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Tribe Red Blade

Post by Krogon Devilstep on Mon Jul 15, 2013 7:37 am

Tribe Red Blade

Tribe Red Blade is a nomadic group of Orcs following the banner of their chieftain, Rargnasha Bloodmark. Characterized by their pack ethos, strong shamanistic roots and glorification of wolves (whom they Idolize). The tribe traces its roots back to the old 'clan Red Blade' from the days of Draenor, where it was founded by the legendary 'Kraag the Wolf-king'. With a rich history and a reputation of almost feral tenacity, Tribe Red blade is a strong advocate of Orcish and Horde ideals, while also defending their freedoms and traditions. Though not strictly speaking a 'family', the Orcs within it do consider themselves such through shared values rather than shared blood.

House Name: Tribe Red blade.
Head of House: Chieftain Rargnasha Bloodmark.
Lands: None, The Red blades are by principle nomadic.
Fealty: The 'free' Horde.
Notable Ancestors: Kraag the Wolf-king, Mruthgor the Shaman-king, Akesha Redblade, Kozgugore Feraleye.
Banner: A black tri-star on a field of Dark blood red.
Colours: Black and Dark Red.
Motto: "For the Blood of the Tribe!"

Symbolism: The colours of the Tribe represent Blood and Honour. The Tri-star symbolises the unity of 'strength, cunning and wisdom' in one immovable, deadly object. While the tribe does not often speak of the Tri-star symbol, it is widely considered and even acknowledged by 'pack' members that the true symbol of the tribe is the wolf, shown by the wearing of wolf masks.

War Banner: The Red blades hold aloft their flag, and atop the banner pole itself a 'totemic' symbol. displaying the tri-star, an adamantite Wolf head, two axes and a number of other trophy's won in battle.

Tribe Values:

Strength: Red blades view Strength as a vital element to survival. The strong survive, and the weak perish. To not know how to fight for, or defend the pack and Horde is considered foolish. The Tribe regularly holds tournaments known as "the tournament of the blades" , to promote training and practice and grant the victor the title of 'tribe champion', this ensures the tribes warriors and even irregular fighters plenty of chance to practice. As a result of this, the Red blades have a reputation for both ferocity and skill in arms, be it one on one or in battle.

Wisdom: Though red blades are tenacious fighters, this is only when required. Outside of war the red blades value wisdom and shamanistic tradition from ages past. They make the bi-annual kosh'arg pilgrimage every year without failure, and often honour not only their own ancestors but the spirit of Lo'gosh through various rituals and rites. spiritual moots, cleansing rituals, healing and spiritual awareness are important to the red blades and they seldom make any large decision without atleast considering to consult the spirits.

Cunning: Strength and Wisdom are nothing without the guile, daring and outright cunning needed to use them to best effect. Red blades often hold a 'challenge of the wyvrn', a test of cunning and intelligence in order to reward those who finish first or finish at all. Red blades are widely known for their wiley, almost wolf like tactics and statagems in combat and 'politics'. Though not the most visibly valued trait the red blades cling to, it is one they venerate and praise none the less.

Tribe Red Blade Wiki:

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Re: Tribe Red Blade

Post by Shaelyssa on Mon Jul 15, 2013 7:54 am

what happened to kozgugore my love?!??! :O kulgar loved the tribe, too bad he got a sex change and turned into a dwarf oops Sad great guild!!!

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Re: Tribe Red Blade

Post by Cid on Mon Jul 15, 2013 10:20 am

Koz is on a break, if I recall it right.

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Re: Tribe Red Blade

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