[H] The Shadowmoon Clan

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[H] The Shadowmoon Clan

Post by Gnivil on Fri May 31, 2013 10:05 am

*Posters are all over the walls of Orgrimmar, Undercity, Shattarath and almost every major city a member of the Horde can get to. When one reads one of these posters one sees the following:*

Brothers and sisters of the Horde, our homes, all of them, lie in ruins. The orcs homeworld is all but destroyed, with demons, and those who brought them there, those blue skins, still crawling about the place like maggots. Orgrimmar is a hive of wretchedness and corruption. The goblins' home island of Kezan is all but destroyed, after Death itself descended upon the once great marvel of engineering. And in Northerend, mindless dead still walk to this day, with giant men eating and undead trolls eating the very flesh of those they find.

These are our problems we face. But also our responsibilities. On Draenor, it may have been the blue skins who attracted the demons to our home, but it was us who allowed ourselves to be tricked by them. It was an orc, from the Shadowmoon clan itself, who brought about its destruction. And what even fewer of us know, and I do not spite you for not believing me, is that the Lich King, the one who almost destroyed us all, who killed some of our greatest champions and brought them back as… Abominations, was an orc once. And now, in Orgrimmar, Garrosh sits, destroying us as a people as much as Ner'zhul or Gul'dan did. Destroying the lives of innocents, who he had no cause to spurn, not even for an action their superiors had committed.

These are the atrocities the Horde, and the Shadowmoon Clan, has committed in the past. It is the goal of our… Rebirth, to redeem ourselves, to rectify the wrongs we have once done, and to reclaim our homelands. All of them, whether that mean fighting back the forces of hell itself from Draenor, or removing corruption from the leadership of the Horde.

This is the rebirth of the Shadowmoon Clan.

*Every single poster is signed as the following:*
Mokron, last true son of the Shadowmoon Clan


[The Shadowmoon Clan] is a heavy RP guild led by a half ogre named Mokron, who believes his father to have been a member of the Shadowmoon Clan. Their aims should be clear from the post above, to redeem the wrongs their predecessors made, and cleanse the homelands of all the Horde races. The Shadowmoon Clan accepts all races from the Horde, as long as they hold that one fundamental belief.

Religious Beliefs

The beliefs of the Shadowmoon are obviously similar to the orcish beliefs, however, since the leader, Mokron, travelled round the world so much, he has come to a slightly different viewpoint, believing that the Light, Voodoo, elements, etc, are all just different reflections of the spirits, and thus almost all beliefs are welcome in the clan.


The ranks are split into two branches, with the Shamans being one branch, and the Warriors being the other. The Shamans are the spiritual side of it (they do not necessarily have to be the shaman class, but just have a character who has chosen more spiritual path over a warlike one), they are the healers, the religious figures, and after the warriors have fought back demons/undead/etc from an area, the shamans then attempt to cleanse it. The warriors are the opposite (it is obviously a similar scenario to the shamans, where you don't actually have to be the warrior class, just have a more physical character).

Anyway, the ranks are as follows:

First tier: Chieftain
The chieftain is, fairly obviously, the leader of the tribe, almost all actions the tribe takes have to be approved by him. Whatever he says, goes, etc.

Second tier: High Shaman and Warlord
These two both are the highest of their respective 'branches', answering only to the Chieftain, and even then, sometimes the Chieftain must turn to them for advice (especially the High Shaman).

Third tier: Seer and Blood Guard
This group is the elite for their branches, with the Blood Guards being almost like the Kor'kron for the Shadowmoon, and the Seers being well respected and most of the Blood Guards would turn to them for religious/spiritual advice.

Fourth tier: Shaman and Warrior
This is the 'basic' rank for the Shadowmoon, not the best of the clan, not the worst. They are the basic footsoldiers and healers, with the majority of the Shadowmoon turning to the this tier's shamans for advice.

Fifth tier: Medic and Guard
This rank is for the raw recruits, the untested, those who haven't yet proven themselves. The warriors of this tier are only really trusted as basic door-guards, generally not seeing much front line action. The shamans of this tier being only healers, not religious figures of any sort really.

OOC tier
This rank is, as it says, OOC, for people not ICly in the guild, maybe they haven't had their interview, maybe they're an alt, etc.

Website: Our website is:

Our views on Warlocks
As you can probably tell from our backstory, we are generally very anti-fel. So while we accept warlocks, your backstory has to justify it a lot. For example, you could be someone who absorbs fel energies from demons, and then use it against them, simply be researching demons to try and learn how to defeat them better, the choices are endless. Use your imagination!

If you wish to join, contact me or Jinthal in game, or post an application on the forum on our website.


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Re: [H] The Shadowmoon Clan

Post by Gnivil on Sun Jun 09, 2013 10:09 am

Updated with our new website and views on warlocks.


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