The final end, yet a new beginning?

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The final end, yet a new beginning?

Post by Littlepip on Sun Jul 21, 2013 7:00 pm

The final end, yet a new beginning?


Emily sits down in her cave and touches her forehead with her right hand. Her glowing blue eyes are closed and thoughtfully faced down towards the table she leans on with her elbow.

The cave around her seems silent except the occasional dripping sound echoing trough the cave, the sound as a small water drop looses its grip around a stalactite and falls down onto stalagmite.

The cave reaches far into the mountain and only a few parts of it can be seen from the torches illuminating light.

Footsteps can be heard coming from further into the cave and Emily reacts quickly to it, she turns around, drawing her sword and peers at the intruders direction. “Who’s there?!" She yells out only to get it thrown back at her by the echoes of the cave. The footsteps stops and for a moment Emily lowers her sword. “Guess it was just my imagination.."

Emily turns back around only to see the face of the intruder, she quickly backs away from the person and raises her blade towards him. “Who are you?" She yells towards the man.

The intruder would have the standard Ebon Blade armor, yet something different about him, his armor is frozen and bulky, he carries no Ebon blade tabard yet that is not what catches Emily’s attention, its the mans face. The man would have no face only a frozen skull, no skin, no flesh only bones. The skull also seems to have been frozen solid, a few cracks here and there on the skull would be easy to notice on this large male, roughly on the size of 213 cm.

The man stares down at Emily for a long while with his light-blue glowing eyes and closed mouth. A thick frost mist pours out off his mouth and armor, covering him. Suddenly the skeleton opens his mouth letting words come out on the strange language of Nerubian. “Are you Martha Duskbringer?"

For a moment Emily stares up at the large skeleton, holding her sword in both hands. “Who’s asking?" Emily says. The skeleton quickly replies with the same question, this time pouring a little more anger in it. “Are you Emily Duskbringer!" Emily staggers back from the man, the very presence of him making her feel nervous. “Yes!" She yells out to the Skeleton. The skeleton for a moment stares down at Emily for a short moment before drawing his blade and swinging it down towards Emily.

Emily attempts to raise her blade to defend herself only to notice the sword is frozen and her hands has been frozen stuck. She glances up at the sword coming down towards her head, knowing this would be the end of her. “In the name of the shadow, you are here by, dismissed!"

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