Gallyndra - Chapter Two: Crushing blows

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Gallyndra - Chapter Two: Crushing blows

Post by Sharyssa/Adenah on Sun May 02, 2010 5:29 am

*Not every part in the story is written by myself, I have been working together with someone else for more ideas and thus, a part has been added*

The day that Tarlon discovered the secret affaire of his sister the tension between the two of them was almost touchable. Even during dinner neither of them said a word, nor did their parents. They seemed rather confused by the sudden tense behaviour of their kids but decided that they where mature enough not to meddle so just let the meal pass without many words spoken.
Tarlon however never took his eyes off Gallyndra, who kept her gaze lowered towards her plate, very aware of his piercing glare. The young woman tried to finish her meal as quickly as she could without looking rude before she asked to be excused, directly running of towards her room. She moved trough the corridors swiflty, her long robes swaying around her lithe frame. Because of her rush she didn't notice that Tarlon had finished his food aswel and had left the table himself, taking a different route then his sister he managed to cut of her path and she litteraly bumped into his broad chest. Her brother didn't hesitate and grabbed the surprised girl by her arms to drag her around the corner, pushing her against the wall with his own weight.
This made her gasp for air yet she managed to speak her words loud and clear
"Tarlon what are you doing" only to find her mouth covered by his large hand right after she did so.
"Shhhh little sister, you are going to listen to me, just as you promised. So hear my words and you will obey them"
Without hesitation she nods at him, her utter confusion and fear clearly shown on her expression, not having another choise.
"You will never see Tryon again, and if you see him I hope for your sake that it will be purely mistress and servant, as it is supposed to be you understand!!!!"

Gallyndra's blood froze and her heart started racing, her gaze showing extreme disbelief. Surely her brother wasn't her closest friend, but he wouldn't do this to her. Take away her love? Could Tarlon really be so cruel? There was no point in trying to object, nor could she for she had known all along that this would never end the way they hoped. Closing her eyes for a split second she nodded, hoping it would be enough for Tarlon to let her go. Luckily for her it was and he basicly let her drop to the floor when he released his grip with a satisfied smirk on his face.
"Don't forget what you promised me Gallyndra, or you will regret that you ever met that lowlife boy"
With these words he turned around, leaving the young woman on the floor, her sobs silenced in her own hands.


Gallyndra stood in front of her mirror, stripped naked from her robe, that was made of the finest materials and tailored with greatest skill, now lying across her bed. With her wide open eyes starig back at her from the reflection, while her expression on her face did not show the raging of emotions inside her, she could not hide it in the depths of her eyes.
Something stirred within, it had been lingering in long locked memories, the ones she tried to forget so desperatly. Brought back to the surface.
She knew he had noticed the defense she had built up, the wall she had pulled around herself to be stronger and not let emotions weaken her.
It was well known that this proud Sin'Dorei hated weakness. This man however had managed so easlily to look right past her facade and breach her defenses.

While closing her eyes briefly Gallyndra shakes her head. No it was not a facade, not entirely, she knew that who she became is the real her. She had built up strenght during the years to push away the emotions into the dark corners of her mind, and she was proud of it. On her own she managed to move on and not let the past weaken her. Depending on herself she knew that she would be able to handle anything, she was not only strong, but also stubborn enough to fight to achieve her goals.

A soft sigh escapes over the womans lips when she opens her eyes once again, her hand trailing upwards to touch the faint scar underneath her breasts, one finger caressing the entire lenght briefly. Her bright emerald eyes travel up to meet her own gaze.The words she speaks are barely a whisper but the venom in them, the calm determination very clear in her voice.
"Not after all these years, not now, not ever. Where ever you might be, you won't ever hold me back again Tarlon.... not after everything that you already put me trough"


In the dark corners of the deserted corridor two figures where hiding in the shadows. Only the silent sound of rustling clothes could be heard when Tryon and Gallyndra pressed their bodies against eachother for a passionate and secret kiss. The girls face was stained by her tears, because she knew that they could not be together. Their love was not approved by her family and she had always known that one day their dreams would be shattered.
While fighting back the sob in her throat, Gallyndra cups Tryons face and breaks the kiss. She lifts her chin to look into his eyes, with their beautifull felgreen colour, and feels the pain taking over when she realises how much she loves him.
"My love, you will always have a place in my heart .... for eternity, I will always be yours"
Her voice is a gentle whisper, her emotions so clear in the tone of her spoken words that the young man closes his eyes and lets out a sigh filled with sorrow.
"Gallyndra, you became my life .... I am not giving up, we belong together"
For a last time she trows herself forward to press her lips against his, savouring the sweet taste while she hold him in a desperate embrace, his own arms wrapped around her waist as if this was the final goodbye. He did not lie to her, every word he had said was true and he meant it with his whole heart. Tryon would fight for her, even if it would be the last thing he would ever do.

The house was still empty when Gallyndra made her way up to the library of the mansion, her sneaking steps and silent movements making her feel like a thief in her own home. After shutting the door behind her she leans against it for a brief moment to calm herself, to fight back the constant flow of tears. Whispering Tryon's name over and over again, scared that all the moments they shared might fade from her memory while time would pass.

Later that night she was sitting in the sofa in said library, her legs tugged underneath herself while she was reading one of her favourite books. She was barely paying attention to the written words, it was more an action to try and act as normal as possible. She was still wearing her azure coloured nightgown, the fine thread shining in the moonlight that came through the windows. The same light reflected on her smooth skin, giving her a serene glow and only making her elegant features more appealing.
"As always you can be found in here, reading one of your endless books -sister-" came a voice from behind her, followed by a door closing and she fell the blood in her veins turn icecold.
"Brother .... welcome home" even if she tried, she could not keep the tremble out of her voice when he came closer to her untill he came to a halt behind the couch.
Tarlon placed his hands on her small shoulders, squeezing them viciously while an angry groan escaped from him.
"I returned home this afternoon, such a shame that you dissapointed me again" He added more pressure on her shoulders while he spoke before continuing in a tone that frightened the young woman. He had never spoken with so much venom in his words.
"Didn't I tell you .... that you had to stay AWAY from him Gallyndra, in case you have missed the point, you are MINE now"
Swiflty he moved his hand towards her hair and pulled her head roughly backwards, forcing her to look up at him, her expression horrorstruck. She could feel her heart beat franticly in her chest, the fear numbing her and she could not speak while staring up at him, at an expression she had never seen on his face.
Tarlon was not only angry at her, or rather furious, she could clearly see the burning jealousy and in the depths of his eyes there was .... lust.
"My little sister, the orphan ... I don't know where you came from, and this is the first time in my life that I am glad that you and I are not related by blood" His free hand traveled towards her neck, to cup her face, Gallyndra could feel her body freeze while shivers ran down her spine.
"For all the time you stayed with us, became one of our own I loathed you, how much they adored you ... the little lady of the house ... their long wanted daughter" He took a deep breath and gritted his teeth while his eyes wandered down over her body, his gaze hazy and filled with hate and desire.
"But you grew up, I saw how you matured into a woman how your body started to draw my attention, for that I even hated you more because I would never be able to lie with you .... I gave up on the fight. But my little sister .... you gave me the perfect tool to make you mine."
Tarlon stared right into her eyes, the tears where streaming down her face freely, low scared sobs escaped her when she regained control over her body and tried to get away from his grip.
"Tarlon ..... you are wrong, this is wrong"
"SHUT UP" Too fast for her to do anything he slapped his hand across her face before quickly leaning closer and pressing his lips against her with a crushing force.

The pale moonlight, sliding through the half-open window, caressed the edge of the sofa in its silver coat. The library was no longer tidy as it used to be. Broken glass laid all over the floor, paired with a bloodied and shred azure nightgown. "you are MINE now". The words echoed inside her head, overshadowing her incontrollable sobbing breath. She was curled up against the sofa leg, like an infant, her face sinking between her elbows.

The perfect tool, indeed. The rest of the family would be away for at least another week. She'd never say a word to anyone, too embarassed and too afraid of her secret revealed. Her parents would shun her, her surroundings would shut her out. The only one who knew.. was her. Wrapped up in her own body, naked and still bleeding, she cried herself for hours. She was too exhausted to even think about the gashing wounds from when he threw her on the glass table, smashing it to pieces. One of the wounds was definitely worrying, a large shard of glass had ripped the skin right beneath her right breast.

She had had little time to think about it as he had violently picked her up from her hair, thrown her on an armchair, before forcing himself inside her. All the loathing of all those years, all the suppressed craving... he let it burst out without any control. Tears streamed down her face, she was struggling to even breathe. But he wasn't satisfied the first time. For two long hours, he was breaking her in every way he could. And when she was no longer physically able to take it any more.. he made another way. Her eyes had dimmed, she felt all light fading. Her heartbeat stopped. She wanted to scream, but all strength had abandoned her.

When he was done with her, he simply stood up, leaving her in ruins on the floor unable to even move, he clipped his armor back on and cast a scornful gaze on her. "That is who you belong to.. sister. Every time you forget that.. I will remind you."

He turned around and left, not waiting for any reply.

The following days, family meals were quieter than a graveyard. She kept her gaze low and said nothing. He consumed his meal, saying nothing. He always left the table first.

When their parents returned, Tarlon was getting ready for his training camp. He welcomed them at the door, she stayed inside. The price to pay for his silence, was very heavy.


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Re: Gallyndra - Chapter Two: Crushing blows

Post by Nayan on Tue May 04, 2010 12:26 pm

(( That Tarlon is such a d*ck if you ask me. You should run away while there's time! ))


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