Grenier Blackwrath

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Grenier Blackwrath

Post by Tuomas/Decurius on Wed Jul 03, 2013 12:06 pm

Character name: Grenier Blackwrath
Alias: Gren, Blackie
Gender: Male
Age: 53
Race: Worgen
Class: Warlock, fel mage, pyromancer

Birth region: Gilneas
Specific area/town: Gilneas City
Known friends or enemies: Horde, in particular Forsaken. In general, all those people who think they’re better because of their powers.

Description: Well kept, Grenier begins to show signs of his age, and of his long time service in the Army, and of his fel corruption. After his journey to Pandaria as part of the task force to take Anduin back, and the subsequent learning of the pandaren philosophy and so finding some peace of mind, Grenier though would appear younger and less worn out. Still, burn scars over his snout are visible, and his eyes show part of his fel addiction. Unless he is in very official occasion, he tends to wear very practical clothes, like pants, shirts and jumpers. In official occasions, or when he must make clear his powers as mage and warlock, he dresses robes, but such is very rare.
Personality: Old’n’grumpy ‘til recently, he always had issues in accepting his condition as fel addicted. Strong willed and stubborn, he usually faces troubles directly, his rule “before you save what you can save, then you decide”. After his travel to Pandaria, though, Grenier has reached some kind of peace, and thus he’s become very indifferent to most things. Accusations of being corrupted, bound to evil and such pass like water over him, and he doesn’t strive for some kind of redemption anymore, accepting what he’s become. He’ still a fighter and a warrior, but not anymore obsessed with vengeance and his past.

History: Born from a rich family, he was soon lead to learn the ways of magic, in order to become a powerful mage. This lead him to the Army as his country, Gilneas, became more and more endangered by enemies. After the country finally closed himself from the world, he kept is important role as mage and officer in the Army, finally leading to  the leadership of a company. It was in that period that he finally got married and had a daughter. Being member of the military, and also part of the Gilnean establishment for what regarded magic, he couldn’t be often with his family, sure less often as he wished. It was when the daughter was seven, and the wife pregnant of another little baby that he was ordered to get outside the wall to fight the Scourge, and it was then that his Company was slaughtered completely, he alone remained alive, thanks to his magical arts. Able to save himself, the death of all his squad brought him to despair and, finally looking for a source of greater power to prevent such things to happen again, he fell to fel, becoming a warlock. As if that terrible hit wasn’t enough, when he finally came back home, his daughter had disappeared. Alone and damned, he threw himself into his job, defending Gilneas until it  was defendable, when the Wolf Cult finally broke up in the city and the population had to flee. As his country finally fell to the Forsaken and he was cursed, he joined the Alliance Army, where he made a name for himself. Sent to Pandaria for the Operation White Pawn, he served there even after and only recently came back to the Eastern Kingdoms trying hard and failing to finally create a better environment for ‘his kind’.

Things you may know about this character: Fel addicted, he tried to purify himself. Been in Pandaria ‘til recently, was the official leader of War Sect.
Things you may not know about this character: What he’s not going to tell you.
Possible crime record: None.

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