Tamarra Darksun

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Tamarra Darksun

Post by Tamarra on Fri Jul 19, 2013 10:13 am

Character name: Tamarra Sin'Thoria Darksun
Alias: Tam
Gender: Female
Age: 68
Race: Quel'Dorei/Forsaken
Class: Death Knight

Birth region: Southern Quel'Thalas(Currently Ghostlands)
Specific area/town: Windrunner Village
Family: Tamaria and Zrarraya Darksun(daughters), Sin'Dal Darksun(deceased daughter), Mithril Minai(daughter), Thori'Ronae Flamestrike(deceased husband), Sen'Gyin'Zrarr(current wife), Isliadora Flamestrike(sister in law)
Known friends or enemies: Salvainas(friend)

Description: Shorter than average with an athletic yet slender build. Deep red, waistlong hair which is slightly curly. Carries herself with grace and a sense of authority. Has Icy blue eyes with a barely visible red hue over, which can be used to determine how recently she killed as it darkens with time without killing.
Personality: Quiet and dark, although quick to judge in her own head. Carries a lot of mental scars from her service with the Lich King, yet tries to see positive things for the sake of keeping her sanity. Normally not one to partake in discussions with her own opinion, since she may not have one, doesn't care or doesn't wish to share it.
History: Grew up with her father mentally abusing her and beating her to quell his sadness for her mother's death, caused by her birth, and his own riches slipping between his fingers. Later got married away, had three daughters whereas one was not her husbands, causing him to leave the child for adoption and later leave his wife as well. She fought in the scourgewar and died, being raised by the Lich King shortly after. After his death, she reclaimed herself and found her new wife. Now she lives on to protect the ones she loves.
Things you may know about this character:
She's dead.
She's highly opposed to Garrosh and rather serves Sylvanas purposes.
She doesn't really mind the alliance and have no trouble uniting with them for a higher goal.
Things you may not know about this character:
She absolutely despises the idea of killing without a purpose.
She still has feelings.
She's deadly afraid of one day being left by the ones she loves.
Possible crime record: As mortal: Infidelity. As Death Knight: Murder, torture, violence in general.

Other information: Would never admit it, but is very proud of her daughters and regularly watches them from afar even though she knows they're terrified and hate her.


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