Paradise for the Adventurer

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Paradise for the Adventurer

Post by Littlepip on Wed Jul 24, 2013 4:57 am

Paradise for the Adventurer.

The white shores stretches far into the horizon until it finally makes an swing to form the large circle of an island I have stranded on, I peer around myself to notice my surroundings in the warm, cooking sun.

Waves moving lazy over the white sandy beach, seagulls singing their song far over the sea, and a few red crabs walking funny towards a small pile of rocks. There are almost no rocks on the beach except that pile, it would almost seem like they had been placed there by someone.

I can see crates floating onto the sandy beach, most likely from the pirate ship that I came with. I take a step forward as a wave flows over the sand calmly and relaxed, my hairy foot would sink an inch trough the wet yet warm sand and I can’t help but smile a little. “Its like a paradise.."

I look towards the sea, in the distance I can see the wreckage of the old ship, now stuck to the large, black rocks surrounding the island. Then for the first time I turn around towards the island and notice something I would never forget for the rest of my life..

I saw mountains peaking up into the sky, touching the clouds, some of them even had snow on them, yet surrounding the snow there was always grass. I could see mountain goats scaling it, chewing away on the fresh green patches of grass. None of the mountains were connected and most of them were quite steep and impossible to scale for humans unless using equipment, yet I saw small monkeys climbing up them like it was nothing.

I saw a large jungle surrounding the peaks, green and flourishing with life, I heard all kinds of birds singing in it and sometimes I even noticed a small, red parrot looking in my direction. Monkeys swinging from tree to tree, picking fruits of them and feasting in a most delicate way.

To the North lies the sea and my home,
To the East and West lies the long white beaches,
To the South, lies an Adventure.

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