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Character name: Kalai'ri
Alias: Kalai
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Race: Jungle Troll
Class: Warrior

Birth region: Stranglethorn Vale
Specific area/town: Kal'ai ruins
Family: Unknown
Known friends or enemies:
+ The Darkspear Tribe
+ Members of Thrall's Horde/Darkspear Rebellion

- All Trolls not of the Horde
- Garrosh Hellscream

Description: An old, weathered Troll with large tusks. His skin is light blue and he wears war-paint. He has a big nose, and grey hair which is dyed green.
Personality: A relatively friendly creature to those who he likes, however, once in the thick of battle "da bloodlust" overcomes him, his primal survival instincts kicking in, making him a savage fighter. He is a loyal friend, and once befriended he will remain friends for life unless there is a large slight against him. He quickly makes judgements of individuals and once his mind is made up, it is difficult for him to change his opinion. He enjoys talking. A lot. He isn't particularly bright, and a lot of philosophical discussion and 'higher' topics are beyond him, but he has gained wisdom throughout his years.
History: The Troll that would become known as Kalai'ri was born in servitude to a larger Jungle Troll tribe. His parents remain unknown, and it isn't known if they ever escaped or died in captivity. All that is known is that his mother was a Darkspear Troll. He toiled since he was very young, and knew no other life. Eventually, however, the Darkspear would break him free and he would flee Stranglethorn Vale along with the rest of his tribe. He was strong, but not the brightest, and became a skilled warrior for his new-found brethren, and he took the name Kalai for himself after the ruins that he grew up in. He would swear loyalty to the Horde after the founding of Durotar, though his ultimately loyalty lies with Vol'jin. Since these times, he has served the Horde on distant battlefields, becoming wiser and more cunning through each fight.
Things you may know about this character: He was born a slave. He is named Kalai'ri after the ruins which he was born in, having been nameless before his liberation. Not feeling particularly creative, he just took the name of the place that he had known all his life. He is illiterate.
Things you may not know about this character: Finds it very hard to resist his primal, natural instincts at times, such as cannibalism, and occasional voodoo acknolwedgement. He tries his best to overcome these, though. He also enjoys eating paper.
Possible crime record: Still occasionally practices cannibalism in the Horde - old habits die hard, eh?

Other information: -

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