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Inside a tent not far from the encampment a rather large human lies sleeping in his rather large tent, if a Goblin saw the human it might had mistaken it for a sleeping Vrykul, yet this was no Vrykul, it was Thorvald.
The wind blows trough over the savanna where the brown and green tent lies hidden close to a small pond and a pair of bushes, some animals such as the aggressive Snapjaw and the peaceful Giraffes watches Thors tent from a safe distance, knowing that even with a wounded arm this man is dangerous. However there is some creatures more brave then others called Goblins that watches this tent with great interest and greed in their eyes, is there loot in there? Valuables? There is only one way to find out that.

Inside the large tent however, the peaceful human with no evil attention at mind sleeps soundly, he snores and moves around which is the main reason he is not allowed to sleep closed to humanity, he would only keep them awake. Thorvald however is like that because of a reason, he does not like to be closed in or limited, he is a freeman that always seeks adventure, knowledge and fun. Thus sleeping in tents and houses often ends up like this night.

Thorvald moves around in his sleeping bag, the sound of nature does not bother him at all, it is however the feeling of being closed in. Our little friend here seems to have a bad dream, he dreams of burning houses and screaming people, the undead and the living. He dreams being closed inside a house with no hope to escape, he cannot move and can almost not breath, he is forced to watch what he always is forced to watch. His family dying in all possible ways, ghouls feasting on them, being turned into the undead or slaughtered by the living soldiers of Arthas.

Our human suddenly bursts up from the dream, screaming out in fear as he quickly lifts himself up, drawing his family's sword and pointing it towards the entrance only to see a goblin ass running of into the middle of the night, screaming Vrykul into the arid and once very silent savanna.

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