Hope burns eternal

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Hope burns eternal

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Thu Jul 04, 2013 3:22 pm

Robi circled Derek above the gryphon tower and slowly started her descent to the landing platform, reining sharply and levelling out as a flight master waved two red batons signalling she could not land. He waved an amber baton with wide side movements effectively telling to land on the other side of the wall. Full of curiosity she did as she was bidden.
As she landed on the Elwynn forest side of the city walls she realised some makeshift gryphon roost had been set up but was seemingly heavily guarded, almost certainly SI:7 undercover she thought as she spotted one or two familiar faces milling with the populace. She hopped lightly off Dereks back, handing his reins to the waiting stable hand.
"Er whats going on?" she asked keeping her tone casual.
The boy looked at her like she was mad.
"What?" he replied his voice incredulous. "Where you been lady, the execution of that belf..caused a right commotion..security been tight ever since, scared they'll want their own back...the guards are searching the roost for poison..thats why we'm out here."

"The Sin'dorei will want revenge?" Robi laughed "I'm sure if they had issues with the execution of one of their people in Alliance territory, they wouldn't attack, they'd talk..they like to talk."
"Not sindorry" sighed the boy exasperated by her seeming ignorance of the most exciting thing to happen in Stormwind since Deathwing flew past, and he hadn't even been born then. "The horde group he belonged to..them what creep around the forest and kill folk...he was their leader or summat"
"Ah..I see" replied Robi "And what happened then?"
The boy looked at her "You'm really fick missus...I dunno anythink else, just what I heard...but everyone knows, the guns were heard all over the place..."
The boy was shoo'd away by a passerby.
"Don't be paying attention to gossip Miss" the man said
Robi shook her head "I don't..." she looked up and smiled, the smile changing to recognition "Somi.." one of her old colleagues from her active service days.
"Robi..Hi.." he smiled at her. "You heard about the Vile Thorn execution then.."
Robi looked up sharply and struggled to keep her face impassive as she gave a non-commital shrug and an incoherent mumble.
"Messy business, blood all over the place...well he was their leader after all..." Somi continued.
"Only to be expected they'd come after him and break him out...." he broke off suddenly realising he was speaking to air, he looked around to see Robi sprinting to the corral, leaping on her gryphon and soaring swiftly across the forest. pity really, he'd have enjoyed telling her of his part in the aftermath.
Blood all over the place...he was their leader.....Vile Thorn..leader...execution...Thorn..leader execution.. the words echoed through her brain. "Arli...." she whispered despondently.

Once she was airborne the cool wind coupled with the rhythmic beats of the gryphons wings seemed to calm and soothe her slightly.She gathered the slack on the reins and tried to take stock of the situation. Where was she going? Why did she think flying anywhere was going to help Arli? I mean..was it even Arli? Wasn't he a Deathmaster and not the Master? Why didn't she hand around to hear Somi finish? Without realising it she had flown to the small island in Westfall, her little thinking place, she'd been coming here for years. "If that tree could talk..."she mused idly. She dismounted and ran the stirrups up before slackening the saddles girth, a quick knot in the reins and she signalled Derek he was free to fly around for a while.
The huge beast didn't move, just looked at her with his keen amber eyes before lowering his great head and with a gentleness that belied his size rubbehis bill against her head.
"Oh Derek" she cried "What if it is Arli..what shall I do...?" she put her arms around Derek as far as she could and wept silently into his neck.
A few moments later Robi raised her head and patted the gryphons neck. "Right..self pity over..." she said taking a deep breath. She walked to the edge of the water and sat on a rock looking out to see. She chewed her lip thoughtfully. "Right Zaoldyeck..pull yourself together...you don't know it was Arli..." she laughed slightly "He's probably been out of contact because Stormwind had the Master...meetings and such..deciding what to do, yes of course it wasn't him at all..that explains it.."
She tried -in vain- to convince herself totally the other thought kept butting in, "A belf they said, their leader they said..Vile Thorn were forsaken led, there was only one Sin'dorei that had ever led the Vile Thorn, only one trusted enough...Arli. Logic told her if it had been a Sin'dorei leader then it was odds on it was Arli"

She chewed her lip anxiously before mounting Derek and swiftly flying back to Stormwind, landing a short distance away from the SI:7 headquarters. Smoothing her hair and tabard, she casually walked into the building offering a snappy salute to the steward of the day.
"I've come to see Commander Shaw" she said with a smile, which the other returned. "If you could tell him Commander Kaezlan is here...it's regarding the recent Vile Thorn..incident". Her smile unwavering and warm the steward found himself nodding and grinning inanely as he strode to the staircase. "Take a seat Commander, won't be a tick..."
She flashed him a winning smile and nodded "Of course..thank you" she said gratefully "gullible prick..." she added under her breath.

"A Commander Kaezlan to see you..." she heard him address Matt Shaw.
"Shut the door" she heard the commander reply then nothing more as the door was closed.
A few moments later the steward returned and addressed her without making eye contact. "The Commander is sorry but he is otherwise engaged and assures you that the Vile Thorn incident is under control and if your expertise is needed at a later date he will not hesitate to make arrangements"
"What?" Robi was exasperated and slightly apprehensive, why was Matt giving nothing away to her..she was usually the one that was utilised for Vile Thorn intelligence..she would need to be careful until she got this turn of events sussed. "Never mind...thank you anyway" she said and left the building.
The flight to Stormglen seemed to take an age, the journey spent mulling and chewing over possible outcomes and scenarios. SI:7 knew about her and Arli..nah..she dismissed that, had they known she would have been detained and interrogated, of that she was sure. It had been Arli..it hadn't been Arli...all these thoughts served only to lengthen the journey to Stormglen.

With a sigh of relief Robi stepped into her home, tired and emotionally worn out she pulled off her boots in the hallway and pattered towards the kitchen. A small movement caught her eye by the chair in the living area, she froze to the spot and cautiously glanced towards the hearth. She took a double take and a large smile of relief, she almost laughed aloud as there lounging in the deep armchair, legs stretched out in front of him, his head lolling to one side and sound asleep was Arli.
"Arli" Robi gasped quietly as the warm surge of relief washed through her making her cheeks feel as if they were on fire and her legs feel weak and heavy. She realised suddenly that somewhere on her journey she somehow reconciled herself to the conclusion it could only have been Arli that had been caught.
"Thank fel it wasn't him..." she whispered.
Arli stirred, his eyes opened slowly, his hand already on his dagger. Seeing Robi standing there he relaxed slightly and with a glance around the room sent her a half smile.
"Oh Arli..." she breathed, the relief tangible in her voice. "I thought....I thought Stormwind..."
Arli gave her a lopsided grin "Surprised to see me huh?" he grinned, his expression became serious "or disappointed?"
Robi stopped in her tracks towards him and looked up at him, she tilted her head and raised a brow. It seemed to her an odd thing to say, she studied his face for clues to his mood. Arli looked away from her gaze.
"What's that supposed to mean?" she asked
Arli shrugged and looked uncomfortable. "You know about it all I guess?" he said, it wasn't really a question.
"Well actually...no" she replied with a small light laugh, "I heard the leader of the Vile Thorn had been executed..that it was a Sin'dorei...and I..." she swallowed hard to control the emotion in her voice, it would never do she thought wryly to burst into tears.
Arli glanced across at her and gave a small smile "I got away..."
Robi tried to return the smile "I'm glad.." she replied lamely before crossing the short distance between them and wrapping her arms around him, burying her head in his shoulder she clung to him. Arlis arms encased her and he held her tightly against him. No words exchanged between them, each lost in the moment of their reunion.
A few moments later, he released her from his embrace and looked down at her face then quickly averted his eyes.
"Erm..Robi..." he started uncomfortably.
"Mmmm?" she answered from the crook of his arm.
"I need to know somethin'"
She looked up at him and smiled. "Sure"
"Don't look at me, I need to hear you say it not see you" he laughed awkwardly
Robi laughed confused "What for?..crazy elf..."
Another awkward slightly embarrassed laugh " Robi..you could tell me the world was flat and Eversong was made of cheese and if i was looking into your eyes I'd believe you...so please...humour me huh?"
Robi nodded still looking somewhat perplexed but nevertheless, lowered her head. "This is daft..." she muttered.
She heard Arli inhale, his arms slipped from her waist. "Robi...please..did you have anything at all to do with my capture by the alliance?" the words tumbled from his mouth in a rush.
"What!?" her voice was shocked and hurt "No..of course not...what do you think I am..how could you....?"
She paused and took a deep breath, how could he she thought..a dry laugh, of course...how many times had she played on his feelings? used him to get information, immunity and paid him back with double crossing and betrayal? Hurt she may be, indignant she may be, but most of all unjustified in feeling affronted by Arlis question.
"Arli I swear to you..I knew nothing about it...I only just found out...SI:7 will tell me nothing..."she said softly, consciously refraining from holding him for fear he thought she was trying to beguile him.
He stood silently for a moment she struggled not to look up at him, after what seemed an age he raised her head with his finger and smile nervously at her. "I er..um sorry and all that but I had to ask..." he gave her that half grin that always won her over. "Hope you understand"
She nodded slightly "I kinda do I guess..."
His arms wrapped around her again and he held her to him, his chin resting on top of her head. "I thought I'd never see you again...that was kinda scary..." he said
Robi wrapped her arms around his waist. "I thought I'd lost you forever..." she whispered "I couldn't bear that."
"Meh.." he laughed "Don't get rid of me that easily..you should know that by now...feckin alliance couldn't catch a cold in Icecrown...""
"It's not funny Arli...." she replied "They know who you are now...they'll be looking"
He laughed again "Well they won't be looking for me in an alliance womans arms now will they?" he grinned.
Robi laughed and shook her head, breaking off with a shriek as Arli picked her up and ran up the stairs. "Fel..you humans are so feckin fat..."he gasped, pausing by the bedroom door for breath. He grinned cheekily as he dodged her playful slap and kicked open the door.

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Re: Hope burns eternal

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 06, 2013 4:46 pm

Arli shivered slightly in the cool damp air as he was led across the courtyard. A knot of fear in his stomach as the guards tightly gripping his arms pushed him on towards the pock-marked post. Roughly pushed back and arms pulled behind the post, the straps were buckled tightly around his wrists. Arli looked up at the line of six marksmen across from him, evenly spaced with rifles resting against their shoulders; their faces expressionless and devoid of any sign of emotion.

"Ready Arms" called the first marksman as in unison, each marksman lifted their rifles to a shooting position.

Arli looked up to top of the City wall but no Vile Thorn Outrunners were to be seen, quickly he turned his head to look at the shadows around the edges of the misty courtyard but could make out no shifting of shadows in the mist. This time, it seemed that there would be no rescue.

"Take aim" called out the first marksman.

Arli felt his heart beat faster as his breathing became shallow and quick, he twisted his wrists in the bindings trying to work them free. He didn't want to die, not like this, not like some captive chained animal.

"On my command..." called out the first marksman.

Arli twisted his wrists frantically and kicked back against the post in frustration.

The marksman opened his mouth, the word "Fire" starting to form on his lips.


Arli stopped in shock, a female voice, one he knew so well..Robi.... he looked around the courtyard, the marskmen and guards frozen in movement as if in a photo.

"Arli" came an insistent whisper to his side.

With a gasp Arli awoke to find Robi leaning over him, a hand gently stroked his face as the momentary confusion faded in realization that it had only been a bad dream

"You ok?" she asked

"Yeah..just...yeah, I'm ok" he replied with a small smile.

"Shall I get you a.."

"No..no I'll be fine" he replied as he reached up and kissed her softly, wrapping his arms around her as she settled back into his side. After a few minutes, the relaxed breathing told Arli that Robi was asleep and he lay there staring at the bedroom roof. It was still dark, not even close to dawn yet and he too should be sleeping, he'd a long day ahead of him back in Undercity explaining to the officials just what was said under interrogation. Finally admitting that sleep wasn't coming any time soon, Arli carefully moved Robi and with a whispered "just getting a drink" he kissed the top of her head and slipped out of bed. Moving through the house in darkness was as natural to him as it would have been in light, much of his time was spent in the shadows and he felt at ease walking through the quiet dark house.

The night was clear and the crescent moon gave a little light through the kitchen window. Arli took an earthernware mug from a cupboard and filled it with water, taking a few sips as he looked out over the dark sparse woodlands at the back of Robi's Stormglen house. Arli shivered as the room seemed to cool and took another sip, contemplating replacing the water with a good swig of Bourbon from the main room.

"Hello Arli" said the voice behind him.

Arli jumped slightly, dropping the mug which cracked on the stone-tiled floor, cold water spilling around his feet. That voice, cold and cool as it always was when addressing him.... Shay... She'd said he was dead, he'd seen how his death had left her empty and pale for so long, why would she have lied anyway? Arli started to turn, not sure what or who he'd see when he felt the familiar feeling of the flat-side of a cold metal blade pressed against the side of his neck.


Arli swallowed slowly and stayed silent. What could he say anyway? If it was Shay then it wouldn't be too hard for Shay to figure out just why Arli was standing naked in the kitchen of his marital home. He could talk his way out of most things but this was beyond even his persuasive skills as a well practiced liar.

"You're with my wife"

Arli bit his tongue, a typical smart-arse retort now would be a bad idea and Shay had little patience with him at the best of times.

"You know how much she means to me" continued the voice coolly.

"I..I thought you.." Arli stopped as the blade turned slightly, the sharp edge starting to bite into his neck.

"If you hurt her, cause her any pain or ever and I mean ever betray her with another then I'll find you, Arli. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Shay..I'll look after her, I promise" replied Arli quickly

"I know your promises, Arli"

Arli closed his eyes briefly; how many times had he promised something to Shay only to break it within days?

"I...I promise, on my life".

"That goes without saying" said Shay, as the blade was withdrawn from Arli's neck. "Don't let me down, Arli" said Shay as his voice became more distant. Arli stood in silence for a few moments before exhaling and shakily steadying himself on the kitchen counter before slowly turning to face the empty kitchen. Arli made his way back upstairs, cautiously looking to every shadow and half-expecting to see Shay standing in the bedroom, blades drawn and ready to cut him down in front of Robi. The bedroom was quiet and Arli carefully slipped back into bed and put his arms around Robi who murmured slightly as she shuffled back into his embrace. Arli held her close and closed his eyes, taking comfort in her warmth as he drifted asleep.


Arli stirred as he felt Robi carefully lift his arms from around her and slip from the bed.

"Hey.." said Arli in mock protest as he reached for her with a sleepy smile.

"Morning sleepy elf" replied Robi as she wrapped a gown around her. "I'll go make some fresh coffee and then you can remind me how much you missed me".

Arli rubbed his eyes and yawned. What a night. First he dreamed of being executed and then, well what could be more typical a nightmare than being found naked by the husband of your lover in his house? Only this wasn't any husband, this was Shay, a renowned Stormwind Assassin and master of the blade and an expert in dealing death. But Shay was dead, else he wouldn't have dared be with Robi, not like this, and certainly not here in the marital bed. So, after those nightmares, he couldn't think of a better way to make the dreams fade away. Arli blinked at the bright light as Robi drew back the curtains and opened a window. "Feck...what time is it?"

Robi shrugged "About 9?"

"Oh feck's sake" he said as he rolled out of bed and scrambled around the floor for his armour. "I'm s'posed to be at Undercity for 8"

"Oh..you can't stay for even...?"

Arli shook his head, an annoyed scowl on his face as he hurriedly pulled on his trousers and shirt, half fastening it as he pulled his armour over the top and quickly pulled on his boots. "I gotta get to Undercity...feck...I'm late already, oh they'll enjoy lecturing me about timekeeping again". He pulled on his tabard, fastening his belt and slipping his daggers into their sheaths. Striding across the room he pulled Robi close to him and kissed her passionately. "I'll be back to finish that later" he added with a grin and a wink as he stepped away, clipping his comms to his ear and pulling up his Thorn mask. Robi listened as he ran down the stairs, his voice now speaking orcish to his Thorn brothers on comms. She walked to the back bedroom window and heard the back door click shut as the faint outline of a blood elf slipped into the shadows and away.

"Coffee for one, coming right up" she said to herself resignedly as she made her way downstairs and to the kitchen, pausing and then carefully stepping over the puddle of water. "it's a good job he's not as clumsy in the shadows...or the bed" she said to herself with a small smile as she picked up the pieces of the broken mug.


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