R.I.P Dunderholm of Ambermill

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R.I.P Dunderholm of Ambermill

Post by Dunderholm of Ambermill on Wed May 15, 2013 8:12 am

Gasping the Deathbringer Dunderholm lay in the dirt. Well gasping was a big word it sounded more like gurgling, inaudible noises come from what remained of his throat. His armor dented and a big gaping hole was visible on his chestpiece and unholy ice was dripping from his exterior. His left clawlike hand was spastically digging in the dirt and his right hand was still desperately grasping his now almost empty rune blade.

“I am sorry brother” His brother Drazhk spoke as he loomed above him, rune blade menacingly going for his head. In a final act of defense Dunderholm emptied his entire rune blade trying to encase his attacker in unholy ice. But he was too late, before he could finish his spell the blade of his brother struck true and severed the Deathbringers head.
The forsaken known as Dunderholm was no more, his soul ripped out and taken by the blade of his former mentor.


Dunderholm was no exception to the rule that forsaken were a troubled people, although he seemed to inherit a big share of it. Or at least that was what it looked like to him.
To know Dunderholm is to know and understand his origins. He was born as Francis Dufresne and raised in the town of Goldshire, where he and his family suffered under the merciless attacks from the first war. They fled to Lordaeron like a lot of humans did during that time, where they suffered hunger and disease along the way. Some ships didn’t even make it across the sea. And even though his was far away from home his heart and mind were always with Goldshire.

Being rather young still he was quite determined to help the Alliance win back his home and despite his father’s protests he signed up for the army. Training was hard and he was often beaten in a fair fight against the bigger and stronger soldiers. But every man has it uses, he soon discovered that he had a knack for stealth and subtlety. And his trainers noticed this to, transferring him to reconnaissance department where he trained to become a spy. After the war he kept on working for the reconnaissance department which become known as SI:7. It was here where he adopted the alias Dunderholm to protect his family and friends from those who would retaliate against him.

A few years later when the situation in Lordaeron became dire in a time now known as the third war, he was sent north with a group of highly skilled assassins when King Terenas Menethil II was murdered. His goal, to kill or capture the rogue prince and murderer Arthas.

It was there when his new life began, betrayed by one of the other assasins who was lured by promises of power made by the cult of the damned he and the other loyalists were brutaly tortured and killed in the outskirts of Ambermill. He had no doubt that he was used as a mindless drone during the rise of the Lich King, but he rather not thought about that.

When the Banshee queen rose to power he was one of the first to break free of the lich kings iron grasp. But although he was freed he still suffered greatly from the events that led up to the cause of his death. Suffering from extreme paranoia he had difficulty trusting anyone who got close to him.

But this changed slightly when he joined the Cult of Shadow. He had a purpose again, fighting for the Forgotten Shadow. You see, after he obtained his freedom there was one thing he did know, his utter hate for the Holy Light. When he was tortured time and again he had pleaded, even begged the holy light to save him. But it did not answer him. And now, he served the shadow.

Although he was not at peace for long, it could not have been more than a week when a female joined. He recognized her face from somewhere although he wasn’t sure from what. It wasn’t until they talked that he knew, she was Daeyna, his love interest in life. It seemed that fate brought them together once more. Although part of him was sad that she was dead, he was also very glad that she was here with him.

The both of them sticked together and brought many missions to a clear success. And both rose through the ranks of the cult with relative ease. It wasn’t until Dunderholm got infected with that troublesome Holy Light when he was undercover in the Argent Crusade that he started to decline. The echoes of life that were bothering him before only became stronger, so did his affection for Daeyna. It caused his judgment to be clouded and to act out attacking members of the cult and even the Shadowpope himself.

Luckely for him the Shadowpope fixed him, imbuing his weapons and mind with shadow. But he was not without worry, as his Dear Sister was now in trouble, haunted by demons. The orc warlock Morkosh had cursed his Dear, and he swore to Daeyna that he would make him pay one way or the other.

Time passed by, and the light infection returned but this time so bad it was tearing away at his mind and he was killed by a crazed Daeyna who’s own mind was destroyed as well. Although the Grand Inquisitor Drazhk was a necromancer and wasn’t going to let his brother die like that. Drazhk worked together with his apprentice Solanna to bring him back as a Deathknight.

And so did it come to happen, the stalker known as Dunderholm was no more. The soldier, the knight known as Dunderholm was reborn. Freed from the decline of his soul which was now permanently fused with his rune blade Dunderholm became ever more zealous as his power increased. And not for long his position as the Deathbringer of the cult was solidified. He would lead and train the troops on the field of battle. He would make sure that the clergy was protected from dangers both domestically and foreign.

Although, even in his new position his mind was never far away from his dear sister Daeyna.


Suddenly the ripping stopped and made place for a strange and comfortable feeling, he was lifted out his prison. As his soul emerged from the blade he could see his dear sister Daeyna bending over the blade and then destroying it. He was finally free, perhaps even able to ascend.

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((It was a good run as Dunderholm, but I felt his death was overdue there is only so much a person can take before dying. The image is with the complements of Shrika))
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Re: R.I.P Dunderholm of Ambermill

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