What inspired you to make your character(s)?

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Re: What inspired you to make your character(s)?

Post by erwtenpeller on Thu Apr 03, 2014 5:31 am

When I created Theadore, I had three critera I wanted to meet:
- It has to be a class I enjoy in pvp. -> Paladin.
- It has to be a character capable of leading an Adventurers Collective.
- I wanted to have something that connected to an old Wizard character I've used often to connect my characters in some way.
- I wanted a profession I could role-play with. -> Engineering

And thus, the Wizard's daughter Theadore Wellsworth was born. The black sheep of her own family, yet a shining example of alliance values. She's possibly the most incapable leader ever seen, by design, so that the guild behind her has the room to grow, and the characters in it are able to choose their own path.

As I started playing her more, all those prerequisites combined into a personality I'm really enjoying.

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Re: What inspired you to make your character(s)?

Post by Nardon on Thu May 15, 2014 2:46 pm

Well for this particular character, I basically took my first WoW character I ever roleplayed with back in the days when I started which was a Mage. I kinda liked that character but I wanted to do something new, a class I didn't play as often (which was a Warlock basically).

So in my head I soon had the idea of a Mage who became a Warlock. Now, that in itself isn't really special (that's probably how most Warlocks start out) but I really liked all the possibilities as in why a Mage would start studying dark magic and demons and how the constant risk for corruption and addiction to more power influences him in his behavior. Smile


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Re: What inspired you to make your character(s)?

Post by Izzifix on Thu May 15, 2014 4:46 pm

Along with this entry comes a small apology to the guys in Blooming Lotus for leaving them hanging.

Tar-Chan Breezemuzzle
My most beloved character. Tar-Chan is an air-headed, enthusiastic dreamer who's out in the World on the adventure of a lifetime. I think I must have taken the words: Adventure, wonder and childish joy, then turned them into a character. His best friend, Turtle, or perhaps being responsible for him, is the one thing that will put his feet back on the ground, perhaps from some odd externalizing of all sense of responsibility and concern.

His class, shaman, was a random pick, but after the pandaren intro with all the elementals, I knew it was just right. The moods and all followed the model, animations and quest texts, I pretended to be RPing the whole intro sequence, just to get into it while it was fresh.

After I created him, however, there's been three hindrances to me RPing him regularly:
1. His best friend IC server transferred.
2. After reading some discworld books, I realised how similiar he was to Twoflower, and felt a little bad about it.
3. Most importantly, my own mood's been bad for a while, so it's hard to play out light hearted concepts in a believable manner.

I look forwards to playing him again some time, but it's not happening quite yet.


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Re: What inspired you to make your character(s)?

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