[SW] Scrutiny by the People

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[SW] Scrutiny by the People

Post by Melnerag on Thu Apr 25, 2013 3:50 am

Pamphlet, circulating around in Stormwind Kingdom

Scrutiny by the People
Walls of the Stormwind Keep were built by the hands of the Stormwinders to protect their King during the times of siege, now these walls shelter the officials and courtiers from the scrutiny by the people.

If the system of Justice is itself corrupt, then no official can ever be called to account but by the vigilance of the people.

Libel and Sedition?

“Sedition - inciting hostile, agressive or violent action to undermine the rule of His Majesty King Varian Wrynn, including his officials and institutions trough any means.”

How can exposing the corruption and personal wickedness of officials be called sedition?

“Defamation (libel if in writing) - A disrespectful expression against the rule of His Majesty King Varian Wrynn, including his officials and institutions trough vocal, written or physical means.”

This law was made to protect the King and his officials from insults, not to shelter the officials and courtiers from public scrutiny by patriotic and justice-loving citizens!

The powers-that-be do not want to see the People accuse them of corruption and sinfulness, they call it slander, and they ask for the People to bring proof. But what Proof can there be if same powers-that-be have announced on 16th of January that: “Furthermore, all official letters and other documentation are considered confidential unless otherwise stated. The release of official letters or documentation is permitted only with the written consent of the sender or legal authority.”

It is illegal to accuse them without proof, it is illegal to obtain proof. Powers-that-be only accept proof that they themselves have consented to release! How can we, the citizens of Stormwind, tolerate this self-policing body that demands that we trust it on its word that it will keep itself pure?

Greatness of our beloved nation can only be assured if the King and his Officials rule for the glory of the people and if the royal officials are revealed to the scrutiny of the people and are judged fairly in an open trial! Count Braiden Mistmantle faced most heinous charges and was locked in his own manor, yet there never was an open trial.

People of Stormwind, spread this pamphlet and discuss these demands. Soon we will write a petition and deliver it to the Council that rules in King's absence:

1. The ad hoc edict outlawing the publishing of correspondence and documents should be withdrawn
2. Defamation law must be limited solely to immature insults without content, and should not apply to accusations of corruption or misconduct.
3. Sedition law must never be used against an individual, unless he explicitly preaches open and violent revolt against the rule of the King.
4. All trials against officials, courtiers and nobles must be open and public.
5. Settling out of court must be made illegal for officials facing charges of corruption or misconduct.

GHI Import Code:

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Re: [SW] Scrutiny by the People

Post by Finnabhair on Thu Apr 25, 2013 6:26 am

(( Excellent points! ))

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Re: [SW] Scrutiny by the People

Post by Skarain on Thu Apr 25, 2013 9:36 am

Inran walks past one of the posters while on her way to Mage Tower to request a portal back to Northrend. She merely glances at the poster without slowing down her going. Thinking: "It may be right, but it's none of my concerns right now. I have a war to win."

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Re: [SW] Scrutiny by the People

Post by Arabella Greene on Thu Apr 25, 2013 11:41 am

Arabella see's one of the pamphlets on the floor and picks it up out of curiosity. As she reads, a wicked smile creeps upon her face.

"And so it has begun, the people are taking the idea and taking their own action...as planned."

Quickly looks to see if anyone is in her surroundings and bursts into a fit of laughter. She places the pamphlet into her satchel and heads off to work.
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Re: [SW] Scrutiny by the People

Post by Feral / Blackfall on Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:20 pm

Feral sits at the edge of a moonwell, poring over the paper--as do several others, having been given the pamphlets by another rather illustrious visitor to the Grove.

They all nod along, pointing out various bits they agree with, expressing their various hopes here and there for change.
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Re: [SW] Scrutiny by the People

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