[A] Blackthorn Raiders

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[A] Blackthorn Raiders

Post by Guest on Sat May 18, 2013 9:35 am


A man, rough looking with greying hair and a thick beard, sat in the corner of the Lakeshire Inn, his feet rested on the table as he puffed on a slightly dilapidated pipe. He peered around observing the various tavern-goers, with a sharp and somewhat deadly gaze, almost judging them. If looks could kill, he would be staring at corpses.

His attention was stolen by two newcomers who entered and sat down at the table beside him. He observed them briefly, before shrugging them off as simple travellers -- not what the man was here for. He turned back around, putting his pipe on the table and taking a large swig of his ale. But before he could finish, his attention was returned to the two travellers, who had started a rather interesting conversation...

"So heard these rumours?" Said the larger, burlier man who was obviously less intelligent than his friend. "Supposedly, some group of bandits -- don't remember the name -- has been 'recruiting' in places like this." He turned his head round the room, but his gaze avoided the man, whose name was Brom. He leaned in and spoke in a more quiet manner to his friend. "You're supposed to find some shady Sellsword, apparently. He could be here now..."

Brom smirked and thought to himself while he sipped slowly at his ale.

Huldan doesn't pay me to find idiots.

Under the leadership of the Warlord, Huldan Blackthorn, the Blackthorn Raiders are a group of bandits who formed out of thieves, criminals, and outlaws who had no other place in society. Based around the Stormwind area (Elwynn, Duskwood, Westfall, Redridge),we aim to bring good quality and immersive RP with lots of events. Our operations around Stormwind involve raiding merchant caravans, smuggling, thievery and just generally causing havoc. We have many outposts in which we hang around in and hoard our goods.

Our ranks are worked through the more jobs you complete and the more trusted you become. They are both ICly and OOCly a level of trust, too!

Warlord (GM) - The boss! His word is law and he directs our operations.

Lookout (Officer) - the Lookouts are the most trusted of the Warlord. They usually handle recruitment, but not only that!

The rest are simply the "levels of trust"!

Marauder; Highwayman; Thug; Bandit.

What do I need to join?
We accept every race, and every class. As long as you are ICly not a goody two shoes, then you're welcome! If you wish to join, contact either Huldan or Bjornar!


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Re: [A] Blackthorn Raiders

Post by Sohan on Sat May 18, 2013 9:41 am

Looking forward to be RPing with you guys! Smile



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Re: [A] Blackthorn Raiders

Post by Morgaan on Sat May 18, 2013 10:20 am

Just be careful and not to be mistaken with Barean Blackthorn (Blacktorn? Bar if you are still here somewhere correct me, cause i always make this mistake :\ )
And be hunted down for being a Scarlet.
Or being hunted down by Scarlets for being a Blackthorn/Blacktorn, or for leaving the Crusade to wither away.
Or by those who survived the death of the Chapter and who still think of you as a enemy,
or by Osmands ghost.

Anyway, this sounds interesting, but anyhow i am not planing to return yet. But when i do i hope this is up Smile


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Re: [A] Blackthorn Raiders

Post by Ralegh on Sat May 18, 2013 10:24 am

Stand and deliver!
Hoping to see some proper highwayman action now!


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Re: [A] Blackthorn Raiders

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