Lucieus Torradan Goodwyn

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Lucieus Torradan Goodwyn

Post by Althaløs on Fri Apr 19, 2013 5:51 am

Character name: Lucieus Torradan Goodwyn
Alias: Sir Lucieus
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Race: Human
Class: Knight

Birth region: Eastern Kingdoms
Specific area/town: Stormwind City, Stormwind
Family: Lucieus was born into the noble house of Goodwyn; Torradan Goodwyn his Father; Reinhard Goodwyn his uncle; Adeirid Goodwyn his younger brother.
Known friends or enemies: Amongst his friends, Sir Glendyn Aethian. No known enemies as of yet.

Description: Moderate in height, Lucieus is physically well fitted and composed. His appearance is relatively akin to his father, such as his black hair, black eyes and regular white skin. Taking care of his demeanor, Lucieus ensures to wear clothes or armor of only fine craftsmanship; such as his black and white casual clothing, or his mildly blue plated armor donned with a elegantly tailored white cloak. With his hair brushed neatly and sharply to fall down the sides of his face, Lucieus tries his best to remain complacent to the perception of others.

Personality: Honor, loyalty and duty - these ideals were instilled deep into Lucieus by his Father. But above all lessons taught, is that one should commit to what is necessary to serve the good of the Kingdom and the Realm; and like most Goodwyns, Lucieus firmly believes that his family and himself have every right to judge and deem what is good and just for their homeland.

But as such, Lucieus often felt pressured by all the expectations of his Father, and being a simple knight amidst a world of magic and mayhem, he felt vulnerable and overwhelmed by the shadows of power he lived within. Thus Lucieus can become quite arrogant, envious, reckless and ambitious to prove himself worthy of his name and his family, which can often get him into trouble he can not handle. While logic and reason is strictly preferred by the Goodwyns, Lucieus gives into his emotions for more than he cares to admit.

Therefore, unwilling to let others sense his vulnerability and doubt, Lucieus would shroud himself in his pride, which at times would lead him to be perceived as an egotist.

However, like many others, Lucieus seeks to enjoy the pleasantries of life and often attempts to bask in his ability to do so. Thus he would drink, dance, court women, joust, duel and engage in various suitable events to brighten his days. Overall, he would treat others decently and considerately, but he would yet remain susceptible to his own doubts and ambitions.

History: Born into the house of Goodwyn, Lucieus was Torradan Goodwyn's firstborn and thus heir to the barony. Lucieus lived in grace and plentifulness, like any other noble son, where he grew into a well founded education and background.

His family were supportive and loving, and as such, there was no dissension that would lead to bad blood between Lucieus and any other sibling. His ties with his family and his close neighbors grew strong, and thus most of Lucieus's childhood was spent with familiar faces upon a familiar environment; where Lucieus did not see far beyond the realm of Stormwind.

Living a blessed life, Lucieus managed to have his wishes met, and knowing at a young age that the life of an academic does not suit him, he became a page at the age of nine. Until he was sixteen, Lucieus spent most of his time upon his family's barony; strengthening his body and learning the manners and conduct of a proper noble. When he finally became a squire, he spent most of his days in Stormwind City under Sir William Nicholas, the knight he was bound to.

Lucieus developed a close relationship with Sir William, whom he owes much of his knightly conduct and knowledge to. Under Sir William, Lucieus honed his skills and at the age of twenty, he passed his trials and was dubbed a knight.

Thus following his early years, Lucieus began his time in service as a knight. Still young and relatively unexperienced, he looks to the future eagerly to live up to his family name and prove his quality.

Things you may know about this character:
- He is heir to the Goodwyn Barony.
- His appearance can be compared to look relatively similar to his Father, Torradan Goodwyn, at a younger age.

Things you may not know about this character:
- Though most of the Goodwyn barony are known to moderately follow the teachings of Anethion, Lucieus is slightly skeptic towards the direction Torradan has chosen to take in this regard.

Possible crime record: None.

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