Wanted: Eldritch Moore

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Wanted: Eldritch Moore

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 17, 2013 6:14 pm

Distributed throughout the major Horde cities.


Eldritch Moore! For theft of a powerful Scourge artifacts from the Queen's subjects. Usurping the agents of the Queen and assault on the soldiers of the Queen.

Preferably in his functioning state, dead if necessary. He is well equipped, well trained and highly dangerous. The relic in question has given him the capability to summon the dead, the mindless dead, but the dead none the less. It is of corrupted origin, broken by the Cult of the Damned to summon unlife after being stolen from the Silver Hand where it was originally for restoring life.

A reward of a hundred gold coins will be issued if he is brought back dead, two hundred and fifty if still functioning. A thousand gold coins will be given if the orb is retrieved, two thousand if it is retrieved in pieces.



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