Elric Williams

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Elric Williams

Post by Elric/Richard on Sat May 04, 2013 6:11 am

Character name: Elric Williams (Doric)
Nicknames: Goldie, Slippers
Gender: Male
Age: 30+
Race: Human
Class: Priest, Farmer, robe wearer

Birth region: Elwynn
Specific area/town: Logging Camp
Family: Elric had a large family of a couple of brothers and sisters. Most of them died during the first war, and the only brother of his that survived died recently up north. His mother died in Lordaeron for staying up there after the second war. Elric's father died of old age on his farm in logging camp.
Known friends or enemies: Friendly with most people, has no hatred for anyone

His family name Williams was held somewhat high in the Northshire Clerics even before the first war, Elric was the offspring of Jane and Wilson Williams. He was born shortly after the first war had started, still not reaching the area of Elwynn yet. So as the time went on, Elric grew up inside the city the first years as war was closing in. Mostly playing with another boy of the same age named Jack, they both loved to play with sticks at a very young age.

Later during the first war, the large green men had come up to the Stormwind gates. Elric playing with Jack as before out in the park, their joyful faces as unknown misery would befall Elric. The next moment Elric sees a large green man suddenly approaching from the other side of the park, unknowingly Jack went up to the orc. Elric was a bit behind as he tripped in his small robe, standing up again as he watches the orc pick up Jack and swing his sword towards the little boy. Silence followed as the only thing Elric could do was scream in fear, his friend's body being held by the orc before tossing it away like a bag of meat.

Elric watched in pure fright and a wooden stick in his hand, the orc quickly approaching him as they we're only meters apart. The orc came running a bit towards him, perhaps even an enjoying. Elric held up his stick in fright and closed his eyes, the only sound he could hear afterwards as a muffled yell and his stick snapping. Moment after he still didn't know what was going on as he just feels himself being picked up and carried away. He opened his left eye slowly, he frowns a slight as he fails to open his right. He feels a slight poke on his arm, looking down at a sudden stain on his robe. A round circle of the color red, Elric moving his right hand to his eye and suddenly letting out screams of pain. Continuing to being carried away towards the harbor as he can't even muffle his pained screams and sobbing.

Elric closes his left eye and just bites his tongue in his pain, being let down on his back after being carried to the harbor. The wooden floors creaking a slight from all the people onboard. He hears only muffled and paniced yells from people as he opens his left eye again, seeing his father leaning over him and his left shoulder stained in red. His father placing his hands above his eyes as Elric continues to writhe a slight in pain from his right eye. A bright light shining above his eyes and Elric slowly feeling more faint a groggy as everything evetually becomes black, even with his eye slightly open.

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