Torradan Goodwyn

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Torradan Goodwyn

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Character name: Torradan Goodwyn
Alias: Goodwyn, Baron,
Gender: Male
Age: Late 50s
Race: Human
Class: Archer

Birth region: Eastern-Ewlynn
Specific area/town: Leinster Barony (later known as Goodwyn Barony)
Family: Luciues Goodwyn (son, first born) Adeirid Goodwyn (son, second born) Reinhard Goodwyn (half-brother) Vitalian Goodwyn (half-brother) Barrton Goodwyn (retarded cousin)
Known friends or enemies: Friends: Chapter of Holy Anethion, other Anethionians,. Enemies: Braiden Mistmantle, Areyah Conover, Stormwind Council.

Description: An elderly man with a straight and dignified posture. Torradan Goodwyn is a man raised on high ideals and positive stature, a man defined by his firm belief in the supremacy of the Human race, the monarchy of the Wrynn family and the Holy Light. His beliefs make him stand in a way that radiate pride. Greying hair, wrinkled hands and a well exercised body, Torradan Goodwyn stands at a firm 6ft 2 inches, with not necessarily broad shoulders, but broad enough to suggest he may have been in the army. He has black eyes, and a well taken care of moustache.
Personality: Loyal, pious and intelligent.
History: Goodwyn made his noble, and career from serving in both the first and second war, until he was honorably discharged for severe injuries to his left leg, which gave him permanent scarring. Under severe psychological pressure he would limp and use a cane, when declaring the Council illegitimate he was forced to use a cane due to the emotional stress that was over him.

When discharged, the passing away of Lord Leinster, created a vacuum for a baron to rise. The House of Nobles determined that Torradan would make for a fine replacement, with his excellent military career behind him as well as close connections to most of the other nobles thorugh military service, he was elevated and given both title and land.

Torradan practically avoided visiting Stormwind and his seat in the House of Nobles was essentially empty, completely out of touch with the politics of the Kingdom, he decided to make a return to things post-Cataclysm, when the never ending famine in Westfall and the constant troubles throughout the Kingdom began to nag on his mind. Sick of these things, Torradan challenged the Stormwind Council, demanding to know the reasons behind absenteeism and lack of action, unfortunately, the other nobility did not meet to the challenge and Baron Mistmantle also backed down like the coward he is.

Fortunately for Torradan, his discussions with the Senate of Ironforge led to fruition, and they backed him after the great speech Torradan held. It was as if his life had only begun with all this political turbulence. During his 'rise' as a controversial noble, he met and befriended the order of the Chapter of Anethion, manipulating them into position to destroy his enemies, the Chapter even burnt witches alive for him, re-affirming their position as zealots, and his position as a patron of the Chapter.

Finally, when assassins continued to harass the Goodwyn Barony, he left to Khaz Modan, where the forces of the dwarves guaranteed him security. Taking many months to rest and re-prepare himself, Goodwyn eventually returned to the Kingdom of Stormwind, to find the Chapter declared illegal and the Stormwind Council changed, with many enemeis gone.

Inspired by the history and work of the Chapter of Anethion, he now seeks a new purpose.
Things you may know about this character: He is an Anethionian. He has engaged in burning witches. His wife was poisoned. He is a fervent opposer to the Stormwind Council. He is an excellent archer.
Things you may not know about this character: He pretty much sold out the dwarven district to the Senate when negotiating with them against the Stormwind Council. He may not be as Anethionian as he said's he is. He is homophobic.
Possible crime record: None as of yet, but he was arrested briefly by Areyah Connover for wearing the tabard of the Chapter of Anethion and refusing to remove it.

Other information: N/A


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