Contract Null and Void

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Contract Null and Void

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 22, 2013 12:00 pm

The protection policy on the  gambling den had been a good earner for the Brotherhood of Shadow, and of course for Blayke who got a decent cut for managing it.  However, the new management didn’t seem as keen to protect their interests as had the previous owner and Blayke was reaching the end of his patience with the on-going negotiations.

“Mr Diagro, may I remind you that the ‘insurance’ paid protects both your property and…yourself” said Blayke coolly, far more coolly than he felt as his temper rose.

“The previous owner misjudged the risks, your ‘services’ are no longer required, Mr Blayke” replied Diagro leaning back in his chair and drawing on his cigar.  The two regarded each other for a moment as Diagro slowly exhaled the fragrant smoke.

“With respect” stated Blayke “you are very mistaken”

“With respect, Mr Blayke, so are you” replied Diagro as with a slight wave of his hand, two large Tauren entered the room and stood behind Blayke.

“Gentlemen, please escort Mr Blayke from the premises.  If he returns then make sure that he leaves only with medical assistance.”

Blayke locked eyes with Diagro for a moment then stood up and shouldered his way past Diagro’s bodyguards and out into the bright Booty Bay sunshine.

“Time for a change of ownership” he muttered to himself as he strode purposefully to the flight master “..and time to call on deals pledged by a certain Thorn assassin” he smiled grimly.


Arli raised a brow as he read the letter written in Common.  In honesty he never seriously thought that Blayke would carry through with the deal made at Valiance Keep, he was certain that Blayke would understand that it was just words to get him some help, nothing more than that.  Arli would promise anything to anyone to make sure he lived to see the next sunrise.  So sure of this that he never thought to tell anyone, not even the Deathmasters or Robi, of the deal made.

“So thinks he has a hold over me eh?” he said to himself.  “Guess he needs to understand the situation” he added as he scribbled a date, location and time on the bottom of the letter and sealed it for return to its sender.


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Re: Contract Null and Void

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 22, 2013 4:22 pm

"I got a mission for you" said Arli on concluding the formal business at the weekly gathering of Thorns.  "Some guy is expecting to meet me tonight, instead I want you to apprehend him and place him some place safe for me to deal with him later."

"Some guy?"  asked Dianthaa

"Human, probably in a tabard with a blue cross.  Expecting to meet me in Darrowshire shortly.  I want him alive.  And intact, nothing cut off."

Shivien growled as Dianthaa looked annoyed.

"He may not be alone, you can kill any with him, that better?"

"Much better" said Dianthaa brightly.

"Good, he will probably stay hidden as long as he can as he won't be sure I'll be alone.  I'll head off to keep his Commander occupied so he is on comms alone.  Oh yeah, take his comms....shadows protect"


Blayke crouched down at the side of the ruined building and looked across to the abandoned Inn.  Darrowshire certainly wasn't an ideal place to meet but the date and time gave him no leeway to rearrange and the anger at Diagro still burned deep within him.  A sharp click in his ear told him that Robi had come onto comms.

"Good evening Commander" said Blayke quietly

"Evening Blayke" came the usual reply.

"I'm on surveillance, I'll be on silent comms"

"Understood" replied Robi

Blayke looked around again, he felt nervous but his arrogance assured him that Arli would be alone, too ashamed to admit to the others that he was now at the call of a human.  Time passed by without sight nor sound of Arli arriving.  On comms, he heard  the sound of muffled voices and then flinched at the sudden sound of the comms being knocked or dropped and then all went quiet again.  Slowly and silently, Blayke made his way around the edge of the abandoned settlement.  A slight shift of shadows to his right, a fleeting glimpse of a forsaken and the realization that Arli hadn't come alone hit him like a punch to the chest.  Blayke moved quickly away from the shadow, around the back of the Inn and moving as fast as he dared.

"Commander" he whispered in a low voice, hopeful that she was still listening in.  "...I may have a situation that needs your assistance" he continued in a low urgent voice moving to the corner and stepping to dash to the nearby tree that would give him cover to get into the foothills and away.  Blayke managed one step before a sharp pain across the back of his head caused him to stumble; he recovered his dazed balance just as four Vile Thorn stepped from the shadows to surround him.


Arli dropped lightly from his Wind Rider and signaled that it could take to the skies and hunt until called for. The Wind Rider took off swiftly, there was plenty of small prey to be had on the Gilnean moors.  Arli swiftly made his way to Stormglen, the woodland was darkening as the heavy rain clouds brought an early dusk making it easy to get to Robi's house and slip in through the unlocked back door.

"Hey..." said Arli as he leaned on the doorframe into the main room, a grin on his face.

"You're early, I thought you had a Thorn meet on a Sunday?"

"Made my excuses, sent them on a time and all quiet on comms" he smiled as he walked over towards Robi.  "Thought we might make the most of it..." he said in a low voice, her taking his offered hand as he pulled her to her feet and into an passionate kiss.  His arm encircled her waist as his free hand unclipped the comms from her ear and dropped it to the floor.  Their lips parted and Arli stepped back, taking Robi's hands and leading her towards the stairs.


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Re: Contract Null and Void

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 24, 2013 9:02 am

Blayke looked at each of the Vile Thorn standing before him, two forsaken he didn't recognize, one he'd had the 'pleasure' of meeting in Undercity ruins a few weeks previously and a female blood elf he knew only too well.

"Scared to come alone was he?"

"He's busy" replied Dianthaa in Common "now hand over your blades like a good boy"

"Now that would be rather foolish, considering I am on Horde territory and may need them to get back to Alliance lands" replied Blayke evenly.

Blayke's hope of the welcoming committee being nothing more than a shadow guard faded as in unison, each Thorn unsheathed their daggers.

The one he'd heard Dianthaa call Shivien stepped forward and made a low growl.

Slowly, Blayke unsheathed his daggers and crouched to lay them on the floor.  He could handle a blade adequately but knew he stood little chance against four trained assassins.

Dianthaa gave orders in orcish and two of the Thorns sheathed their blades.  He understood a little orcish, certainly to listen if not to speak effectively but had no intention of letting his captors know that.  The female forsaken uncoiled a length of rope from a belt as the male forsaken stepped forward , grabbing Blayke's shoulder and slamming him face-first against the Inn wall.  Unresisting, Blayke's arms were pulled behind his back and his wrists bound tightly, the hood covering his face was pulled down and a cloth gag fastened tighly across his mouth before his shoulder was again grabbed and he was pulled back to face the Thorns.

"Ugly isn't he?" said Dianthaa in Common.  Blayke stood defiantly, he wouldn't give her the pleasure of thinking he was scared although he took some reassurance in the fact that they hadn't immediately killed him.  "All the pretty braids" she said sarcastically as she flicked the braids hanging to the side of his face with her dagger, involuntarily he flinched as the blade flashed close to his eye.  The forsaken male to his right spoke in orcish, Blayke clenched his jaw as he then reached and effortlessly cut off two of the braids with his blade as Dianthaa laughed in delight.

"Better move him" said Shivien as the two forsaken took his arms and he was quickly marched a short distance from the town.  Hauled onto the back of Shivien's mount, flanked by Thorns on both sides and behind, the group set off at a pace across the darkening Plaguelands.

The groups slowed as an abandoned house came into view through the misty rain.  Pulled from the mount, Blayke was led into the house and up the creaking stairs and pushed into an upstairs room.

"Sit" commanded Shivien.

Blayke stood with his back to the wall, Shivien growled as he hesitated before sitting.  "Good dog" added Shivien as the Thorns cackled and laughed.  Orcish commands again from Dianthaa and the female forsaken again stepped forward and bound his feet.  Blayke looked up at the four Thorns standing silently looking at him and reminded himself that it was a sight that few humans lived to see.

"Ok, you can all go, I'll stay guard" said Dianthaa brightly.  Shivien nodded and saluted in return, her salute mirrored by the other Vile Thorn along with the usual departing words of "Shadows protect"

Dianthaa turned slowly to face Blayke and pulled down her black mask, the smile on her face chilled Blayke as she stepped towards him.


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Re: Contract Null and Void

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 24, 2013 4:30 pm

Arli carefully took his arms from around Robi and slipped out of the bed, reaching for his armour in the dim light.

"Arli..?" came the sleepy voice behind him.

Arli paused and reached back, kissing Robi softly before again turning away, "Thorn stuff, sorry, I'll be back for dinner tonight, promise" he replied as he pulled on his trousers and boots.

Robi mumbled "Take care" as she turned away and drifted back to sleep. Thorn activity peaked after dark and him needing to leave wasn't unusual, nor was him slipping into the house in the early hours of the morning when she had thought it would be a night alone.

Slipping out into the silence of the Gilnean night, Arli headed away from the small village and eagerly switched on his comms.

"Hail, got him?"

Arli grinned as they replied with the captives location and calling down his Wind Rider, Arli flew quickly to the Plaguelands.


The old abandoned house was well chosen as being set in a small hollow it wasn't visible from the road and the boarded windows only let through the slightest glow from the upstairs window to show that one room was now inhabited.  Arli made his way quickly up the stairs and pausing at the top to pull down his mask, he strolled casually into the main room.

Sitting on the floor on the far side of the room was a human, bound and gagged, his face red with blood and the exposed parts of his skin through his torn armour were similarly bloodied.

"Took your time" said Dia as she stepped from the shadows, looking pleased with herself.  "Good job Blayke here kept me occupied".

Arli nodded towards Blayke, a scowl forming on his face.  "I said not to harm him"

"Oh no no no" replied Dia playfully wagging a finger in front of Arli's face.  "You said not to kill him or cut anything off.  Count his fingers, all there" she replied with a grin.

"He's feckin' covered in blood"

"Oh don't be such a drama queen" laughed Dia.  "it's only small cuts, he'll live"

"Small cuts?! That much blood?" replied Arli as he crouched down and held the oil lamp closer to Blayke.  There was hardly any visible skin that wasn't covered in dried, or wet, blood.

"Well....ok, lots of small cuts...anyway, he's all yours now.  Do let me know if you need him looking after again, he's very stubborn about not screaming, love to work on him some more" she replied, blowing a kiss to Blayke as she turned and almost skipped from the room.

Arli looked at Blayke, although gagged there was no hiding the anger flashing in his eyes.

"I'm gonna remove the gag...yell or anything and I'll slit your throat, understood?"

The glare was enough for Arli to know he understood completely as he tugged the bloodied gag from around Blayke's mouth.

"Just what do you think you are playing at?" he spat as soon as the gag was pulled down

Arli sat crossed-legged on the floor across from Blayke and shrugged with a grin.

"Don't mess with Thorns?  Great game eh.  Learning the rules pretty fast I hope?"

"We had a deal"

Arli laughed.  "You made a deal with me, sure, but it was you that got me in that mess in the first place".  Arli smiled as he continued "Learn to keep your feckin' mouth shut, Blayke.  Be the death of you"

Blayke tilted his head and half smiled.  "If you wanted me dead then I'm sure your Thorn goons would have seen to that when they caught me".

Arli smiled "Maybe I want the pleasure?"

Blayke glanced at the shimmering daggers on Arli's hips.  He didn't think Arli would kill him in cold blood, he owed him his life after all but Arli was Master of a band of bloodthirsty Horde Assassins which to Blayke meant he was at least partly as unhinged as those he led.

"Maybe you do...but I saved your life, you owe me mine"

"I do, which is why I gave them specific instructions not to kill you...on reflection, I should have been a bit more specific but...." Arli shrugged again, "... don't look like you are going to bleed to death any time soon".

"So what exactly is the point of this?"

"I already told you, a lesson on not to mess with a Thorn."

"Lesson learned now if you will untie me..."

Arli laughed and shook his head "No way, you're staying here until I say you can go"

"The point of that is?" growled Blayke

"To piss you off, Blaykey" grinned Arli as he patted Blayke's cheek and pulled up the gag.  "Don't worry, I won't send Dia back, gonna let you spend some time in your own company.  I'll be back later, might bring food and water, who knows".

Arli stood up and walked behind Blayke, checking the bindings on his hands and tugging to make sure the knots were secure before crouching and checking the rope around his ankles.

"One last thing"  said Arli as he stood over Blayke.  "Wanna know what happened when the guards at Valiance Keep discovered I was a Thorn and not just some untrained Horde scout?"

Blayke looked up and glared at Arli.

"This"  replied Arli with a savage kick to Blaykes chest, following through with kicks to his body until Blayke lay curled-up and winded, gasping for air.

"See you later" said Arli with a wink as he blew out the oil lamp and left the room, tugging the heavy door closed behind him, the rusted hinges squealing in protest.  He didn't care if Blayke escaped, but he wasn't going to make  it easy for him.  The purpose was to humiliate his captive, show him he was at Arli's mercy for a few days and then if he hadn't managed to get free, well he'd let him loose himself - after carving a Thorn symbol on him of course, as a reminder not to mess with Vile Thorn.


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Re: Contract Null and Void

Post by Guest on Thu Jul 25, 2013 11:24 am

It was late afternoon before Arli landed his Wind Rider next to the abandoned house in Plaguelands.  Slipping from the saddle he took out a skin of water from the saddlebag and walked into the quiet house.  He paused at the top of the stairs and grinned at seeing the door still closed and understood just why as he had to use his shoulder to push it open.  Blayke sat against the side wall and glared at him.

"Decided to stay eh?" quipped Arli as he tugged the gag from Blayke's mouth.  "Brought you some water...don't worry, it aint poisoned, you don't get out of this that easy" he laughed as he unfastened the stopper and tipped it against Blayke's mouth, holding it for a few seconds before taking it and pushing the stopper firmly back and pulling the gag back up.

"Want any more?  Help yourself"  quipped Arli as he threw the skin of water into the far corner, knowing full well that Blayke had no chance of drinking more than what he could spill on the floor from his bound hands.

"Love to stay and chat but I promised your Commander I'd be back for dinner.  Might see you tomorrow, eh?"  he grinned as he tugged the door closed behind him and ran down the stairs two at a time, it had been a good day and the evening with Robi promised to be even better.


Arli approached Robi's house from the back and through the woodlands, Eager to waste no time in going back home to change, he was still in his Thorn tabard and leathers and it was vital no one saw him arrive.   With no one around he quickly covered the distance from the woodlands to the back door and slipped into the house.

"What's for dinner?"  he said as Robi turned to greet him.

"Lucky you arrived, I need someone with your skills with a blade" she smiled, handing him a small knife and bowl of unpeeled potatoes.

Arli laughed and took the bowl, quickly placing it on the counter-top as he wrapped his arms around Robi and kissed her.  "I'd better get changed first, eh? Don't want the neighbours calling in to see a Thorn preparing vegetables, won't do my street cred any good at all".


It was late evening as the two sat together on the sofa, feet up with Robi resting her back on his chest as he draped his arm around her waist.

"Guess what I caught" laughed Arli, the over-indulgence in strong wine and bourbon were making him feel a little light-headed.  Life was good, why shouldn't he enjoy himself once in a while?

"Oh here we go, some bragging over some fish that was far better than the one I caught that time at Westfall?" she teased as she gently elbowed him in the ribs, knowing full-well that Arli would never accept that she caught it that day and not him.

"I got me a Blayke" he grinned, kissing the top of Robi's head before draining his glass of bourbon, the silence making him wonder did she actually hear what he has said?


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Re: Contract Null and Void

Post by Guest on Thu Jul 25, 2013 3:28 pm

Blayke rested his head back against the cold stone wall, turning slightly to look at the solid door.  His fingers were bleeding from trying to pull it open, the tight bindings on his wrists allowing little movement and unable to get a firm grip on the door, his efforts to escape had failed.  He turned his head back and stared unfocused across the dark room.  What did it matter anyway?  He was probably safer where he was than crawling around Plaguelands looking for something to cut his bindings with, easy prey to light only knows what patrolled the area.  Blayke turned his head quickly to look at the door as the stairs creaked and faint footfalls could be heard on the landing outside of the room.  A shove at the door, then another followed by some very unladylike curses in Thalassian as with a hefty shove, the door swung open and Dianthaa stumbled in.  Quickly regaining her composure, she pulled down her mask and gave Blayke a big smile.

"Missed me, sweetie?"  she said as she swung a soft-leather pack that jingled ominously as it was placed on the floor.  She walked over lightly and crouched before him, looking intently into his eyes as she pulled down his gag and said in a low voice "let's play".

The following hours passed unpleasantly slowly for Blayke.  Dianthaa was a master of pain and knew which poisons and potions to apply and which blades to use to inflict the maximum of pain to her victims.  Blayke wouldn't die but she would make sure that he sure as hell wished that he had.  She consoled herself with the thought that it was Arli's fault for leaving him there - after all, he surely knew that she wouldn't be able to resist the temptation to return?  It took a full hour before she finally got him to cry out in pain and reluctantly acknowledged that she was impressed with his determination.  It was two hours more before she dragged the semi-conscious human to the middle of the floor.

"Blayke?" she said in a soft voice as she gently patted his cheek.  "Oh Blayke, wakey wakey"

Blayke stirred and tried to focus on the face no more than a few inches from his own.  His mind was numb and although nothing would make him happier than swiftly head-butting that smile off her face, his paralyzed muscles refused to comply.

"There you are, sweetie"  

Blayke blinked and tried to follow the blurred form as it moved away.

"You've been such a good playmate that I'm going to reward you"

Blayke felt the pressure of the bindings drop from his wrists as the ropes were cut and Dianthaa pushed him onto his back.  Gritting his teeth he managed to move his hands slightly as Dianthaa straddled his chest.  How he wanted to wrap them around her throat.

"And look what I brought you! Yes! Your daggers!  Not very pretty, put functional and sharp." She looked down at Blayke and laughed lightly.  "And, you can have them back"  she said as she straightened his arm and with both hands, drove the dagger through the palm of his left hand.  Blayke yelled out, his body arching in pain as Dianthaa laughed in delight and then drove the other dagger through his right hand.

Dianthaa pulled up the gag and then stood up and looked down at Blayke, his face screwed up in pain, she smiled with satisfaction as she stepped away and carefully, almost lovingly, cleaned and packed away her poisons and blades.  She paused at the door and blew a kiss to Blayke as he lay still and pale but clearly conscious.

"Bye, sweetie.  Sleep well".


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Re: Contract Null and Void

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Mon Jul 29, 2013 9:11 am

Things, thought Robi with a small smile, were definitely looking up. Pouring a bourbon for Arli and a large red for herself she snuggled her back against Arli's chest as they settled in for the evening.

Funny how things had developed, was it really only a year ago that Shay had been killed leaving her a desolate young widow? Then having to flee the city as the Brotherhood came under scrutiny from both factions for their part in supplying explosives to a subversive group of Sin'dorei, losing contact with the members, presuming a lot missing in action or caught...she'd finally returned to Stormglen and had settled into contented obscurity.

She smiled happily to herself as Arli's arm tightened around her, then..she'd found Arli...and he her. After so long as..she struggled for the word..not friends..not even enemies, more..more..more like two spiteful rivals..exchanging insults and name calling. True they'd had their violent confrontations but always they'd end up back almost neutral in each others company each forgiving the other deeds and actions that with any others would have led to lifelong hate or vengeful retaliation. She supposed in hindsight that their situation now was inevitable coming. didn't matter how or why she thought she was only happy that it had.
And then so recently Blayke turning up out of the blue, meeting her and together they planned the rebuilding of the Stormwind chapter of the Brotherhood. Yep..she mused as she nestled into Arli, things were indeed looking up.

Her thoughts were broken by Arli "I caught me a Blayke..."
What? she thought, had she heard right? No surely not...Arli wouldn't..he would have mentioned something...warned her?
She sat up from Arli's embrace and turned to look at him.
"Sorry? run that past me again..." she said coolly "You caught you a Blayke? I hope for your sake Arli that it's some kind of fish I never heard of..."
Arli started to laugh, his smirk fading as he studied Robi's expression, fel she was seriously displeased...
She arched her brow "Well?" she said.
Arli shrugged and gave a tentative smile "Don't matter...Thorn know how it is" he reached out to pull her back onto him, hoping she wouldnt press him for more details. Feck..he should have kept his mouth shut.....
Robi pulled away and glared at Arli. "Thorn ass, why didn't you tell me Blayke was wanted? and what the feck has he done?"
Arli shifted his position and bristled defensively "Told you Thorn Business..not yours, I don't tell you everything..."
"I beg to differ..." she replied coldly "but Blayke being held by Thorns makes it Brotherhood business...and therefore mine..."
"Suppose..." replied Arli
Robi jabbed his chest with a finger
"Ow..give over..." he said swiping her hand away.
"Why?" she replied
"Cos it feckin hurt..."
Robi growled in exasperation "Why have you got Blayke..?I meant"
"Told you..."
Robi glared "Don't you dare say 'Thorn business..."
Arli closed his mouth and gave her a slight smile, "Read my mind huh?"
"Pretty easy to do seeing its mostly empty..." she riposted.
"Funny..." Arli scowled.
Robi looked thoughtful then glared up at Arli "You took him the day of the Thorn meet..didn't you?"
"What about it?" Arli gave a surly reply
"You came came to keep me off the coms didn't you?" it wasn't really a question.
Arli gave a stilted laugh "C'mon know I don't need an excuse to come see you..."
"Didn't you?" she almost shouted. Her clenched fist swinging in to impact on his cheek as he nodded.
"Bitch..." Arli spat pushing her savagely off the sofa as he rose.
Robi scrambled to her feet. "You used me...played me...I thought we'd past all that..." again her fist swung in towards his face, her face contorted with temper.
Arli feinted, this time ready, he caught her wrist. "Don't.." he said coolly
Robi lashed out with her foot, a sharp kick landing on his shin, reflex kicking in he raised his hand and with a well aimed blow sent her sprawling across the room.
"Git..." gasped Robi as she steadied herself against the oak dresser, her hand curling around an apple in the fruit bowl.As Arli took a step forward she let loose her missile, the apple spun its way across the gap between them and struck Arli on the side of the head.
"Feckin harpie..." he snarled his face fixed with an angry scowl.
Robi laughed and followed through hurling another apple. Arli raised his hand and caught it and in a blur of motion flicked his wrist and sent it hurtling back towards her, it struck her shoulder and smashed to pulp.
"Git..." she repeated.
"It was Blayke told alliance I was a thorn...if you must know..he was blackmailing me...or trying to..." Arli smirked.
Robi looked across at Arli, this was news to her, Blayke hadn't said a word. She hid her surprise, well she hoped so.
"Why tell me now?" she asked "You must have known Id have to do something...are you setting me up?"
Arli gave an exasperated sigh. "Don't be stupid...just shut up about it.."
"How can I you moron...I have to do something...are you intending on killing him?"
Arli shrugged non-committedly  "Thorn..." he started silenced abruptly as Robi launched another piece of fruit hitting him squarely in the face.
"You know what...screw this..." he said angrily as he pulled on his tabard and strapped his daggers to his waist. "I'm outta here..."
"No, you can't leave..not like this..." Robi's voice was calm. Arli looked at her and raised a brow. Her eyes held his, no anger in them, just the huge brown velvet eyes that had fascinated him since he first saw them.
"Why not?" he replied still annoyed.
She looked at him a small smile at the corner of her mouth, her eyes flashed angrily "Because you havent feckin apologised yet..." she snarled as she launched at him, striking at his face with her left fist while her right hand clawed his cheek.
"You feckin feckin bitch..." growled Arli as he snatched her hand from his face, skin and blood on her fingernails...his skin and blood. He held her wrist tightly and twisted it savagely. He saw her wince and smirked. She kicked out at his legs but he twisted harder before throwing her backwards.
Arli turned and strode to the door.
"Thats the Arli thing and run away....." she yelled at him "Go on then piss off....come back when you turn twelve..."
Arli's expression darkened, he tore the door open and walked through slamming it behind him.
Had he not been so angry he would have cringed , picturing Robi's smug victorious smirk as he slammed the door like an eleven year old. Right now though he didn't care he just needed air before he totally lost it and did something he might regret even more.
The cool evening air hit him, he took a deep breath and looked back at Robi's door..maybe he should...
"Vile Thorn...!" a shout went up. "Theres a belf attacking the city lass...."
"Feck...." thought Arli as he swiftly ran to the back of the house and into the woods. A quick look over his shoulder showed him a small group of people knocking on Robi's door and shouting to her. Their concern her welfare not his capture. Satisfied it was safe he slunk into the shadows and away.
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Re: Contract Null and Void

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 30, 2013 11:51 am

With a resigned smile, Kel'dos placed his cards face-down on the table with an "I'm out, mate".  He stood up and drained the last of his glass of bourbon, adding "and I'm cleaned out too".  Sabien looked at him cynically as he drew the cards back into a pile "More likely you can't bear thinking of Chey alone in your bed".  Kel'dos laughed as he opened the door to Sabien's flat "You have the gold, mate, but I still come out as the winner".  

The usual early hours silence of Silvermoon was broken by the drunken drawl of a familiar sounding voice, as he reached the top of Elder Row his suspicions as to the owner of the voice were confirmed.

"And another thin'..." said Arli in an overly loud voice, stabbing the Blood Knight in the chest with his finger.  "...they're gonna send Kor'kron t'replace you all...".  

The Blood Knight raised an eyebrow as he looked at his companion who nodded slightly in return.

"...feckin' orcs" muttered Arli, before returning to the previous volume ".. but at least they won't be so up their own a-" he started, cut short as the first Blood Knight finally snapped "That's enough, Sunblade.  Shut that arrogant big mouth of yours or it's the cells.".

Arli glared for a moment before starting again "Do you feckin' even know who I am?" he asked unnecessarily, tapping the Thorn symbol on his tabard as he spoke.

Kel'dos quickened his step, running the last few yards.  He knew Arli well enough to recognise the danger signs - a charge of drunk and disorderly could very soon be one of assault.

"Arli!  There you are!"  he exclaimed with a smile as he came to a halt, tilting his head in acknowledgment to the Blood Knights as he added "Evening".

" take the one on the right an'.." started Arli

Kel'dos laughed, quickly grabbing Arli's arm and holding him back.  "He's drunk, sorry, kid can't handle his drink.  He'd fell asleep...didn't realise he'd wandered out".  Arli looked at Kel with a puzzled expression and opened his mouth to speak, his words replaced by an 'oof' as Kel'dos punched his side.  "I'll get him home. sorry about that" he smiled apologetically at the Blood Knights.  

"You do that and if I find him out again tonight then you will be sharing his cell" replied the first, just glad to have escaped the piles  of paperwork associated with any arrest.

Kel'dos gave a tight-lipped smile and quickly steered the protesting Arli back down Elder Walk and towards Sabien's flat, walking straight in through the unlocked door and pushing Arli before him.

"Drunken kid...I'm not inflicting him on Chey, he's all yours and don't let him out or you'll be bailing us both out of the cells in the morning".

Arli staggered to the table and slumped into a chair, reaching for the half empty bottle of bourbon and scowling as Sabien moved it away.

"You get those bruises from the Knights then?" asked Kel'dos, curious at the small bruises on his face and the red raw scratch marks across Arli's face.  He knew that wasn't the work of the Blood Knights, more likely some girl Arli had wound up and it would be good ammunition to wind him up with when he sobered up.

"Feckin' Robi, flew at me she did, like a feckin' harpie with those what if I got one of her people, it's no feckin' concern of hers, I got my reasons...." he continued, adding "'s Thorn business" with a scowl.

Kel'dos and Sabien exchanged a concerned glance.  

"Who you got then, kid?" asked Sabien as he sat down opposite, pouring a small shot of bourbon into a glass and pushing it across to Arli.

"Blayke" replied Arli proudly.  "None other than her feckin' second" he added as he downed the drink, cradling the empty glass.

Kel'dos covered his face with his hand, what the fel was the kid playing at?

"Killed him?" asked Sab, seeing Kel's look of despair at Arli's actions, not knowing why it mattered but knowing that he needed to get it sorted.

Arli shook his head "Nah, roughed him up a bit.  Got him tied up some place safe in Plaguelands, I'll let him go in a few days...or so".

"Safe?"  Asked Kel'dos.  "Tied up, unarmed, some place on Horde territory? You do have a Thorn guard with him?"

Arli looked puzzled "Why would I guard him?  Who's gonna steal that ugly git?"

Kel'dos sighed and leaned on the table, looking directly into Arli's face "Because...he is on enemy territory and can't defend himself...see what I'm getting at you feckin' idiot?"

"Kel..." said Sabien.  Kel'dos closed his eyes briefly then stepped away.  Now he knew that one of Robi's men was in trouble, he had to deal with it for Chey's sake.  She wanted relationships with Robi kept on an even keel, the link to the Brotherhood of Shadows was important to her.

"Look Arli, you've probably made your about you let him go now?  You know Robi would want that." said Sab calmly

"I don't give a feck what she wants" spat Arli.  "He can go when -I- say he can and not before I've given him the kicking to make -this-.." Arli pointed at the raw scratches on his face. "..worthwhile"

Sab smiled wearily.  "Tell you what kid, tell me where he is else Kel here is gonna march you out of here right now and walk you around Plaguelands until he finds him."

"More like kicking the feckin' little idiot around Plaguelands" muttered Kel'dos.

Arli looked at Kel'dos and then at Sab, he was drunk but not completely devoid of his senses.  Besides, what did it matter, he was going to let Blayke loose soon anyway.  "Ok..ok...whatever.." he sighed, pushing his glass to Sabien to refill as he described the route to the abandoned house.


Kel'dos dropped lightly from his Wind Rider a short distance from the building that Arli had described.  Using the shadows he approached slowly, the faint glow of a light at an upstairs window putting him on edge that there might still be Vile Thorn around and he still bore the scars from his last encounter with them.  Carefully making his way upstairs, he edged his way to the room that had a faint flicker of light spilling through the partially open door.  The oil lamp in the corner was turned down low but gave enough light in the enclosed space for Kel'dos to see Blayke lying pinned to the floor by a dagger through each hand.  He'd had a run in with Blayke before and held no regard for him but the state he was in made him pity the human.

As Kel'dos stepped into the light, Blayke turned his head, a look of despair flitted across his face on seeing a former adversary standing over him.  Drugged and unable to defend himself, he was as good as dead.  To his surprise, Kel'dos crouched down and pulled down his gag as he spoke in a low voice.

"It's ok...Thorns here?"

"No" replied Blayke hoarsely.

Kel'dos nodded slightly then looked at the daggers pinning Blayke to the wooden floorboards.  "This isn't going to be pleasant..." he said as he stood and placing a foot on Blayke's wrist, pulled each dagger out swiftly as Blayke grimaced in pain.  Helping him to a seated position, he tore strips from Blayke's bloodied tabard to make bandages for each hand.

"It's a quick fix, suggest we get out fast" said Kel'dos as he wrapped Blayke's hand.  "I'll take you to Light's Hope, you'll be safe there and can get some proper help".  Blayke nodded slightly in response, too drugged by the poisons and weary from the ordeal to speak.  With Blayke leaning heavily on his shoulders, Kel'dos made his way outside as quickly as he could and helped the stricken human onto the back of his Wind Rider and carefully took to the skies.

"Need help here" called out Kel'dos as he came into land at Light's Hope and helped Blayke from the back of his Wind Rider.  "Found him on the road.." he added as the night guards ran forward.  Blayke looked to Kel'dos as the night guard took him. "Thank you" he said, his voice little more than a whisper, Kel'dos nodded slightly in return as the guards took Blayke towards the chapel.

Breathing a heavy sigh of relief, Kel'dos switched on his comms.  " won't believe the state I found him in...what the feck was the kid playing at?"


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Re: Contract Null and Void

Post by Sabien on Sun Aug 04, 2013 3:21 pm

"You know Kid , sometimes I just don't get you..." said Sab as he closed the apartment door as Kel left. "What the fel are you playing at...?"
Arli gave a shrug and laughed as he reached for the bottle of bourbon. Sab quickly moving it out of his reach "You've had more than enough..."
Arli scowled and stretched across in an attempt to snatch the bottle from Sabs hand. "Gimme a drink...." he slurred. Sab laughed and raised the bottle, pushing Arli back into the chair, Sab straddled the chair opposite and looked at him.
"Wanna tell me about it?" he asked
Arli shook his head. "Nah, nuthin to tell..."
"Let me re-phrase that feckin tell me whats gone on or do I have to smack it out of you?"
"None of your business...." scowled Arli.
"You get dumped on me in that  state..Bloodknights trying to arrest you...threatening to arrest Kel? I can't afford bloodknights sniffing around here...don't tell me this aint my business...I am not going back inside for you" Sabien retorted annoyed.
Arli looked at Sab with a smirk then at the clenched fist and nodded.
"Yeah yeah..ok..Blayke told the alliance who I was...." Sab arched an eyebrow at the vehemence in Arlis voice despite his drunken state.
"So revenge?"
"Suppose..then he tried to blackmail me..."
"Ah..well thats making more sense." nodded Sab, thinking that yeah the kid might have been justified.
Slowly Arli related the story of his capture, and meeting with he'd almost pleaded with Blayke to help him, Sab could tell from Arli's tone and face that it was this more than anything that irked him..having to beg to the one who Arli saw as responsible for his situation.
" I had him brought show you can't mess with Thorns" finished Arli.
Sab looked thoughtful for a minute while he digested Arli's explaination.
"So..." started Sab "You made a deal with the guy to get you out, then have him ....just a minute kid..Kel's on coms....go ahead mate..."
Arli watched as Sab listened to Kel, he couldn't hear what Kel was saying but he noticed Sabiens expression darken.
"Feckin what...!?" Sab got up and walked across the room out of earshot. Arli using the diversion to grab the bottle of bourbon and take a long swig.
Sab strode back across to Arli and snatched the bottle from him.
"Hey...!" protested Arli.
"Kel got this Blayke guy...carried him to Lights Hope....fel kid..was there any need?"
"Yes..he tried to blackmail me..." replied Arli eyeing the bottle "Anyway Thorn stuff..don't concern you..."
"Aye I agree it doesn't...but technically it wasn't Thorn stuff was it? You made a deal with the guy...fair enough rough him up a bit to show the deal is off...but thats your business...but fel kid..nailing him to the feckin floor is just downright sadistic...being honest kid, if I d made a deal with you to save your selfish ass, Id expect it honoured..."
Arli looked up surprised at Sabs tone and accusation. "I didn't nail him to the feckin floor...."
" know what I mean..."growled Sab.
"He's feckin alliance..why do you care?" argued Arli.
"Your feckin girlfriend is alliance..different Sin'dorei weapon you use on her....your argument is invalid kid..."
Arli scowled as his face clouded with temper.
"It's not your feckin business Sab..and I'm not a kid...quit calling me it"
Sabien laughed
"I might when you stop acting like one...kid"
Arli stood up and swung a wild punch at Sab, hitting him not overly hard on the jaw. Sab raised a startled eyebrow and looked at Arli. "You little fecker..." Sab's fist clenched and he lunged forward. The table between them gave Arli the chance to step back, drawing his blades as he did so. He stood facing Sabien brandishing both blades, his face serious and angry.
"Ok kid...calm down" Sab said calmly raising his hands ans stepping back slightly.
Arli smirked and stepped forward.
"Not so tough now huh?" he goaded raising the blades. "Now...big guy..whats my name again?"
"Look kid..I ain't playing your st...." started Sab, breaking off to jump a step back as Arli lurched forward and sliced with his blade, missing Sab by a whisker.
"I ain't a kid..."
"Ok Ok" said Sabien calmly "just put the blades down...Arli..."
Arli smirked victoriously. " say sorry" he held the blade closer to Sab.
"Feck off..." was the reply.
Arli scowled who the feck did Sab think he was? his feckin uncle...
Sabien curled his fist and swung for a discreet punch, he didn't think that Arli would use the weapons, it was just drunken bravado, but better get him disarmed before he did something stupid. Arli saw the movement and raised his arm to block the blow he felt certain was coming. As the fist flew and Arli parried, ducking and stabbing upwards, the surgically sharp blade resisting slightly before penetrating Sabiens side.
Blood spurted and Sabs eyes shot wide with surprise and pain, his hand going to the wound.
"You little...." again breaking off as Arlis offhanded blade jabbed from the other side, piercing the flesh between the ribs.
"Mate..mate...." Kels anxious voice in his ear "Whats going on?"
Sab groaned "Kel....the little...fecker....cut me..he's gone crazy here..."
Arli's smirk died on his lips as he heard Sab relay to Kel..he looked at Sab who was now on his knees, his shirt  and hands covered in blood, his face a grey pallor. Unsure what to do in his still drunken state, all he could think of was Kel was on his way...unable to make coherent sense of the scene in front of him, he sheathed his daggers and ran.

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Re: Contract Null and Void

Post by Sabien on Thu Aug 08, 2013 3:52 pm

"Chey!" Kel'dos spoke urgently into her earpiece "Get round to Sab's now,"
"Now?"Why?" she replied
"Think the kid has stabbed him...I'm on my way back from plaguelands...hurry" 
"Chey..get there now" Kel's voice was anxious and short

It only took a few minutes to run from her apartment to Sabs, entering she saw Sab, sitting against the far wall, his hands gripping his sides and covered in blood.

She quickly examined the wounds, still bleeding, a frown flicked over her features. "It's deep..." she muttered
"You really need a medic, we can't take the chance that they arent poisoned..Ive never known Arli not poison his blades..."
Sab shook his head. "No...they'll inform blood knights...they'll search..find stuff..I'd rather bleed out here than go back inside..." his voice was weaker than usual and she could see he was slightly breathless.
She wasn't going to argue with him in this state. Getting towels and water she set about stemming and cleaning the wounds.
"I think it needs a stitch Sab.." she said as she found the rupture and tried in vain to stop the blood pulsing out.
"Well stop yakking and get on with it then" replied Sab, now pale with blood loss.
The sound of boots running over the tiled floor and skidding to a halt. "How's he doing?" asked Kel'dos anxiously.
Chey explained "I can't stitch it..."
Kel nodded "Get me some twine and a needle then..."
"What?" said Chey looking up at Kel aghast
"Just get it Chey" he snapped
Too concerned at Sabs condition to be hurt or offended at Kel's tone she did as she was bidden.
"Get it done mate..." said Sab weakly.
"You keep him calm and awake Chey" Kel looked at her with a small smile "Gonna hurt mate..."
"Like it doesn't already? just do it Kel" gasped Sab with an attempt at a grin.

Sab gritted his teeth and squeezed Chey's hand so tightly it hurt as Kel'dos, if not exactly expertly but adequately stemmed the blood-flow with a couple of stitches.
Kel'dos was satisfied that Sab had lost enough blood to have lost any poisons that may have been present on the blades, he doubted there was any as when he had left Arli with Sab he had been in no fit state to remember to apply the poisons.
Chey gently bathed Sab's chest and side, a look of relief on her face as the grey pallor lessened and Sab managed a faint smile. She looked at Kel. "I didn't know you were a medic...."
Kel'dos smiled at Chey and gave her a wink. "Elf of many talents me..."
"Maybe I should learn a bit more too" she said half to herself.
"Aye..we need to be able to tend our own" agreed Kel'dos "Professional help means questions..."
Chey nodded her understanding as she bandaged Sabien.
"Feel free to kiss it better..." Sab quipped then grinned slightly as Kel shot him a not altogether serious murderous look.
Between them Chey and Kel got Sabien to his bed and laid him flat. He closed his eyes with a sigh "Close call that" he said tiredly "Thanks you two"
Kel'dos looked down at Sabien and his anger at Arli bubbled. He knew now wasn't the time to get the story from Sab, he was way too weak....fel that little fecker Arli, had nearly killed Sab...his anger grew. 
"I can't believe Arli did that..." said Chey as she and Kel walked home. "Why would he? Sab's done so much for him..."
Kel'dos shrugged then halted. "I don't know I don't get it..." his tone was one of cold fury. "But I'm sure as fel gonna find the little bastard and find out..."
"Not in that frame of mind youre not" said Chey "You'll kick him first then ask..."
Kel'dos nodded and managed a reluctant smile "Perhaps.."

Chey slept lightly, unable to drift off properly as Kel'dos paced their apartment, his footsteps betraying his anger and frustration. She had given up asking him to come to bed and it was with a sigh of resignation and some relief as the sun started to rise the door of their apartment softly closed.

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Re: Contract Null and Void

Post by Guest on Fri Aug 09, 2013 12:30 pm

"Come on sonny, wakey wakey"

Arli reluctantly opened his eyes, squinting at the brightness of a morning in Eversong Woods and the detrimental effect it was having on his pounding head.  "Up you get" said the voice again as a firm grim on his arm helped him sit upright on the bench he'd fell asleep on the night before.  Arli shielded his eyes and looked up at the Blood Elves before him, dressed in the mottled greens and browns of Farstrider scouts.

"He's a disgrace" muttered the female, arms folded across her chest.

"Sorry" mumbled Arli, "...fight with my girl and kinda had a bit too much to drink" he said, finishing with a warm smile which did nothing to thaw the disapproving look frozen on the females face.

The male laughed "Happens to us all son.  Take my advice and get the girl some flowers and go right around and apologize.  Doesn't matter if you were right, just don't leave the anger to fester too long".

Arli nodded and smiled in return "Yeah, I'll do that" he lied; it would take more than a bunch of roses to make everything alright with Robi now.  Especially after Dianthaa had taken great joy in filling him in on just what Sab's comment on Blayke being "nailed to the floor" was all about. Damn that woman and her obsession with daggers and inflicting pain.

The male nodded approvingly.  "Don't leave it too long" he added, turning and walking away towards the road, the female walking alongside him.  "Don't get so angry, he's only a kid" said the male to his uptight companion.

...Kid...  Arli's stomach turned as an image of Sab kneeling on the floor, face ashen and bloodied hands stemming the flow from the wounds in his side.  "Oh fel.." muttered Arli as the realization hit him that it was his blade work that had left Sab injured.  Arli sat forward and covered his face with his hands, massaging his temples in an attempt to clear the hangover, to try and lift the fog from his mind and think of a way out of this mess.

A footfall behind him and Arli half turned, expecting to see the Farstrider returning to dish out more 'fatherly advice'.  A shadow as Kel'dos leaped over the bench, grabbing Arli in a half-tackle and throwing him to the floor, pinning him down literally before he knew what had hit him.  

"You little.." snarled Kel'dos drawing his fist back

"No! wait!" said Arli  "It was an accident, I swear I never meant to stab him!"

"A feckin' accident?  You stabbed him twice" replied Kel'dos, letting loose the punch which glanced the side of Arli's face as he tried to turn away.  "You nearly killed him!  After all he's done for you, you ungrateful little.." Kel'dos swiftly drew his dagger and held the point at Arli's throat.

"Kel...don't.. I swear I didn't mean to...I was drunk, it was reflexes..." said Arli desperately as he looked up at Kel'dos.  They'd had many run-ins and it was only thanks to Sab that he hadn't been on the receiving end of Kel's temper in a long time.   There was no Sab and no Chey around to stop him now, his face etched with anger, Arli couldn't be sure that he wouldn't finally snap and push down on the blade.

Kel'dos held the blade steady at Arli's throat and slowed his breathing, trying to calm himself down, reminding himself that he only wanted to scare the little git and it was clear that the fear in Arli's eyes wasn't fake.

"Kel..please..I..I was drunk...I'd lunged with the blade before realising....I'm sorry..."

Kel'dos drove the blade forcefully into the soft grass earth next to Arli's head, causing him to flinch, and followed through with a swift backhander to Arli's face.

"Sorry?   The only person you're ever sorry for is yourself.  You haven't even asked how he is, you arrogant little bastard...." he spat, tugging the buried blade from the ground and grabbing Arli's arm tightly, hauling the dazed elf to his feet.    "Visiting time...kid" he said as he marched Arli towards the Silvermoon gates.


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Re: Contract Null and Void

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Sat Aug 10, 2013 2:54 am

"Oh Blayke I am so so sorry" said Robi taking Blaykes hands in hers. 
As soon as she had heard from Chey that Kel'dos had somehow managed to get Blayke out of Vile Thorn clutches and safely to Lights Hope Chapel she had taken a flight to get a debriefing from her second. To say she was furious was an understatement, how could he have sought her out, given her the usual spiel and conveniently overlooked to tell her that he had identified Arli to SI:7. She tried to reason that she didnt have a right to know, what Blayke did when he wasn't in the Brotherhood wasn't really her concern but given Blaykes past record with her she immediately suspected the worst motives. Was he a total fool? Trying to Blackmail Vile Thorns? What in the nether was he trying to achieve.
On landing she hurried to the chapel where she understood Blayke was being treated, the long journey had made her tetchy and irritated and anger was etched into every feature of her usually perfectly placid face.

"Not too long Ma'am, he's still weak" advised the healer as she waited to be shown in. She nodded and pasted a smile on her face.
"Of course..." she replied. "I'll just say what I need to and leave"
She entered the dim room, the curtains were drawn shut and she could just make out the outline of a figure lying flat on a bed on the far side.
"How could you goddam stupid stupid little man...." she snarled quietly 
"Commander..?" his voice was weak almost frail but still held that affected sardonic tone. She almost smiled, 
"Don't you Commander me in that tone..what the fel were you playing at? trying to blackmail should know by now the arrogant little shit wouldnt play...and more to the point why didn't you tell me?" she hissed furiously.
"I..don't know what youve heard..." replied Blayke hoarsely "Blackmail? who me Commander?"he gave a wheezing laugh, breaking off to cough painfully.
Robi sighed "Don't be glib Blayke..."
"Commander" and even from the distance and in the half light she knew he had inclined his head slightly and probably had that self satisfied smirk on his face. 
She stepped closer "Lets see the damage then?" She swallowed a gasp of horror as she looked at the myriad of open cuts and some deeper ones that had been stitched. His face red- brown with the crust of dried blood and infected pus as the poisons worked out of his system.
"Light..." she whispered "What the hell were you trying to achieve...I hope it was worth it"
Blayke turned his head to look at her, the ice blue eyes were pain filled and somehow looked hurt. "Commander..."
"Save it Blayke..."
"No..sit down and listen" he rasped 
Robi raised a brow at the tone
"Sit! you bloody woman..."
She opened her mouth to retaliate but something in his expression stopped her and with a nod sat down on bottom of the bed.
In a faltering voice Blayke, often stopping for breath or water, slowly told her the whole story of why and how he had found himself at Vile Thorn hands. "We made a deal...its what the Brotherhood do, have always done...I needed him to deliver..and this is what he did..."
"I don't understand why you turned him over just to deal to get him out..even for the Brotherhood that is a dangerous and very risky deal" she said when he had finished.
Blayke gave another short laugh.
"You wouldnt believe me if I told you Commander..."
"Try me.."
Blayke turned his head away from her gaze
"Ahem" he coughed almost embarrassed she thought
 "I did it for you..."
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Re: Contract Null and Void

Post by Sabien on Wed Aug 14, 2013 1:21 pm

Sabien slowly got out of bed putting one hand on the small bedside table to steady himself as the room seemed to start to spin then changed its mind, his stomach fluttered and he swallowed the urge to throw up.
"Fel youre getting old..." he muttered wryly to himself.
Feeling better after a wash he peeled the bandage from his side and tried to look at the wounds he'd got the day before.
"Damn that feckin kid..." he swore as he replaced the dressing. Coffee in hand he sat in the one comfortable armchair he possessed, stretched his legs out in front of him and took a sip of the strong black drink. Fel he felt weak as a feckin kitten must have lost more blood than he thought, although looking at the mess in the flat, blood spurts on the walls and a congealed pool on the floor, he was mildly surprised he had any left at all. He muttered his thanks to Kel and Chey in their absence, sure he would have bled out had they not arrived when they did. He felt a brief pang of disappointment that Arli had left leaving him to bleed. Perhaps the kid had meant it.
Sab tried to piece together the sequence of events, he knew Arli well enough to know the way drink affected him depending on the mood that caused him to get drunk in the first place, but buggered if he could figure out what had triggered him to stab him.
That he'd called him kid...that was stupid..he had always been "The Kid" never called as an insult more just a nickname that stuck, a throwback from the old gang days when any young blade was either addressed as "kid" "brat" or "Rat". Surely Arli knew that? Evidently not. feckin hell if he'd stabbed everyone who'd called him "Mad Dog Sab", "The siege engine" or "Big Guy" he'd be a serious serial killer and then some.
Sab scowled slightly it hadn't been so much that Arli drew blades, it was the arrogant gloating as he waved them around demanding apologies..."arrogant little twat..."
Sab closed his eyes, too tired to think about it right now.

"Get in you feckin little sod..." Kels coldly angry voice and the sound of his door being slammed shut, startled Sab from his half dozing. "You around Sab? brought you a visitor..." and with a vicious shove pushed Arli in front of Sab.
Sab looked up at Kel and then at Arli.
"Morning Mate" he said to Kel "Thanks for last night, reckon I'd have bled to death if you hadn't been so quick"
Kel shook his head "You'd have done the same for me, just glad I hadn't forgotten the basic medic stuff we were taught"
He turned his gaze to Arli who stood looking slightly bewildered at the talk of bleeding to death and medics.
"Er..hey Sab..." he said hesitantly "Um..sorry...."
"Um Sorry!!..why you arrogant little git...." snarled Kel angrily cracking Arli hard around the head before grabbing his hair in a fist and almost banging his head off the blood spattered wall. "Um sorry?...look at this you little fecker" Kel held Arli firm making him look at the blood stained floor and walls.
"I..I..told you Kel...was an accident..."
"Kel..." said Sab 
Kel let go of Arli and gave him a vicious shove towards Sab. "Not me you should be telling it to Kid..."
Sab glanced up at Arli, Arli swallowed nervously he was hung over and hadn't had a chance to pull himself together before being jumped by Kel. He was sure Sab would swing for him and even more certain Kel would take great pleasure in holding him still for it. Feck this was going to hurt.
Sab didnt make a move except to raise a brow "Well?"
"I erm..don't know what to say...fel Sab I'm really sorry.." Arli looked again at the blood spattered walls then at the floor.
"I don't give a flying fuck for your apologies kid" said Sab "Or would you prefer I called you Mr Sunblade?"
"Sab..." started Arli.
"Save it Kid..." Sab raised a hand and smirked slightly as Arli flinched. "I couldn't tear a hole in a wet paper bag right now let alone tear your feckin arms off, don't look so feckin scared"

"I ain't scared..." retorted Arli before checking himself. Defensive lippy retorts weren't a good idea.

Arli shrugged Kel's hand off his arm and turned back to Sabien.
"Sab I'm really sorry..I was drunk...was reflexes" he gave a small laugh "kinda forgot I'd drawn my blades..."
Sab said nothing.
"I..I..didn't know how much damage I'd done..." Arli continued. "Honest Sab, I wouldn't have run off if I'd known..."
"Forget it Kid..."said Sab after what seemed a lengthy silence. "I ain't interested...I'm done with you"
"Wha..." Arli looked aghast at Sab. Sab held Arli's eyes for a moment.
"I could say a lot..but it's just words to you kid..." Sab replied " Mr Sunblade out" he added to Kel as he looked away from Arli, a look of disdain on his face.
"Move out kid..." Kel spurred Arli with a punch to the shoulder blade. Arli turned to Kel, his face clouded with anger.
"Get your hands off me Kel..."
"You what?" Kel came back
"You heard..just get your fecking hands off me..."
Kels fist curled and temper etched his features.
Arli gave a small laugh. "I ain't scared of you Kel" he lied convincingly.
Kels fist swung for Arli, who expecting the move dodged the blow. Kel cursed under his breath and pushed Arli to the door. Arli swallowed hard feck...Kel was sure to land him one now.
"Just do us a favour Kid, just piss off back to your hole..." Kel spat as he shoved Arli out into the street.
"You'd like that wouldn't you Kel....all alone with your beloved Sab...a chance to show him just what he's missing and how drop dead gorgeous you are...sure you fancy him..." Arli shot back without thinking.
"What did you say?" said Kel in cold fury.
Arli mentally closed his eyes oh feck feck feck! what did he say that for...? He readied himself for the fist he knew would be coming.

"Kel..Arli..." Cheys voice caused them both to stop and turn. Chey walked around the corner carrying what looked to be a medic bag. "I've just come to check on Sab..." She quickened her pace.
"Lucky for you kid" Kel growled.
"Very nearly was....just remember Kel...she was mine before she was yours....." grinned Arli with a wink, the grin turning to a smirk as Kel's face darkened further.
"We ain't done kid...." Kel hissed.
Arli patted Kel on the cheek and as casually as he dared walked away knowing Chey, despite any anger she may have for him over Sab, would intervene if Kel lost it.
 As Chey reached Kel Arli turned and gave a flippant wave and mouthed "mine". He saw Kel tense as he sauntered around the corner. Once out of view he exhaled deeply and with a laugh pelted for the portal.


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Re: Contract Null and Void

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Mon Aug 26, 2013 6:28 am

Robi flickered open her eyes and knew two things instinctively, one it was raining outside and two, the other side of the bed was still empty. Arli hadn't decided to return in the night, the realizations were as welcome as each other. She huddled under her blankets and tried to will herself back to sleep."Ah well" she muttered as sleep refused to come and she slid out of bed. Opening the curtains to a landscape of grey drizzle she was thankful that Derek was in the Hinterlands recovering from a mild injury, at least she wouldn't have to brave the weather to clean his barn and feed him.

"Ah damn..." cursed Robi under her breath as she made breakfast. "No pop down to Ma Hedley's and scrounge some..."
Wrapped in her large waterproof she hurried down the road to the neighbours in the hope of scrounging some bread or if she was honest hoping the kindly old dear would offer to cook her breakfast.
As she scurried along, head bowed against the rain and sea wind she didn't see the silent figure slip from the woodland, into her garden and then into her house.

Arli closed the door behind him and shook the rain from his hair. A quick look around assured him Robi wasn't home, he had assumed she was away because of Blayke and the lack of Derek in his paddock confirmed this to him. He was glad, he could get his things and leave without having to face her, without having to hear her tell him to get out and that they were over. On top of everything else that had happened he didn't need that as well. Fel he felt bad enough over Sab and Kel as it was he didn't need Robi adding to it, in fact he could have used her right now..Robi before their fight not the harpy she seemed to turn into, she'd have understood, listened and not condemned him. He smiled wryly. Feck she could land a blow...He shook his head, wistful thoughts had no place here, he needed to get his things and go. They were over..through...finished.
He shoved his clothes into a backpack, fel he didnt realise he had so many here...
"Where the feck is my blade?" he muttered in irritation as he rummaged through the trunk for the spare blades he kept here. "Feckin she's binned it..."
"Ah there..." he thought as he retrieved it from beneath a pile of washing on the floor and pushed it into his boot. Slinging the pack over his shoulder he made to leave, a letter on the bureau caught his eye, it was open and the envelope was addressed to Zaoldyeck.
Arli studied the writing, although he was fluent in speaking common, sometimes translating from the written was more difficult, he struggled with the word. "Z-AH-OH-LDY-ECK..." made no feckin sense..he tried it again in his head stressing different vowels, still made no feckin sense. "SI:7 code?"
"And what the nether are you doing in my bedroom?" came a familiar if annoyed voice behind him. "Get away from that desk..."
Oh feck... he stepped slowly back.
"What do you want?" she repeated "I can't believe you'd stoop so low to spy and rob me..."
"I'm not..." he replied sharply spinning to face her "Come for my things"
"Your things are not in my desk"
"I I was trying to read..." he sighed thinking he'd better shut up now before he incriminated himself in something he wasn't doing anyway. 
Robi arched a brow "reading what? theres nothing there of any use to your lot"
"My lot?"
"You know what I mean...torturers and that..."
"Oh come on..." he sounded exasperated "I didn't do that stuff to Blayke..."
She shrugged "I know he told me what happened"
"Well then..."
"Oh shut up..."
"Oh witty..."
"Pot, kettle black"
"I.." he started "What?" he looked bemused
Robi shook her head and couldn't help but smile. She had always found his failure to grasp common colloquialisms rather endearing. He ran his fingers through his hair and looked down feeling a little embarrassed, another little trait of his she loved.
"I'd best get my things..." he said and almost reluctantly headed to the door.
Robi's heart pounded in her chest as he walked past her, she looked up at him without raising her head and gave a small smile. "Bye..." Light she didn't want him to go.
Fel, why does she do that he thought, those big brown eyes looking up through those lashes that were as thick and as black as spiders legs. Note to self he thought never ever say that to her. Feck he didnt want to go..

Their eyes met as he brushed past her and they stood in a moments awkward silence. Arli read in her eyes , or thought he did, that she was wanting him to stay, he wanted to tell's ok..I'll stay, but Robi was a past mistress at this, he had seen this look or one of them many times before, each time allowing himself to be reeled in only to be callously cut loose when she had got what she wanted. He couldn't totally dismiss she was doing it again to save face or something. No, this time he wouldn't fall for it, fel his pride was battered enough as it was.
Robi saw the look and knew what he was thinking, she couldn't blame him, if anyone had reason to mistrust her motives it was Arli, but this time it was different..she wanted him to stay but the very fact he'd come for his things whilst she was out told her that Arli wanted no more of their relationship. Buggered if she was going to beg a he would gloat.
"See you then..." he said as he started to descend the stairs.
"Yeah..." she replied flatly.
She chewed her lip think girl..what do you have probably 30 seconds to decide. He had almost reached the door, she took a deep breath.
"Arl..." she started
He spun "Yes?" 
She smiled inwardly, his eagerness to turn, had he been hoping she'd call out?Light she hoped so, if not then he was about to get his own back and a victory of sorts.

Arli looked up at her on the stairs, trying to look casual he raised his brow questioningly.
"" Robi began. The words stuck in her throat. "Er..your cheek's bleeding...."she added lamely.
He put his hand to his cheek where she'd raked her nails. 
"I'll live..."
She ran down the stairs. "Wait there I'll clean it up..."
"S''s fine"
"Don't be the hero..sit..." she said pointing to the sofa as she hastily grabbed a cloth.
A slightly bemused Arli not altogether reluctantly sat down, he was glad of an excuse to stay but suspicious of what she was up to, the wound was hardly a bleeding sore, more a caked scab.
Kneeling beside him she dabbed his cheek with the cloth, she felt suddenly idiotic, he must be laughing inside she thought.
"Ow" winced Arli as the antiseptic smarted.
She laughed lightly.
"Don't be a baby"
"I ain't..."he scowled. "Just surprised it stung is all..."
"Sorry..." she smiled and without letting herself think too hard, brushed her lips over the scratch "There kissed it better"
"Just about..." Arli replied giving her a small smile in return.
She gently kissed the scratch again, her lips whisper soft on his skin. "Better?" she said softly, her lips still a hairs breadth from his cheek.
"Mmm, nearly" replied Arli despite his inner misgivings where she was leading him.
Her lips brushed his cheek again.
"Arli...I'm sorry I scratched you..."
"S'ok Robi..sorry I pushed you"
"Not sorry why I did though..." she added
"Me neither"

She pulled away from his cheek. Oh-oh thought Arli, here it comes..whatever 'it' was.
"We should never have brought Thorns and Brotherhood into the house..." she said sadly
"I know..I was a jerk...led to all sorts of grief with Sab and Kel too." Arli agreed.
Robi gave a small laugh "Told you for ages you were a jerk..."
Arli grinned and elbowed her lightly. " love me really" he said. Crap he thought wrong time for that comment.
Robi glanced up and gave a small smile, a silent deep breath... "Yes..suppose youre right...guess I do" she replied, her cheeks colouring slightly.
Arli looked back at her, eyes searching her face for a hint of a coming knock down, nothing...
"Robi..." he broke off as her lips found his, he couldn't fight it, didn't want to, he responded to her kiss. They parted slightly, lips still close. "Don't ever do this to me again woman..." growled Arli with a small smile
"Don't you ever let me..." replied Robi huskily. Their lips met again in a passionately savage kiss. Robis arms wrapped around him and pulled him closer. Arli shrugged his backpack off his shoulder and pushed her deeper into the sofa. As her hands deftly loosened his tunic he gave a contented sigh and thought it was good to be home.
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Re: Contract Null and Void

Post by Guest on Thu Sep 05, 2013 1:41 pm

Being Thorn Master had advantages but also, disadvantages. To be respected in Undercity, well, tolerated, as a living and to have a band of bloodthirsty assassins at your call was a clear advantage. The paperwork that both aspects entailed was a clear disadvantage. Arli sighed as he pulled the pile of reports towards him - a lot to be summarized and reported back to Undercity this time. Of late, most nights had been spent at Robi's place in Stormglen but as much as he trusted her, Thorn business was best kept out of her house. Arli frowned with annoyance as barely into the first report, there was a clear knock on his bedroom door.

"Yes?" he called out

A faint click as the door opened, followed by the clear voice or Art'lon. "There is a Vile Thorn in the Reception Room, wishing to see you. Usual tabard, red mask and unconstrained arrogance" said Art'lon "He said that he has a report for you, apparently I am not to be trusted to deliver it".

Arli smiled to himself, Art'lon didn't like his Thorns visiting one little bit. "Sure, send him up" replied Arli without turning from his writing as the door once again clicked shut.

With a light knock on the door Arli called out "Come in" and carried on writing his report, determined to finish them all, no matter how long he was awake into the night just so that the next night would be spent at Robi's place. "Just leave it on the bed, I'll get to it after these" he said as the door clicked quietly close and light footfalls echoed across the polished wooden floor, stopping behind him. A stifled gasp of surprise as the garotte tightened on his throat, Arli reached for the daggers on his desk, his fingertips brushing the hilt as his assailant forced him off the chair and onto the floor. As the garotte loosened, his breath was again snatched away by a forceful kick to his side; Arli instinctively pushed himself away causing the forceful kick to his head to momentarily daze him rather than leave him unconscious. Arli rolled away, pulling out the dagger inside his boot as he landed and stabbed out towards the kick he knew would be following through. A cry of pain as the blade hit, Arli releasing it and rolling again, pulling the dagger from his other boot as he hit the wall and quickly got to his feet.

Arli steadied himself against the wall, shifting his stance from one of defence to attack; his assailant was a sin'dorei in Thorn tabard and red mask but be could recall none with blonde hair. A look of confusion crossed his face as he realised that he did know who it was..."Kel..?". The hesitation was all that Kel'dos needed. He knew that unless he disarmed Arli, the balance would tip in the younger elf's favour and without hesitation, he charged at Arli. Kel'dos hit him shoulder-first, smacking him back against the wall, the force of his attack aimed at the young elf's raised arm, a feeling of satisfaction at the dull 'crack' sound as Arli's forearm hit the door-frame. Arli gasped as a sharp pain shot up his arm and his dagger fell from numbed fingers. Kel'dos spun on his heel, hitting Arli squarely on the jaw and sending him sprawling across a small side-table, hitting the floor as Keld'os following through with another kick, and then another until a gasped "" finally broke his red mist rage

Kel'dos stood silently as Arli shakily pulled himself up and sat leaning against the wall, cradling his damaged arm.

"From when you were just a rat in Blades to even now, you just can't feckin' keep it shut can you?" spat Kel'dos. Arli stayed silent, staring at the floor. "How many times, Sunblade? How many times have I smacked you around because of your feckin' stupid mouth?"

"Too many" replied Arli quietly as he looked up at Kel'dos.

"And probably more to come....listen kid, learn to keep your mouth shut and keep away from Chey. I've had enough."

Arli nodded slightly.

Kel'dos grabbed Arli's shirt, hauling him to his feet and slamming him against the wall, Arli grimacing in pain as his arm hit the wall. "And if you ever even feckin' THINK of pulling a blade on me or Sab again, you won't feckin' get up...understood?" he growled. Arli's eyes narrowed slightly as again, he gave a slight nod.

Kel'dos paused for a moment, clearly deciding whether or not Arli's response warranted further action before letting him go with another push against the wall.

"I'll see myself out" he said as he walked with a faint limp towards the door.

As the door again clicked shut, Arli took the few steps to his desk and with a shaking hand, picked up his comms and switched it on, immediately switching to the Inner Circle channel, reserved for the most trusted of Thorns.

"I want Kel'dos dead" he said, his voice one of controlled anger.

"His head is mine!" replied Dianthaa enthusiastically.

"As you wish, Thorn Master" replied Shivien simply.

Arli switched off his comms and made his way shakily to the door, feck his arm hurt, let alone the rest of him, although he knew that the servants of Sunwing Estate would dare not question what had happened as they arranged for medical attention for him.


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Re: Contract Null and Void

Post by Guest on Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:26 pm

“Off comms, I’ve other business in the area, shadows protect” snapped Arli as he switched off his comms and slipped away from Darkshire, not waiting for any response from the Thorns out hunting with him.  As he moved further from the town and towards the border with Goldshire it occurred to him that his actions were those of a sulky teenager and not the Thorn Master.  Damn, he tried hard to live up to the image that went with the rank but sometimes....

He’d avoided face-to-face meetings with the Thorns since the beating from Kel, embarrassed that he’d come out of it so badly and that the Thorns would think him weak for not just stopping the attack when he had the chance; he was good with a blade and would most certainly have bettered Kel even if Kel had managed to draw his own blades in time.  But he’d hesitated, Kel was as close to a real brother as he had, but Kel had taken advantage of that hesitation and his bruises and fractured arm were a painful reminder that his Thorn training was right, mercy was for the weak.  In anger he’d given command for Kel to be killed and he knew that his Deathmasters had been preoccupied with more important matters since that night, but he’d not withdrawn the command and unless he did, Kel was as good as dead.  Arli pushed away the uneasy feeling that gave him and lightly leaped across the  rocks fording the stream and stepped into Goldshire.

The Thorn Meet had taken place earlier in the evening and Ashwood had been promoted to High Assassin, a rank she had worked hard to earn and there was no doubt that she deserved it.  No one mentioned his bruised face although he kept his mask high.  The testing of the goblin gun in Booty Bay had also been a success and the subsequent hunt up through Stranglethorn and into Darkshire had gone well, he’d instructed others to attack rather than risk damaging his arm further.  However, when the talk at the meet turned to the supporting the rebels and Arli had again voiced that “working with the Alliance was wrong”, he had been taken aback by the sheer audacity of the Thorns present to point out his ‘relationship’ with –that- human.  On denying it, even Deathmaster Shivien had reminded him that they referred to “Robi”; a Deathmaster openly acknowledging that the Thorn Master had links to a human....a living human at that.  He’d tried to play it down and in the end had practically had to order them to drop the subject.  They’d gone to hunt and the evening continued as though nothing had happened but the fact that his Thorns knew so much had unnerved him and eaten into him until he’d made his pathetic excuses and dropped off comms.

Arli stood on the outskirts of Goldshire in the shadows of the tall trees and watched the small groups laughing and drinking outside the inn, enjoying the last of the weekend before the working week would start again; relaxed, unaware and easy targets for his blades.  He wondered what Robi was doing right now.  Maybe she was in Stormwind, or maybe at their home in Gilneas –her- home he reminded himself....waiting for him to drop by.  Arli glanced again at the groups then turned and slipped away, deeper into the woodland, looking for someplace quiet to stop and take stock of his situation.  The Thorns were onto him, it was only a matter of time before one of them decided to follow him or Robi and discover that he was deeply in a relationship with a human.  Then what?  If Undercity were informed then he would be dead, stripped of rank at least, or perhaps they would just take the matter into their own hands and Robi... Arli shivered; he couldn’t even think about what would happen.   Then there was the matter with Hal where he too had hinted at Arli's relationship with Alliance, had someone been talking?

If Robi wasn't enough to worry about, there was “dead elf walking” Kel.  Should he show weakness and call off the contract?  Kel had over-stepped the mark though, he needed to be knocked down a bit, well a lot, but killing him?  Chey would be devastated, Sab wouldn’t be far off that and he’d never be able to look either in the face again.  He’d lose good friends because Kel had gone off the rails for some reason.  He never used to be that vicious with him, he was sure of that...perhaps Chey had told him of the night of the party when he’d drunkenly tried to bed her.  Maybe come clean and just apologise....and risk getting the crap beaten out of him again?   No way.

Arli rubbed his eyes tiredly, wincing as the bruises stung then stood up and headed back to Darkshire, his Wind Rider would be circling the area and he could head back to Sunwing Spire for now, best let the bruises fade for a few more days before Robi saw them and  ask questions he didn't want to answer.  He knew that he needed advice, even just talking aloud to someone might help him see a way out of the mess he was in but, well, it seemed that there was none now who wasn’t involved or who could be trusted.


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Re: Contract Null and Void

Post by Sabien on Sat Sep 14, 2013 6:01 am

Dearest Love

This is the hardest thing I have done and I hope you forgive me for  saying it in a letter, I know if I had to say it to you in person I couldn't say it at all.
I am leaving Chey, not because of you but despite of you. It seems at the moment I am a festering ball of hate and anger and I don't like what I am becoming. I get angry over the smallest of things and take it out on Arli, all the time the kid gets the short end of my fuse and it's only a matter of time before I either kill him in anger, or more likely he kills me when he snaps, as one day he's bound to. My one fear is that somewhere in all of this you will get hurt.  Arli would never harm you by choice but pushed enough he might as he knows the one way to hurt me would be to harm you. We both know that the little git is both reckless and thoughtless enough to. If that happened I would never forgive myself or him and the hate festers.
I need to get away, to get rid of this anger, to get rid of this frustration and rediscover the Kel or Serrar you fell in love with. I will be back my love I can at least promise you that but I cannot say when. I don't ask or expect you to wait for me, yet am still selfish enough to want you to, I realise Ive probably done this to you once too often and will try to understand if youre not there when I come back. I can't tell you where I'm going, not for any sinister reason, its just I don't know yet.I have a vague idea I'm headed south.
Don't be angry with Sabien, he knows about this already and agrees that I need to get away. He will always be there for you, he has given me his word he will look out for you so I need not worry.
I am sorry it has come to this but as it stands Im messing up big time with the three people I care about.
Whatever you think of me now all I ask is to remember, you were, you are and will always be my one love.


Chey finished reading the letter then folded it up and placed it on the table. She'd known for weeks if not months now that something was wrong with Kel, that he was becoming sullen and moody, angry most of the time. It really wasn't that much of a surprise that he had gone, it was typical of him, things get tough emotionally and he runs.
Despite the gaping hole that she felt had been torn into her heart she managed a soft smile. Of course she'd wait and she knew that Kel knew it too, but it would be so hard without him. A lump formed in her throat and she swallowed hard, crying was pointless deep down she knew Kel was right. The door opened and she looked up, Sabien stood in the door frame. She looked at him and gave a faltering smile and pointed to the letter. Sab said nothing just gave a small nod and held out his arms. 

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Re: Contract Null and Void

Post by Guest on Mon Sep 16, 2013 11:35 am

The wooden box jingled as Arli pulled it out from under the bed and pushing the untidily piled papers aside, he placed it carefully on his desk.  He had no need to keep the box hidden under his bed, none but the Spire servants and rarely invited guests entered his private quarters, but old habits die hard and he'd spent too many years in rented accommodation or under the watchful eyes of his grandfather and uncle to leave the box in open view.  The box itself was plain, by sin'dorei standards, being of a dark wood and carved with runes and symbols of a purely decorative nature.  With a solid click, the latch was sprung open and Arli slowly lifted the lid, a small smile on his face as he surveyed the array of small bottles carefully secured inside - poisons, an essential addition to the arsenal of the assassin.  It had been a long time since he had brewed his own poisons, he'd been trained by his Deathmasters of course but as he climbed the ranks the ability to obtain a wider range of poisons, expertly brewed and of a reliable concentration made his basic skills in that area redundant.  Methodically, and with great care, Arli unclipped the four smaller vials from his belt and decanted the oily poisons from the larger bottles to fill them, sealing them securely before re-affixing to his belt.  His supplies replenished, Arli replaced the used bottles and then slowly ran his finger along each row of bottles, deep in thought.

He'd spoken with Dianthaa about Kel, what had happened and why he'd wanted him dead.  She had berated him over getting beaten up and although said she was perfectly happy to kill Kel for him, really it was something he needed to sort out himself.  If word were to get out that the Thorn Master had received a beating from "a glorified pickpocket" then he would look very weak indeed.  He knew she was right, he'd just been trying to avoid the issue but had reluctantly agreed that he would deal with it himself, sort Kel out and make sure it didn't happen again.  He was quietly relieved to have saved face in front of his Deathmasters, he would sort out Kel but he wouldn't kill him. He knew he could beat Kel with a blade, he'd humiliate him with his superior skills, taunt him and then disarm him.  Blood would be lost, but not fatally so and certainly not his.

Arli's finger came to stop on an almost-empty bottle of poison, a weaker crippling poison and really only intended for use in training.  It would be enough for the task in hand, Kel was older and bigger than him and Arli had the advantage of youth so a crippling poison wasn't really needed but he felt naked with a bare blade.  With the usual care, he applied the glistening poison to the edge of each blade, holding them to the light to check the coverage before slipping them into the sheaths with a small nod of satisfaction.  Replacing the bottle, closing the lid and securing the clasp, Arli crouched and pushed the box back under the bed and out of sight.

Far too quickly it seemed, Arli found himself outside of the door to Kel and Chey's flat.  He paused for a moment, took a deep breath and then knocked.  It was a tired-looking Chey who opened the door and greeted Arli with a small smile.

"Kel in?"  asked Arli, looking past Chey and avoiding eye contact.

Chey answered with a small shake of her head.

"Where is he?"

"I don't'd better come in"

Arli paused, he didn't really want Chey around while he dealt with Kel.  The plan was to get Kel alone at the flat or get him to come with him to Eversong and let the dispute be settled away from any interference.

"S'ok, I'll be back later"  Arli started to turn then stopped as he heard heavier footfalls approaching from inside the flat.  Perhaps Kel was home after all?

"Kid, you'd better come in" said Sab as he appeared behind Chey, opening the door as Chey turned and walked back into the flat.

"uh..sure" replied Arli, Sab sounded serious and it crossed his mind that perhaps his Deathmasters had just gone ahead and dealt with Kel anyway.  "So..what's happened?" asked Arli as he sat at the table across from Sab, glancing up at Chey as she stood with her back to him making coffee.

"It's Kel..." replied Sab.

"Oh feck" thought Arli, "they got him....".

Sab glanced up at Chey, her back still turned to the two.  "He's no longer here"

"You mean he's dead?"  replied Arli far too quickly.

Sab paused a moment before deciding not to pursue the point.  "No, he's gone away for a while, get his head together"

Chey placed two mugs of coffee on the table "He needs some time to himself, I think he needs....a reset" she said as she picked up her own mug and sat at the table, cradling it in her hands.

"Ah..right..good..good" replied Arli with a small smile of relief as he sipped his coffee.  "I mean.." he added quickly as he looked at Chey "..he'd seemed stressed at stuff, kicking off all the time...I'm sure he'll be back in a week or two and be like a new elf".

Chey nodded slightly and returned his smile, "Probably a bit longer than a week or two but yes, he will be back".

"Aye" added Sab. "He'll be back at some point, in the meantime I'll be looking out for Chey".

"Sure...I'll keep an eye on things too, I can move in if you want?  I a friend and stuff" added Arli as his face reddened.

Chey shook her head slightly "No, it's ok, I've lived alone before and besides, Sab was practically living here when Kel was around anyway, can't see that changing" she continued as she smiled at Sab.  Chey hadn't forgotten how Arli's privileged background and lifestyle meant that he didn't even think to clear up after himself, there had always been "staff" to do so.  He'd lived with them before and it had been a relief when Lord Sunwing had offered him a new home.

"Right..good, well if you need anythin' then just let me know."

"I will, and thanks" replied Chey.

Arli smiled and stood up. "I' get going, Thorn business...y'know how it is"

"Of course" replied Chey, Sab acknowledging with a nod and a smirk which told Arli he didn't believe a word of it.

"I'll see myself out" added Arli as he quickly made his way to the door, closing it behind him with a sigh of relief.  The Kel issue was sorted ; he'd tell the Deathmasters that he'd threatened Kel and then Kel had done a runner.  Without Kel in the picture, he could start to rebuild the bridges with Sab and of course call around on Chey to see that she was ok, maybe share a few drinks and have a laugh like old times.  Hopefully when Kel returned he'd have sorted himself out and they could be friends again, like old times too.

Arli grinned as he strode up Murder Row, about time something went his way.


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Re: Contract Null and Void

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