Murha Freerunner, previously known as Murha Tailborn

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Murha Freerunner, previously known as Murha Tailborn

Post by Firsty on Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:38 pm

Character name: 
Murha Freerunner






Birth region: 

Specific area/town:

Razor Hill

Atoro Tailborn (Father) (Deceased)
Mula Tailborn (Mother) (Deceased)
Known friends or enemies:

Whilst friendly with many members of the Rebellion, has no direct friends nor enemies.


Tall for his age, Murha is a large black and white Tauren.
There is clear signs of youthfullness, a sense of unrest and fidgitting. Smooth face and an innocent look about him.
His horns are sharpened to a point and are deadly with any force. A large golden ring is place in the middle of his nose.
Slim for a Tauren though, while muscular, is not as large as others wide, but makes up for it in height.
Youth and inexperience are clear within Murha. He is quick-tempered and is almost always talking. However as he goes through the Rights of Life, he is trying to take a step back, review a situation and then talk.

Opinion of Races:
Orc - Murha respects and admires Orcs for their strength of heart and body. Although he believes some Orcs are simple brutes with nothing between their ears.
Troll - Previously neutral, however due to spending time with 'racist' Tauren, has developed a distaste for Trolls due to their voodoo acts and previous cannibalism. He finds it hard to understand them at times.
Blood Elf - Neutral but believes most to be overly arrogant and rude. 
Goblin - See's Goblins as creatures much like crows, stuck on gold. Finds them aggravating and can't spend huge amounts of time.
Undead - Previously distrustful but since becoming a Plagueshifter, has grown a serious dislike for Undead, seeing them as a freak of nature that the Earthmother does not approve of.
Pandaren - Neutral. Doesn't feel one way or the other.
Alliance except Night Elf - Hatred. Especially Dwarves. He admires Humans for their thirst for knowledge though.
Night Elf - Highly respects and admires Night Elves, sharing their love for Nature he would once day like to spend serious time away from a battlefield with them.
Born to a respected family, Murha was brought up well, as a friendly, respectable Tauren. He took trials young and showed himself to be in touch with nature. 

His father, a blacksmith and mother, an alchemist, lived a short walk away from Bloodhoof village.

Murha made regular trips to Orgrimmar and Tristfal Glades with his father, aiding him in the sale of weapons and armour. After a trip to Orgrimmar, his father took him to meet Thrall, because of a business venture to supply the grunts of Orgrimmar.

Murha was entranced by Thralls vison and power, a man of capable of slaying the greatest monster, but still passionate and kind to give time to anyone. Thrall was amused by Murha's interest and told him many stories of his battles as Murha's father talked business with his Generals.

A short time after, a band of Alliance dwarves had a scouting party in Mulgore. Murha's father saw them before anyone else, and tried to warn Bloodhoof village. However he was chased down and killed before he reached. The Dwarves ransacked his home and burned it to the ground while Murha was at Bloodhoof. Seeing the smoke, Murha and the guard advanced to see his family slashed and his home ablaze.

With Hellscream taken over the Horde, the factions divided and the alliance on the rise, Murha has become more involved in the fight against the alliance and the struggle to maintain the Horde against Hellscreams folly.

Recently, after a stay with the Rebellion and General Rargnasha's forces, Murha was approached by the Runetotem Clan, a clan dedicated to reintroducing druids to the way of the earth. They convinced him to spend time alone, becoming one with nature. Being offered the honourable title of 'Plagueshifter of Runetotem Clan', Murha took upon his new journey of self discovery with delight.

Spending time exploring Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, spending time travelling from druid to druid, wild to wild. Absorbing the heart and soul of the Earthmother. He returns to his home in Hillsbrad Foothills as often as he can, to study and educate himself.

Spending time with the Tauren druids, especially in the remote areas of Azeroth, has led Murha to gain some previously deminished distrust for certain races and love for others. 

Although he still feels kinship with his father and mother, Runetotem Clan have guided him in changing the name of which he is known by, from Murha Tailborn to Murha Freerunner. Whilst ensuring his family is not lost within lore, Murha has taken a new view on life, readressing priorities and looking ahead instead of backwards.

Things you may know about this character:
Open enemy of Garrosh Hellscream, however is very minor in the rebellion and therefore is not known by Kor'Kron or Garrosh. (Open to change during lore events)
Things you may not know about this character:

Under Construction
Possible crime record:

Treason to Garrosh Hellscream

Other information:

Please Note, all information is recorded with the intent to change depending on lore events, in game events. Information is recorded with only a little understanding or knowledge of Warcraft Lore and therefore any inconsistencies would be appreciated if you could point them out and i'll find a way to change.

Additional, while things may not be wrong with consistency. Comments, critics and advice is greatly appreciated.

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