The Piqued Salamander's Final Notice

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The Piqued Salamander's Final Notice

Post by Arabella Greene on Tue Apr 30, 2013 5:42 pm

As per usual street urchins are hired within the wee hours of the morning to start hanging up posters. Posters are attached not only to taverns but are also attached to the unusual places hung previously. Some even slip under the doors of houses.

Citizens of Stormwind!

The goal original put in place by the fire that burns within you all has finally been completed.
The Salamander is needed no longer.
Regardless of your opinion on the Salamander, the Ministers and Regiment have become aware there is a problem and people aren't happy. The apparent threat of violence seemed to bolster a sense of unity and justice within them to take down a common enemy.

I commend Elias for his efforts. He is the champion this campaign sought to raise.
Through organised chaos a villain was created. Eg, The Piqued Salamander.
As stated from the start, the Salamander is merely an idea, a concept and a ghost.
The people united together to fight the same cause and for once justice was on their side.
During this week's council apparently there was an air of disappointment that there was no violence or "action."
In a way this was a good thing. It means that the consensus was willing to fight for their city.

In the first noticed, we discussed that:
"You the people have great power within your numbers. It is untapped potential but it's there."
This still rings true and you have all proven it.

Thank you Stormwind for being a part of this social experiment.
Whether or not you were a willing participant matters not.
The majority were receptive and opened their eyes to the fact that there was a problem within our society,
involving the ministers and keepers of law.

If YOU believe there is a problem with our society or ministry please attend the meeting on Thursday behind the Cathedral.

This is the final message of the Piqued Salamander.
Do not try and hunt us, our flames will still watch.
But the embers remain passive.
For a glorious capitol.
For a glorious Alliance.

Feel the flames, they will guide you.
- The Piqued Salamander

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Re: The Piqued Salamander's Final Notice

Post by John Silverweave on Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:20 pm

*John Silverweave would walk past one of these posters. His face covered by the shadow of his red pointy hat. He smirks slightly, eyes scanning the wording. A light chuckle echoing out from his throat. "So....the flames have gone out, yet the embers remain present. Until you rise again then.." He smirks, if disappointed. With a swift sharp turn, and a swoosh of this thick black cape...he proceeds on his way along Stormwinds streets. *
John Silverweave

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Re: The Piqued Salamander's Final Notice

Post by Littlepip on Wed May 01, 2013 4:48 am

Thor walks towards the Bridgelancers HQ once again when he notice the poster hanging on a poster, he has to almost sitt down to read it because of it hanging on kids hight. Reading it quickly over he starts chuckeling slightly before saying something on Darnassian, smiling brightly as he continues walking to his dare Bridge.

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Re: The Piqued Salamander's Final Notice

Post by Anivitas on Wed May 01, 2013 4:53 am

Eldoraz eyes over the poster as he stops in the street, lifting up his cigar and stubbing it into the centre of the poster before throwing it away with a snort, walking away without a word.

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Re: The Piqued Salamander's Final Notice

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