Ghanimah 'the Soulslayer' Manashaper

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Ghanimah 'the Soulslayer' Manashaper

Post by Melnerag on Sat Jul 20, 2013 10:15 am

Character name: Ghanimah Manashaper
Alias: the Soulslayer
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Race: Human
Class: Warlock (Previously Mage)

Birth region: Kingdom of Dalaran
Specific area/town: Dalaran City
Family: Archmage Soren Manashaper† (Founder of the lineage), Archmage Ansigar II Flameward (Great-great uncle), Elleanore Manashaper (Great-great aunt), Magus Eliva Manashaper (Grandmother), Ghanimah (Grandmother), Ansigar Manashaper (Great uncle), Theophanu Manashaper (Great aunt), Archmage Horace Manashaper (father), Mariam Tornsail (mother), Ezra Tornsail (aunt/sister-in-law), Candidate Archmage Soren Manashaper (brother)
Family Tree
Known enemies: Ariden Blackshot†(forsaken responsible for murdering Ghanimah's sister Norra)
Known comrades: Vindicator Huruma, Lance-corporal Odgan Strombrew†, Albert Crownwell

Description: --wip--
Personality: --wip--
History: --wip--
Things you may know about this character: --wip--
Things you may not know about this character: --wip--

Possible crime record: Practice of Fel Magic (In Dalaran, prosecution suspended due to enlisting in the Stormwind Military)

Other information: --wip--

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