
Name: Thurman Agamand

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