Shayla Nazetheranos (not finished)

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Shayla Nazetheranos (not finished)

Post by Cathee Piner on Wed Apr 24, 2013 4:08 am

Character name: Shayla Nazetheranos
Alias: -
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Race: Human
Class: -

Birth region: Duskwood
Specific area/town: Darkshire
Family: Caliara Derianine Nazetheranos (mother, deceased), Ashrokan Nazetheranos (father, location unknown), Derithor Derianine (uncle, location unknown).
Known friends or enemies: Friends: Chessny Twinkletoes, Krevnasil van Silth

Description: Shayla is somewhat taller then the average human female. Her skin is porcelain white with no flaws as of yet. Her hair is long, black and straight, usually just hanging loosely. Her eyes has a honey-like color to it, and she often wear very dark makeup around her eyes, topped off with red lips. Shayla appears rather curvaceous, and would possibly even be judged as fat for those that tends to prefer very skinny women.
Personality: Shayla has a slight social handicap as she can not really comprehend other peoples emotions and suffering. She also has a hard time expressing and showing her own emotions and for this reason can come off as both cold and apathetic.
History: Write here
Things you may know about this character: -
Things you may not know about this character: Write here
Possible crime record: Write here

Other information: -

Credit and owner of picture: LeafOfSteel

In game: Ask for RealID if it is needed.
Other: Forum PM, Skype (Cecilia1678), e-mail:  Steam: Caliara
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