[SW] Division of Power

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[SW] Division of Power

Post by Melnerag on Sat Apr 27, 2013 4:14 am

Division of Power

The Conoverian administration wields power far greater than is decent and just for any body below the King.

It began with Mistmantle's desecration of Justice as he combined in one man the titles of Grand Magistrate and Minister of Justice. To this day, Ministers also have a say in recruitment, promotion and allocation of judges.

How can justice be fair and impartial when each and every judge has strings attached to him? How can officials be prosecuted if they may eventually decide which judge will preside over the trial, and the judge knows that if he wants promotion, he should do as the Minister says.

Justice should be cleansed by restoring the Grand Magistrate as an independent position, disentangled from the Council.

Yet roots are much older, Angelos Council frequently interfered in the policing of the state by withdrawing or threatening to withdraw guard rights from certain groups.

The guards are answerable to the Law and the King, and only way their rights may be withdrawn is through the pronouncement of His Majesty or fair and legal trial by civilian judges. It is not Council's place to wield that power and the Council should never threaten the guards with reprisal of any kind.

For Guards to function they must be independent of the politics and answerable to the law, represented in the judges of the Kingdom, and this itself must be enshrined in Law which politicians infringe on at their peril.

It continues under Conover where ministers present their reforms that change the lives of the people without consultation. Minister Havelok presented us with his sweeping reforms, and not a merchant or commoner was consulted in their creation!

It is the duty for those who govern to seek out and consider advice of those they govern, and petitions are not far enough.

All reforms, laws, edicts and policies of the Council should first be proposed and discussed with the people before being voted on and eventually announced as having taken effect.

In addition, the Council should create a new position of People's Arbiter who will be elected for a short term by the Citizens of Stormwind and who will attend all closed and open meetings of the Council and speak on behalf of the People and who may veto any non-military decision of the Council.

King's sovereignty is absolute within the Law and no man may veto his rule or force counsel upon him, my proposal applies solely to the Stormwind Council.

Discuss, debate, think. Petition will be drawn up next week. I invite those who wish to meet me to seek me out on Thursday the 2nd of May at the gazebo behind the Cathedral at 20:00. I will be there to hear your ideas and discuss mine with you.


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Re: [SW] Division of Power

Post by Arabella Greene on Sat Apr 27, 2013 1:17 pm

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Re: [SW] Division of Power

Post by Amaryl on Sat Apr 27, 2013 3:57 pm

(( i demand the people's tribune! ))


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Re: [SW] Division of Power

Post by Melnerag on Sat Apr 27, 2013 3:59 pm

Amaryl wrote:(( i demand the people's tribune! ))

Damn you. I thought it would be Antistia who gets the reference first.

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Re: [SW] Division of Power

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