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[A] Stormwind Intelligence

Post by Jayse on Tue May 04, 2010 5:05 am

Stormwind Secret Intelligence Service and Special Forces (SI:7 - Stormwind Assassins)

A guild concept to represent the Alliance's Stormwind based Intelligence Agency. Housing both globally operating SI:7 agents and the more locale Stormwind Assassins. With a solid aim to be as 'true-to-lore' as we can possibly get within the RP community and the game itself.

SI:7 (aka or part of Stormwind Intelligence) is an Alliance organization. It includes rogues specializing in special operations, assassination, and stealth tactics. It is one of the most active organizations in the Alliance.
The guild is currently led by Master Mathias Shaw, grandson of Pathonia Shaw — the founder of a similar organization, the Stormwind Assassins, and a former master thief. SI:7 is located in the Old Town quarter of Stormwind. They have operatives all throughout the Eastern Kingdoms who carry out secret missions for Stormwind, such as Renzik "The Shiv" and Flint Shadowmore. They also have some operatives in the Kalimdor region, such as Andello Porter.
SI:7's operations are similar to those of MI6 in that they deal with cloak-and-dagger external affairs.

The Stormwind Secret Intelligence Service, often known as SI:7, collects the Alliance's foreign and Stormwind kingdom intelligence. The Service is based at the Old Town in Stormwind. Its Master is Mathias Shaw. SI:7 provides 'His Magesty's Government' and the Alliance coalition with a global covert capability to promote and defend the security and economic well-being of Stormwind and the Allied Nations.


The guilds main headquarters and central hub will be the SI:7 agency located in Stormwinds Old Town District, next to the command center and champions hall.

It will be here that most operational analysis, support and meetings should the need arise will take place. Correspondance to the guild through mail should be directed here. If an operative is needed chances are someone will be here unless currently getting thier feet wet.

IC Agency Pointers
The Agency as with most other buildings in the game form an IC perspective should be treated as 'busy' which means your minds eye will fill this area with people going about thier daily buisness, just as you should when entering the cathederal, the marketplace. Consideration for this should be implmented when your thinking about your characters actions and mannenrism.

There are two floors and a basement to the Agency building. The main ground floor is the agencies shop floor, there are bookcases with countless tomes, books and parchment tended for reference that have been collected over the ages.

The first floor contains the more privatised area of the agency. It is where agency 'administration' is contained, classified intelligence and operative doctarines as well as where Master Shaw resides along with his consul. There is a table for use in more formal meetings both inhouse and with external entities.

The spire is the 2nd floor. This is housed as storage of equipment and changing for the assassins, with an access hatch in the spire roof itself.

The Basement contains the main storage for the agency. Equipment of all types can be found in the crates and shelves.

The outer courtyard is where most 'standard' weapons training will take place.

Access Points

The main door to the agency unless otherwise stated will always be locked and flanked by two operatives. Agents themselves do not carry a 'key'. The door is opened and closed for you and deadbolted from the inside, bear this in mind for IC perspective. This is the usual main entry/exit.

The spire contains an access hatch hidden in the rooftiling and facing the opposing side from the lower courtyard. Locked from within and for use of the Assassins to enter and exit the building un-noticed and get feet-to-ground instantly across the cities rooftops. Again this entryway would naturally be guarded as the spire is regarded as the 2nd floor of the agency and storage, along with administration.


Guild Master - Central Command - 'C'

“The other leaders are in charge of the other four Fingers, leading, training, taking reports, and even running the books and making sure salaries are distributed”

The guild master is not Mathias Shaw, or in-fact one of his old and closest members. The guild master is one of the ‘other’ leaders appointed to position to manage the guild on a shop floor basis. Codenamed and known as simply 'C', the guild master will issue orders, mission and organisation often role playing his consul with Mathias and the Thumb’s of the organisation. Always considering and taking into account as accurate as possible the stance and inflections the agency represents. Along with doing their own share of fieldwork and support if and where needed.

Presence in Government and 'International Affairs'
The guild leader will also be a ‘shadow cabinet’ member of the Stormwind council. Not present in title at the public meetings but present in private. Given the fact the council is the acting governmental body for Stormwind in the role play community; Stormwind Intelligence has always worked closely with them. However, naturally everyone is under scrutiny if reasons of implication come to light.

Being an Operative

SI:7 being the ‘James Bond’ half of the organisation. They are the ‘agents’ and will be the people you see most of when interacting with the guild. They are the agents that deal with the alliance’s goals and work as much as they are dedicated to Stormwind’s own interests.

With (NPC) representatives all over the current known territories, both continents and outlying worlds. Intelligence gatherers, negotiators, operatives on secret missions overseas, against the horde and possibly any known simmering unease between alliance factions and external threats.

Investigators and reconnaissance. As an Agent you will be assigned a multitude of tasks that revolve around intelligence gathering of known dangerous groups, individuals, horde movements in conflicts providing alliance forces with a tactical advantage when and wherever possible.

There will always be enough role-play assigned to you that you can handle however I must stress your own intuition and pro-activity is a must as the guild will offer guidance but in most cases cannot hold your hand all the way through.

You will be constantly looking for your role-play given the context of an active mission. A lot of your work will possibly come to a head in that you are setting up targets and intelligence for the Stormwind Assassins to take out a person needed, or for military organisations to counter a looming threat/gain the tactical advantage in a conflict.

You will however no doubt get your own share of wet-work, more so then the Assassins during the course of your missions.

You answer only to the guild master and unless otherwise stated report directly to him/her.

Your knowledge of the identity of the Assassins is unknown to you. As far as your concerned they could just be another Operative.

Conduct and Appearance

Given the fact we are a RP community and we do not have the numbers of a bustling city or the real life equivilant workload as such; operatives will be hidden in plain sight. You will often need to disguise yourself and take on assumed names given the nature of a mission and as such there is no official uniform. You must do your best to make sure you are not comprimised which means being vigilant.

Being an Assassin

The assassins are the darker side of the organisation. They are skilled in the art of killing, getting in and out cleanly and efficiently leaving no witnesses in most cases. Working more so under the cover of night or heavy distraction with only the eyes of their target upon their work. Your a fabled killer and with good reason. Your identity is a secret, you live in plain sight and are ever watchful awaiting the call for your blade. Your work is deniable and of the utmost secrecy, cold blooded justice.. for the greater good of the kingdom. Above the law and with a blank cheque.

If you are caught, or in fact exposed or killed the agency will disavow any knowledge of both your operation and your identity. Chances are rescue will not come... If you fail, you may well be on your own...

Being an Assassin is dangerous work in character. Although it sounds ‘cool’ and is obviously a popular vocation both lore wise, IC and OOC. You must be ready to face the fact not every mission is infallible and things can turn sour. Your character has a very high mortality rate however, you will not be sent on a so called ‘suicide’ mission. Every operation undertaken will be meticulously planned. You are after all one of the best, and you will be supported accordingly.

Much assassination work will be few and far between. You are the kingdom’s wildcards, a -last resort- to quell a dangerous problem. You will be welcome to take on ‘Agent’ work as you please, holding your Assassin position with an ‘on call’ basis.

Lore wise the Assassins are made up of ranks however given that each rank contains hundreds of members and the city contains thousands of people in a lore perspective... We all know that on the server and the role-play community is only a fraction of that representation. There will only be one rank, that of the Stormwind Assassin.

You will be percieved as another Operative, only you, Mathias Shaw, 'C', The King and the other Assassins will know your true vocation.

Conduct and Appearance

Again as with the Operatives there is no common uniform. The aim as with an Operative is to be low key, subtle and every watchful. With that in mind, walking around the city during the day in full black leather armour is not subtle.

General Recruitment (In Guild and outside of Guild)

Recruitment into the organisation will follow both the lore of the assassins recruitment and the 'old boys' british intelligence methodology. If you express an interest contact any of our members and the following roleplay will be setup:

Your character will be watched for a short time and eventually left a notecard with the imagry of an open hand. The card will contain a cryptic time and a location to meet. Should you arrive alone your character will be questioned to see if he/she seems fit for the work ahead.

If this meeting goes well your character will then recieve a notecard with the imagery of a closed fist. With a time and a place to meet once again, indicating your initiation into the Secret Service.

As everything we do will be roleplayed recruitment is no exception and should provide atmosphere and display the relative needed secrecy for such a vocation.

Upon joining your character will swear an oath and sign 'The Doctarine of Secrets'. Should your character break the docatrine of secrets more then likely.. your character will dissapear..

Should you wish to leave the guild the doctarine of secrets will still hold true. As your character moves on with thier life any knowledge gained about the agency or it's members will be taken to thier grave.

Note for Exisiting Agents (past or present)

If you have previously played an agent that has either retired or you did something else but express an interest in coming back to the fold you are more then welcome. What we will need is as complete history of your characters Agency work as possible so we can roleplay the knowledge of your existence and generally make you feel good about the roleplay you did before. You can either then decide if you wish to be recruited in the standard fashion or have a 'call to service' issued to your character indicating the Agency has need of you.

Note for Exisiting Agents (In a raiding or PvP focused guild)
If you are in a PvE/PvP guild yet do roleplay your character still and wish to join the Secret Service you can do that also. We have an OOC channel for this and it will moreso be used then the guildchat within Stormwind Intelligence. So all members will feel like part of an organisation. There will not be any elitism or segregation, I will be doing my best to accomodate all equally on a roleplay basis.

Alliance Special Forces

In addition to Investigatory Roleplay. Stormwind Intelligence will also doubleup as Alliance Special Forces. To faciliate good world RP-PvP and involvement with conflicts and plotlines devised around the work reflecting real world tactical groups ('The British SAS, Navy Seals, Delta Force, Green Beret's ect). But of course with the warcraft lore flavour.

Anything from objective's within campaigns, search and rescue, Hostage situations and combat tactical training within the given setting.

Special Forces will be open to all operatives and assassins both inguild and out of guild.

OOC Notes


Gryphonheart Items
This addon is imperative, literally to the roleplay of the guild. IC communication will be via a communicator with a complex custom script. Also buff usage to indicate equipment carried and other information.

OOC Guild channel
The out of character guild channel is /Ops. This is the channel you should join if you are both a member of the guild or an out of guild member. Ops channel will in the majority replace guild chat in this purpose, depending on how many external entities we aquire.

In character communication will be via the communicator. So no matter where you are central command will be able to get hold of you, update your mission objectives or simple arrange a meeting or call a brief 'sitrep'.

Thanks to Sahina and the admins of the Defias RP forum most of us are members of. We have a private section of this for Stormwind Intelligence use. It will include:

  • Current active operatives

  • The Agency Archive. Case files and Profile parchments of all known individuals, organisations and a case by case building.

  • Any graphical information taken during the course of surveillance or a mission.

  • Traning plans and RP guides as to what each traning scenario will entail

And more..

The forums, case files and Agency Archive will be updated by every member. So this is no time to be slack or simply think someone else wil ldo it for you. Treat it as a Wiki, updated by all for all. It's purpose here is so that not one member holds a mass of GHI documents with everything on. You can visit here and read up on everything that has been going on. With the RP setting of your character is at the agency looking through the files.

Last word..

I hope the above has consisted with enough information to indicate my vision. It fully reflects the kind of Agent and Agency I have maintained roleplaying Jayse since August and to share the same fun with everyone else would be nothing short of a pleasure. I hope you found it both interesting and informative and with any luck wish to give it a go yourself and join those dedicated few that enjoy the same kind of roleplay.

Thankyou for taking the time to read!

Further details on the guild will come in due course, including training plans


(PS: If there has been anything i've blatantly missed don't be shy to let me know and I will update the information)

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Re: [A] Stormwind Intelligence

Post by Geldar on Tue May 04, 2010 7:05 am

The Ordo Malleus approves of this guild. /stamp


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Re: [A] Stormwind Intelligence

Post by Ariden on Tue May 04, 2010 10:36 am

looking good, it seems to be what I drempt of SWO becomeing one day, lets hope it works!

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Re: [A] Stormwind Intelligence

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