Coffins and Paper

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Coffins and Paper

Post by Eve on Tue May 07, 2013 4:32 pm

This is how Eve marked Thon, done when I really need sleep. Some information might be inaccurate, but I think it gets the point across.


Eve grumbled as she woke up. The coffin- which she was sleeping in -was almost closed, a thin line of silver light shining in her eyes. She couldn't quite remember why the coffin had been closed over and safely decided not to question it.
She struggled for the next few moments to push the coffin lid to the side, just enough for her frail body to squeeze out of. She felt the cold morning air hit her face immediately. Or, perhaps it was evening air. You could never tell in Duskwood. Evelynn didn't exactly care what time it was; just that it was a new day. What would she do today?
The little girl in white squinted as she thought. There were people to annoy - dogs to play with and kittens to pet. Note. Mark. The thought came randomly into her head as she thought about the day ahead of her, hand going to her pocket to produce a folded piece of paper. With a smirk, she came to a conclusion of what to do this morning. There was always someone in the grove - a certain someone, in fact. An elf, with stupid hair and stupid ears.
It occurred to Eve as she began to walk out into the Grove that it was always relatively filled with life. Different from what she usually experienced - what, a life of death, coffins and paper? Truly riveting. Her gaze came onto a white stag lying in the grass near a stone pillar, perhaps it was asleep. As she approached, Eve caught sight of a fur less patch on the stag's back. Cute. The stag - which she came to recognize as Thondalar - stirred as she came close. Elves, they always seemed so tired during the day. Perhaps they just weren't morning people.
Thondalar rose his head, then his body. His form seemed to change - Eve barely noticed, having no interest in the elf - until it gradually shifted into the form of a tall figure with long white hair and visibly scarred ears.
Eve could of sworn he just insulted her.
"You were in the city," Thondalar said, tone soft and eyes closed.
"I was."
"I recognized you."
Of course the stalker did, Eve thought, squinting and pressing her thumb against the folded note in her palm. Or perhaps she was being mean - a girl in black following a hooded man and a worgen. It would seem obvious to those who knew her.
"You should be careful," Thondalar sounded tired. "It isn't safe for you in the city."
He briefly opened an eye, looking at Evelynn. Actually no - not her. He was looking at her stomach, directly at the disease in there.
"Yeah," she said with no tone or emotion. As Thondalar closed his eye again, Eve stepped forward and shoved the note into his hand. She stepped back, feeling a thin smirk creep against her lips. Evelynn couldn't help it - she knew the result was going to be hilarious.
She was right - in ways.
Thondalar drowsily opened his eyes and looked down, opening the note. His eyes widened - immediately awake.
"I had suspicion but I didn't kno-..."
"Of course you didn't," Evelynn said with a stifled giggle. "I'm too small. Too innocent, right?"
The elf's eyes darted to her, face ashen and expression one of horror. His word - barely a question, as if he knew the answer - came softly, yet calmly. "Why?"
"You're trying to hurt my Keeper," she said simply. "You try to hide your despite for him. You're a terrible liar, though."
Thondalar stared at Evelynn.
"Why?" he repeated.
"Because your life is meaningless. Pathetic, really. Why, you deserve to die and I will be the cause of it. Oh, keep your chin up I won't let you perish in a simple, pathetic way. I'll plan it; as I plan all my deaths. However, it will be a fifteen-minute fame. Fun at the time, in fact. Of course, I'm rambling a little. What I mean is, I control your fate. I control your end. You may do things, blindly thinking they'll change the current situation but you're wrong. You can do whatever you want - for it will all have the same ending."
Thondalar stared, utterly silent. Eve smiled.
"Your life belongs to me, Thondalar."

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Re: Coffins and Paper

Post by Thondalar Stormleaf on Tue May 07, 2013 5:03 pm

Evil.. evil Eve.
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