[A] Letter to Ironforge

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[A] Letter to Ironforge

Post by Drustai on Sat Jul 13, 2013 6:46 am

[The following request for [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], written in dwarvish, is delivered to Ironforge this morning.]

To the Council of Three Hammers of Ironforge. From the Council of Stormwind.

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Council of Stormwind
SATURDAY, July 13th. [30]

To the most esteemed Council of Three Hammers

Your Senate has recently voted on holding a trial for Bismack Bronze for today, the 13th of July. This decision was brought to the Council of Stormwind on Tuesday, the 9th of July. Stormwind opposes this decision and wishes to request a Council's Veto to delay the trial date until after the conclusion of the war.

To summarize the situation, Colonel Bismack Bronze is suspect for murder of Ironforge Senator of Inventions Tjib, who was brought under suspicion by Stormwind for his association with demon Lady Estherat and his development of plague and other highly inhumane devices and chemicals. Senator Tjib attempted to detain and use investigating officers of the Stormwind 1st Regiment for his experiments, and was slain by the Regiment, acting in self-defense, during the incident.

Stormwind acknowledges the breach of Ironforge's jurisdiction during this investigation and gives its apologies, and has recognized Ironforge's demands for trial. Stormwind did extradite Colonel Bronze to Ironforge several months ago, under agreement by former Senator of Law Dragne Longbeard that Bronze's defense would be allowed to be present for any and all interrogations and that he would not suffer any inhumane treatment. This agreement was breached by Ironforge, resulting in the near death of Colonel Bronze by physical torture, and resulted in Senator Longbeard arranging to return Bronze to Stormwind to face trial here.

Stormwind has yet to conduct the trial due to the necessity to focus on the conclusion of the Fourth War. Colonel Bronze is the commanding officer of a major Stormwind unit and his leadership is necessary for the continued good operation of this unit. While Stormwind recognizes Ironforge's demand for trial and is willing to oblige, it is the opinion of Stormwind that such case be conducted after the conclusion of the war. Conducting the trial prior to the conclusion of war will rob Stormwind of one of its commanders and endanger the morale and leadership of the 1st Regiment, and will divert attention from the war effort to a non-vital civil trial.

Following the resignation of Senator Longbeard, the Ironforge Senate revoked the agreement to allow the trial to be conducted in Stormwind, and is now demanding that the trial be conducted in Ironforge on this Saturday the 13th of July.

It is the request of Stormwind that the Council of Three Hammers instate a veto of the Senate's decision to conduct the trial on the 13th of July, and to instead delay it until after the conclusion of the war. Once again, Stormwind recognizes the need for trial and is willing to extradite Bronze to Ironforge provided this takes place once the war has concluded.

Should this veto not occur, and the trial commence regardless, Stormwind will not acknowledge the proceedings or findings of the Ironforge Court. In this event, Stormwind will neither extradite Bronze nor recognize any sentencing determined by the Ironforge Court.

Stormwind hopes that the Council of Three Hammers will adhere to this request, so that the Alliance might focus on ending the Fourth War over any civil distractions.

Titan's Strength,

Rear Admiral Areyah Conover
Stormwind Minister of Defense
Chairlady of the Council of Stormwind

(( Council's Veto idea has already been OOCly arranged with Gilran. OOC reasons are that the trial was arranged at a time when most participants are simply too busy to be able to participate, due to focus on the current developments in the WoW storyline. Gilran said the Senate needed the trial to be arranged prior to the Regiment going to Kalimdor, so we decided that the best option would be to arrange it for Saturday, and to then have Stormwind request a Council's Veto to have it delayed until later.

Was going to have Maelmoor post this because he's Foreign Affairs, but haven't gotten the chance to talk to him and I needed to get it out today and before I head to sleep. Mael, feel free to yell at Areyah for overstepping her boundaries. ))

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Re: [A] Letter to Ironforge

Post by Cid on Sat Jul 13, 2013 10:38 am

((Well, Cyrik has resigned as chancellor for the Senate, so I'm no longer viable to contact regarding such. Seeing as noone outside TTH attended the meeting for long enough to find that out themselves, I figured it might be good to post that here. Good read nonetheless. ))

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