Lost and found

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Lost and found

Post by siegmund on Tue May 14, 2013 9:35 pm

(The following are short outtakes durring a two part event with the Freelancers where a book being researched turned out to be possesed and took over all the research team, which needed rescue, so here are two parts from diffrent views of Allo and Sieg - First part written by Allonia and second me. Enjoy!)

Location: ???


“… Good luck… you two.”

Rick’s words and Thor’s battlecry resound in the empty space as the shadow-beings finally approach. Grabbing her staff firmly, Allonia glares into the empty eyes of their adversaries and throws herself into the inevitable fight. Even as she hits nothing, wafting her weapon through them as through thin air, she keeps going with all her strength.

So this is how it is?

She barely notices as the darkness of the creatures spread all around, slowly starting to engulf her and the others behind her.

Not quite… what I expected.

Not on a battlefield having vengeance on the undead, or in the field protecting her peers against dangers of flesh and blood, but fighting surreal shadows in a place so far away from everything and everyone. Unknown to anyone.

In the end, I guess it doesn’t matter…

The view of the giant maw in the distance fades away. Continuing her attacks on the darkness, Allonia soon stops, breathing heavily as she looks around, wondering how long it’s been since she stopped hearing the others.


Darkness, all around. Turning around aimlessly she lowers her staff as she stares into nothingness, even her opponents gone from sight.

“Rick? Thor!”

No reply. No crackling of thunder or otherworldly screams left either. Rick…! Bella…

They are gone…

Her breathing calms as she closes her eyes in resignation, even if it makes no difference in this darkness. Images of the others flash through her mind, some with regret as they seem to have shared her fate, others with sadness. She pauses at two of the last, faces so familiar by now that it feels like she always knew them. A voice resounds in her mind - “Allo, thank you.”

A melancholic smile spreads on her face and a tear rolls down her cheek as she disappears into the darkness herself.

Thomas… I’ll see you soon.

Location: Crypt in Duskwood


"...Maybe we should just come back at a better time...?"

They are gone...

Slowly the line moved forward, raising their weapons at the ready as the malicious faceless abomination gave the order for attack in it's own tongue. Drawing his own sword he stared down the line unsure of what to do, as Menori charged thowards Jarrott in the back, blades sparking in the dark underground chambers. War cries of fear and anger came from them.

There has to be something...

He felt eyes of fear upon him, waving her staff around and striking at the floor. Roots started to pass trough the crumbled stone, tearing with ease. Now entangled he striked at them with sword and claw, tearing trough the thick vines as more and more started to surround him.

"Back away! Don't come any closer!"

Struggling didn't help. Stinging pain was felt as one vine pierced his side right into a nerve, and he was slowly loosing his breath with his neck being grasped, only hearing the fighting of others in the back. Lowering his head, all of them could die only a matter of time as the shadows loomed over them, breaths grew shallow and the sword dropped onto a patch of dirt and roots.

"Who are you? Are... You him?... No it can't be..."

Shallow steps grew closer, the scent of fear was too familiar, desperation even more. Opening a eyelid he took sight of the book past Allonia and the untangible fiend, still in the back a feeling of utter evil struck him, and realization.

It wasn't there... the boy and it on fire.. It's the source!

A growl emerged from him and his muscles tensed, she was distracted. Tearing himself free he made a dash for the unholy item, no time to check for the others yet feeling their eyes setting their gaze upon him.

"...The book! Protect it!"

Soon they turned, leaving the few sane rescuers alone as blades and fire drew closer. Another lash of pain upon his back, and drops dripping onto the floor accompanied by the amused laughter from the maw lurking in the shadows.

... I'll see you...

Fel flames illuminated the ruin as Arabella muttered the foul words aimed at him, though luck was quicker. Throwing the book at the incoming fire send a blast right back at him, yelping as his cut on the back connected with the wall, and his hands and fur were singed.

A relieved sigh escaped him, seeing the magic dissipate with a distant echo of laughter and fire.

...In hell with the rest...

But not today.


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Re: Lost and found

Post by erwtenpeller on Tue May 14, 2013 10:17 pm

That was a fun thing.

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