[SW] A Pieced together Poem?

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[SW] A Pieced together Poem?

Post by Fyffe on Wed Jul 17, 2013 2:08 pm

All around the city streets – particularly in the more shady areas of town -  numerous copies of individual verses have been found on scraps of paper stuck to walls or hanging from lamp posts; all written in a flowing hand.  Rumour has it people have also been singing this song - or at least someone has given it a tune!

Some would say, "Crime doesn’t pay"
Though clearly they know squat.
With half the city guard away
There’s none to say “Ye shall not!”

For the fun my friends, is about to begin,
The larcenial type will agree.
In these two weeks, we’ll pack with sin,
And all get off dwarf-free!

So ready your picks, pliers and clamps,
Grapple hooks, crowbars and blackjacks!
Screwdrivers, nightcaps and blanket-lamps,
And of course the extra swag sacks!

Expand your turfs! Defend your district!
The streets are ripe for the taking.
Replace Under for Overground Conflict
Else this advantage be -your- unmaking.

Be it for riches or honour or to watch it all burn,  
Prepare your heists, bribe and dodge bail!
Extort or kidnap, the law you will spurn
And let’s not forget Grand Theft Ale!

Please say you’ll join me, Come one, scum and all!
Grasp this opportunity,
Prepare yourselves and heed the call!
For a most ‘profitable’ spree!

Hopefully most people will refuse to take notice of these provocative verses. Those proud guardsmen who are on duty in the city have been instructed to gather up whatever scraps they discover while out on patrol.

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Re: [SW] A Pieced together Poem?

Post by Eve on Wed Jul 17, 2013 2:32 pm

I actually love these.

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Re: [SW] A Pieced together Poem?

Post by misterxninja on Thu Jul 18, 2013 1:32 am

Rimar Ironfist managed to collect all the verses of the poem. He can be seen looking at them in the docks and cemetery areas, while chuckling away to himself. He leans heavily on his crutches and mutters the words out loud to pass his time. He clearly wholeheartedly agrees with them as he can be seen nodding along upon reading them with a grin all over his face. If only he was fit enough to heed their word and stake his cut of the current opportunity.

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Re: [SW] A Pieced together Poem?

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