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Axio, drawn by Primal Zorita.

Character name:
Alexia Thorne
Alias: Lady Axio
Gender: Female
Age: 50 (died at age 45)
Race: Human (undead)
Class: Shadowmage

Birth region: Lordaeron
Specific area/town: Tirisfal Glades, a coastal mansion west of present-day Scarlet Monastery
Family: Alexios Thorne (father, deceased), Adrianna Thorne (mother, deceased)
Known friends/associates:

Meldiron Frostwhisper, Malas Frostwhisper, Morloth Shadowmoon, Magus Eterud, Marty Firebrand, Commander Saul, Zaraj Blackblade, Kneral Azorius, Melfeena Vanimedle, Raelan Duskraven, Jazzle Managear, Vyren Oakdale, Braiden Mistmantle

Most persons on this list have been betrayed at one point or another and can therefore also be considered her foremost later enemies.

Known enemies:
Syskae Anahain, Razenor Dawn, Bishop Fortesgue, Exaythe the Abjurer, The Council in all its incarnations, Dwarven Senate, The Dark Sphere, most Church and guard organisations.

Description: In her undead state, two gaping black wounds decorate her otherwise shriveled, vile face (having once been shot through the cheeks by a dwarven rifleman). Her body is bony and runty, naturally after some years of continuing decay. The illusions of her false identities usually bear distinct similarities to her old living self.

Personality: Proud and highly megalomanic, yet patient, cunning and silver-tongued, as evidenced by various plots and political stirrings over the years. Moments of tyrannical violence have occurred, when exercising exaggerated means to bring subordinates to order. Very loyal to superiours; tends to be drawn to charismatic men aspiring to power.




Things you may know about this character:

Expert illusionist, known to have taken on many different identities.

While not in any disguise, a black raven named Meldiron follows her around. She named it after her murdered high elf master, claiming that he guides and speaks to her through it.

After being resurrected and retreating to the North, she claimed her master’s old home, the Frostwhisper Spire, in the mountains of gloomy southern Quel’thalas until the day of its destruction.

Things you may not know about this character:

Regrets becoming undead, seeks ascension to be free of what she considers a cursed limbo. She also naively believes that, if done correctly, ascension will turn her into an omnipotent goddess of Shadow.

Holds a certain fondness for male elves.

Criminal record: Too vast to be listed. See background and in-character history for more specific information.

Other information: Fluent in various Common dialects, Thalassian and Orcish.

The faces of Axio.


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