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Thomas Valtor

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Character name: Thomas Valtor
Alias: None
Gender: Male
Age: Late fifties upon death
Race: Forsaken
Class: Mage

Birth region: Tirisfal
Specific area/town: Brill
Family: Martha Valtor (Wife)
Known friends or enemies: -

Description: Of average height, his remaining hair is tied neatly at the back of his head. His attire is always prim and proper.
Personality: Outwardly amiable and pleasant, Valtor is courteous to a fault. This public veneer hides an obsessive, sadistic character.
In Life Valtor's vocation was that of a "General Practioner" treating illness amongst the population in small towns such as Vandermar and Brill. Valtor remembers the last days and will often recount his inability to aid those suffering from the Plague before it also took his own life.

In Undeath Valtor is devoted in his service to Sylvanas. One of his first actions upon re-awakening was to join the loyal order of the "Embrace of Death" where he served the Lord Vermogen. It was while within the "Embrace" that Valtor began to indulge his new found love of torture and more importantly his enjoyment when inflicting it upon others. Along with such notables as Slice Tarren and the swordsman Naarg, Valtor would often make forays into the Hillsbrad fields to abduct farmers or other unfortunates from Southshore and the outlying areas in the days when Forsaken control of the region was not so complete.
When calls were made to unite the several independant orders then Loyal to the Queen under one single black banner, Valtor initialy dissented and was extremely reluctant to give his oath to "The Old Lordaeron". However he eventually relented and went on to serve both "Zargoth the Mad" and his successor Timrashal. Ultimately disillusioned by the internal political struggles he witnessed, Valtor was one of those who eventually split from the order. A fact that he would always look on with a certain sense of regret. That regret was one of his main motivators when helping to form "The Blighted Crown" and agreeing to join Raolin and Krakus in the doomed triumverate. It was during this period of time that Valtor made the acquaintance of one Favius Daark and his interest in the Forgotten Shadow would awaken. Even to the present day he can be often found as a visitor at Sermons held by the "Cult of Shadow".

Things you may know about this character: A frost mage often found in the Magic quarter of the Undercity. He prefers the company of other Magi and Warlocks. A veteran of several deep striking Forsaken assaults on such places as Menethel Harbour and Auberdine. Took part in the Battle of Loch Modan when attempts were made to poison the Loch.
Things you may not know about this character: Is an obsessive collector of Skulls.
Possible crime record: -

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