Eldoraz Vorell

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Eldoraz Vorell

Post by Anivitas on Wed May 01, 2013 1:02 pm

Character name: Lord Eldoraz Vorell
Alias: N/A.
Gender: Male.
Age: Thirty One.
Race: Human.
Class: Lordling.

Birth region: Stormwind.
Specific area/town: Stormwind.
Family: Brother - Tarjic Vorell.
Known friends or enemies: His house hold personal, and his guard Bronsem. Eldoraz does not have friends more "acquaintances" and does not denounce his enemies in public.

Description: Eldoraz’s dress code is immaculate, every inch of him well kept and tidy, not a single crease on his clothes and not a spot of hair on his head, his beard perfectly well kept.

His suit looks extremely expensive, and he seems to make no effort to hide it, almost as if making a statement. He'd often be seen with a cigar hanging out his mouth and a small black cane, a crystal clear diamond perched ontop of it.

Personality: Eldoraz is not one to relax around others, constantly deflecting questions with his oratory and speaking skills, a relatively serious man with a very strong facade, all in all a fantastic politican. Very much the sociopath, he see's those around him as either pointless or simply tools, a means to an end, the most honorable title being an "acquaintance". Eldoraz is very OCD by nature, with his life in a constant rotation, planning his weeks in advance from where he shall be, to the time of his evening tea.

History: Eldoraz Vorell was brought up within the gutters of Stormwind, his father being a miner and his mother a cook, he was raised with no education, simply brought up within the mines, however he had a natural wit and an uncouth personality. At the age of seventeen he left the mines and was tossed out by his father after a heated row and refusing to work.

However he was determined to not return. He started to scavange the city, looking for what he could in the darkest cracks to sell on to others, using his wits to slowly make a profit selling to those in the lower districts with small intelligence and smaller purses he used this money to buy more wares, which he continued to sell on. Sleeping on street corners with no home to call his own. Slowly increasing his margins. As he grew so did his salesmanship. His wit developing into the skills of a showman, honing his mind, he carried on selling his goods. And as his profits grew so did the quality of his wares.

However that was not enough, Eldoraz sought the one thing he upbringing had denied him, and that was an education, when he had saved enough he bought his way into learning, being taught the art of reading and writing, history, arts and music, his hunger to learn only out done by his ambition, he even dabbled in the arcane as the years progressed. He continued to sell his goods all the while, however as his education and learning progressed he started to sell to the richer folk, the more intelligent of the city, the nobles and merchants. The quality of his wares increasing tenfold as did the variation and profits. Everyday he would go to the Cathedral district, selling on the streets. His life becoming one of simple rotation. Money, learning and sleeping. Not once did he look for a friend among the people he served, and not once did he look back at the family of his past.

At last Eldoraz graduated. But that was not enough, what he had was not enough, he wished to take a higher place in the hierarchy of the kingdom that had raised him. Taking his vast savings and using them to purchase the title of a Lord, and even a small estate to go with it. As the years passed he then began to pursue the path of the entrepreneurial investing his money in businesses and movements, collecting in vast profits and debts, Eldoraz hired men for his personal guard under his house and command.

But this was not enough. The money was not enough. Eldorazs ambitions rose higher still, he sought political power within the city. And so he took action to ensure he would not fail. Learning what he could about each individual council member, the do's and do not's. Smiling at the right people and shaking the right hands. Until the day of his interview, the following week he took up his "rightful" position as minister of trade. And what place fitted him better then that of controlling the one thing he understood most. Money.

Things you may know about this character: Eldoraz seems to avoid the spotlight of the council, prefering to sit on the edge behind the others. He often speaks of the fact he was brought up within the lower parts of the city but does not go into much detail.
Things you may not know about this character: The details of his upbringing, his current agenda. Those he considers his opponents.
Possible crime record: None to date.

Other information: The picture is the closest thing I could find to a picture of him. Maybe I'll get him drawn one day (I suck at drawing) Also. JEFF BRIDGES.

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