A Tiger and It's Stripes

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A Tiger and It's Stripes

Post by The Z on Tue Apr 23, 2013 6:45 am

It wasn't like he hadn't killed a seemingly guilty person before. His finger pressed against the tip of the knife on his other hand, as he rolled it and eyed down at the kneeled, tied up figure.


"Feel like bossing me around now, do you? Don't have any paperwork for me to write and fill up, do you?! I could make an exception right now and write you your will, you PIECE OF SHIT!" he yelled, drops of spit mixing into the salty seawater. Rets tried to fought against his grip, his hands trying to pull off the hands choking him. His legs kicked under the surface, moving in the water like time had slowed down. For a few moments more, Rets could see his rippled face through the surface, as water then filled his lungs.

He watched Retse's lifeless body sinking into the depths, breathing heavily, as he then blacked out and fell on his back on the wooden raft he was on, which had ultimately turned out to be "too small" for both him and his former employer to stay on.


"We suggest that you toss him into the lawa flow on the Barrens border, if you want to make sure he won't be found." the letter said, as he read it once again. Turning his gaze away from the paper, he looked at the figure again. "This whole thing could've been so much easier, y'know..." he started, before the tied up person, a blood elf to be more exact, interrupted him by shouting. "That's a damned lie and you know it! They would've done this in any case! Only difference probably would've been that they had done it themselves, instead of using...outside help." Enavel muttered, as he finished his sentence. The goblin smirked, just briefly. "True, maybe..."


Bullets pierced through one body, then another, as two more guards fell down dead. He laughed, giving the goblin in-front of him a pat on the shoulder, complimenting him on his driving skills, even if their trike was barely holding together anymore...or especially because of that. "That'll teach 'em!" he yelled over the rumbling engine. "Teach 'em what?" the other goblin asked. "...y'know, I'm not sure! Teaches them to guard their loot better, I guess!" he answered, as they both then laughed and drove off into the night.


"But I still don't understand...why you? You've got good things going for you, from what I've seen! Something like this, it'll risk..." the elf started his sentence, as the goblin then kneeled closer to him, Enavel feeling something sharp pushing through his skin, sinking into his body. The goblin held the knife tightly, as he then slowly pulled it out, blood flowing out of the open wound on the elf's chest. "...y-your...crew. T-they...they will f-find out abo...abou-...thishhh..." Enavel gurgled out, falling on his side, still tied up. The goblin spoke, as he took a hold of Enavel's body "Maybe...but some people can leave their past behind them...and won't be willing to dig it up again.", then lifted it on the top of his hog. "Especially if it brings in something valuable." he added, as he then climbed on the hog himself.
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