[SW] Pirate ship in Stormwind Harbor [27.4 --> 29.4]

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[SW] Pirate ship in Stormwind Harbor [27.4 --> 29.4]

Post by Skarain on Sat Apr 27, 2013 3:39 pm

Jack the Lighthouse Watchman had a very boring day like the day earlier, and before that. Days in the watch were dull, and he'd much rather be drinkin in The Golden Keg than making sure the Lighthouse of Stormwind Harbor works. Sitting on a stool just below the spinning platform of the Lighthouse, A Steamy Romance Novel in hand he let out a bored yawn. His assistance suddenly yells, "Jack! Come up, you want to see this!". Jack gets up, grumbling. Would it be again a pair of lovers behind the shipyard like it usually was when he shouted for him. "What is it now?", he asks his assistant, who is peering with a spyglass through a window. His assistance points a single ship in the sea and hands over the Spyglass. Jack grabs the spyglass and looks at the ship approaching Stormwind. It is a black battleship loaded with cannons, black and red sails and - Jack's jaw drops open. "And i thought i had seen everything..."

The pirate ship with Alliance flags in it's masts have docked in the Stormwind Harbor. To the black hull of the ship is written with golden paint 157th "Wild Tempest" Company. The Dockmaster have agreed to let the ship remain in the docks, after being shown very official documents from the commander of Westguard Keep, but only until it can be moved to the Shipyard for modifications.

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