Clan Steelfist

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Clan Steelfist

Post by Gilran on Wed Jul 10, 2013 6:53 am

Ruling Thane:  Gilran Steelfist, son of Geleran.

Crest description:  Fist made of steel above the anvil, crossed by an axe and hammer.

(Credits: Ildranor)

Clan Hall: "Steelhold"

(Credits: Ildranor)

Is the clan based somewhere? Where?:  Clan is based within the City of Ironforge.

Does the Clan Hall exists In-Game? Where:  Clan Hall exists in Ironforge, MyW8.

Notable Members:

Gilran Steelfist
Gilan Steelfist
Shurmin Steelfist
Bilrokh Steelfist
Ruari Steelfist

Clan's History and Background:
Steelfist Clan is mostly military oriented clan, members of the clan are known as valuable blacksmiths and fearsome fighters and leaders. Known for their Bronzebeard favoritism they are always glad to help fellow Bronzebeard clans when in need.

The legend and forming of Clan Steelfists

The tales about Steelfist clan begin shortly after founding of Ironforge. They say that there was a father who had three sons. One of the three sons, the middle-aged one among them was an extraordinary Blacksmith, the youngest among them  was a great fighter and weapon-master and finally, the oldest son of all three sons who made a great leader and commander.  The other two sons always followed the older and his ideals,  the middle aged supplied his two brothers with armors and weapons and the youngest one always protected and fought for his two brothers when they got in a trouble . The brothers went on many dangerous adventures together and brought many fierce creatures to their knees.  They have settled in Ironforge where they got married and got their own children. As the three brothers were aging and their time was coming to an end, they have decided to summon all of their children to their chambers.  They told them the tales about their adventurers and battles they have fought. The eldest brother then came with a suggestion of forming a clan as he didn’t want theirs and their long gone father’s legacy to be forgotten. The other two brothers and their children agreed with the suggestion and so the Clan Steelfist was formed. The crest of the clan represented the skills of the three brothers; Anvil symbolized the craftmenship skills of the middle-aged one amongst the two brothers,  Shield, Hammer and Axe symbolized the weapon master skills of  the youngest amongst the brothers and the gloves  of steel that symbolized the commendation and leadership of the oldest one among the brothers. The Clan made an oath to serve the Kingdom of Ironforge and answer the Call of Arms when sounded and to  aid the Bronzebeards in upholding the glory of the Mountain-kingdom.

Steelfist Clan today:

Since the recent dead of Thane Geleran Steelfist, the leadership was passed to his oldest son, Gilran Steelfist who has been Thane of the clan ever since. The Clan now supplies the Ironforge Army with quality armors and weapons. It is also in close relations with Forgemight Clan. Many Clan members are serving as Ironforge Guards, only a few can be spotted in the Mountaineer Regiment.   Steelfist clan doesn’t have many Titan Devotees but most of clan members respect the Titans and Dwarven origins.  They see Dark-Irons as thugs and saboteurs who want to destroy everything Bronzebeards have worked hard for. They think of Wildhammers as consumable material for the Army.  They are not very acceptable to the Death Knights in the society but they don’t mind using them as cannon fodder on the battlefield.

Additional Notes:
• Steelfist Clan does not accepts the Knights of Death.
• Steelfist Clan accepts only Bronzebeards and half-bloods between Bronzebeards and Dark-Irons.

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