A cold night (father vs son)

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A cold night (father vs son)

Post by Charlie Blazesong on Fri Jul 26, 2013 10:38 am

Stig ran as fast as he could, he heard the sound of horselegs galloping behind him. He looked over his shoulder. He still had a few seconds until the death knight caught up to him. He drew his dagger waiting. It was stone like and felt cold in his hand. The rune in his palms started glowing faintly as the dagger made contact with it. The sound came closer and soon the knight stepped down from the horse. His face pale as snow with cold, blue glowing eyes, a rune blade in his hand and thick plate armour. It was his father following him, he took a deep breath as he felt cold sweat run down his neck.

A blade sang in the air, Stig ducked and tried to work his way around the death knight knowing that if he got hit it would be over. The blade was swinging again and he rolled away, looking at him. The cold blue eyes stared right back at him. If stares could kill he would be dead. He stood still for too long, his legs started to freeze beneath him. His father gave a diabolical laugh as he closed in on him. His blood was freezing. “Did you think I’d let you run around like this forever?” Stig didn’t answer. He just looked at him. Drawing his his elven blade for protection knowing it wouldn’t do much against the knight. The blades met eachother, Stig standing still and almost defenceless. His hand wasn’t even fully recovered from the last time he met Scourge. He kept the death knights pace with his parries but it didn’t go long before he got tired. The death knight was just playing with him. He could see it in his eyes. This was just a game for his own amusement. Soon he felt a cold glove grasp around his neck from nowhere. The ice below him broke but in return he was dangling a foot over the ground.

He looked down as the knight drew his blade back and straight through his left hand. The steel was cold as a glacier, he felt the blade hit his bone. It hit the ground, Blood pouring down from what was left of his arm. The death knight stared into his eyes “You wont need that anymore.” He said coldly before laughing coldly. Stig grabbed the death knights hand channeling magic from his rune onto the death knight. It dropped him feeling immense pain and Stig hit the hard icy ground below him. He quickly grabbed the dagger from his dead hand and stabbed the death knights throat before he could recover.  

He stabbed him again and again draining the death knight of necrotic energy, storing it in the dagger itself. The death knight got weaker and weaker unable to react until he fell to his knees. Stig gave him a cold stare before stabbing him one final time. The glow faded from the knights eyes and he stared at a corpse of a once great man. His father, the man who left him alone for all these years was finally dead again. He slowly walked away from him before collapsing on the ground. He was thirsty and pale from bloodloss. He realised he was lying in the middle of the barrens, far from fresh water. He closed his eyes slowly, Still breathing with his heart beating.

(Too tired to proofread it for now. Think most of it makes sense. It hasnt happened IC yet so stick with him ^.^. Felt like finally finishing my death knight off so decided to do it this way.)
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Re: A cold night (father vs son)

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 26, 2013 11:00 am

Stig Stig Stig, you killed your father, just as Nasheli killed her brother. *Sad face*


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