No Rest for the Righteous

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No Rest for the Righteous

Post by Thelos on Sat Jul 27, 2013 2:32 am

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We are Draenei...
After all.
That's uncommon...
After all.
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The Naaru's singing resonated in the Vindicator's mind like a mighty horn blast would bounce from wall to wall indefinitely when sounded in a sealed room. Huruma did not see much trough the small slit that was his visor, but then again, he had learned long ago in training not to trust his eyes over his other senses. He could hear everything, vividly – but more importantly, he could feel everything. The soft blue meat inside the crystal was not his skin. It felt nothing. The powerful plated carapace was. And it felt. It felt everything.

The crystals on his shoulders and helmet hummed quietly. So much light was casted by the brilliance of his armor that his little tent was lit up, even though no other lights were burning. He slept standing, as his wounds would not let him lie down for now. The comet that had struck him in the chest had left his bones shattered and organs ruptured – only the blessed carapace that was the skin-outside-his-skin held it all together. His true skeleton.

Sleep did not come to him. Huruma's current idea of 'rest' was 'closing his eyes' – that was the only way in which his rest was different from his vigil.You could not even tell he had his eyes closed when he was wearing his helmet. Behind the visor there was only Light. That was all the carapace contained. Light. The frail nerves, spillabe blood, breakable bones, penetrable flesh – these were all wanton additions. Unnecessary. Temporary. To be discarded when a better alternative, such as the crystalforge armor, presented itself. These wet and weak things were not what Huruma truly was. Huruma was Light.

I am a mass of sin;
Thou art all purity;
Yet thou must take me as I am
And bear my load for me.

No deeds I've done nor thoughts I've thought;
Save as thy servant, I am nought.

Guard me, O Light, and O, control
The tumult of my restless soul.

Ah, do not, do not cast upon me
The guilt of mine iniquity.

My countless sins, I say
Upon thy loving heart I lay.

Inside, he was singing.

Always was he singing.

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