Quel'thalas and the Rebellion.

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Quel'thalas and the Rebellion.

Post by Xen-tau on Tue May 28, 2013 1:36 pm

This letter can be found in Thalassian in the logs of the Silvermoon Council. Word will spread among the Sin'dorei people about the existance of this letter.

To the people of Quel’thalas,

First of all, forgive this idiot for barging in. He has no idea how politics work. If he did wait for his turn, praises can be addressed to me.

The Troll Rebellion started a week ago. Attacks in the Barrens to disrupt the supplylines have been commencing. Officially, Silvermoon considers these assaults an attack on the Horde. However, I write you to inform you of the latest whispers in the Magisterium. They whisper of not prosecuting those that support Vol’jin. They even speak of aiding the rebels. It is safe to assume that the Regent-Lord himself is rethinking his position in the Horde.

This is the reason that they are not prosecuted! Reports have it that Blood Knights, Rangers, Warriors and Champions of Silvermoon are being prepared for barren lands, Ambassadors are being taught useful Troll sentences and the Magisters are looking into the customs of the voodoo Silvermoon itself is in full preparation. A good indication of them soon joining the cause.

However, this is not yet Quel’thalas joining the fray. Politically, it’s too dangerous to say: “Yes” right away, especially with the Silver Covenant being everywhere we are and having the occasional skirmish with them. When that is sorted out, Silvermoon will most likely make a move.

This however should not stop the armyunits that are already available, and other proud Sin’dorei that want to join the cause. It is advised however, that one takes the zeppelin to Stranglethorn. From there you go to Booty Bay and take the ship to Ratchet. Orgrimmar is still accessible for us all, but if you take that route the Kor’kron could be following you straight into friendly camp.

If all goes well, Quel’thalas will join Vol’jin very soon.


Aishling Silversun.

P.s: This letter has been reviewed by others. If the contents are intact, you can consider that a go.

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Idea borrowed from: Nilda Meyrick and Monrena

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