[SW] A Lordly Crown

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[SW] A Lordly Crown

Post by Melnerag on Mon Apr 15, 2013 7:26 am

This pamphlet is circulating in Stormwind countryside, and has began appearing in the city.

A Lordly Crown

Once upon a time a group of men must have come together and said, “There is no time to argue every time something important for our survival is to be done, let us choose a leader and obey him when our lives are at stake.”
Unfortunately many leaders have forgotten that they are raised up to a lordly crown to serve their people, not to be served by them.

True, we have come to expect more of our Leaders with time. We want them to pass and enforce just laws, arbitrate our grievances, organize the construction of roads and bridges, watchtowers and walls. We want them to invite the merchants and hold a fair so that we may buy goods from far afield.

Nobody can do all that and still have time left to plough his own field or cook his own food!

We pay our taxes because the roads we want built cost money. Because dikes, mills and bridges cost money to maintain. And of course because the Lord needs to eat and to pay somebody to cook his food, mend his clothes and look after his household while he works for our collective benefit.

Good Light, what has gone wrong? Why all of a sudden the man we trusted with our money is putting rubies on his Lordly Crown, would a crown of Steel not do a job as well?

Why is he buying all these fine silks, building an even bigger house which needs even more servants to maintain?

If the thatcher you hired to thatch your roof asked you to pay for his silk clothes and golden rings, you would find somebody who can do the job with less demands!

We are paying taxes for our own good, now all of a sudden the Lords evict those who fail to pay taxes which they somehow 'owe' them! Light have mercy, if a man is starving he needs food, and can't afford to repair a bridge! Don't make him starve even more by taking away his field and sending him packing to Westfall!

Good Lords of Stormwind who wear a crown of steel, may you live a long and happy life! Please, shine harder as beacons to guide your lost peers who can't see what they are doing from behind those fat, pheasant-filled cheeks!

Good people of Stormwind, come together and elect your elders to look over the shoulder of your lord and remind him that it is your money he is managing, and that he has no business buying diamonds while bridges crumble and even less business extorting the money from those who can't feed themselves, let stand pay taxes! A good Lord must always listen to counsel of those he governs and take their grievances to heart.

King Varian, lord of us all, have mercy upon your subjects and pass laws which regulate how much a Lord can keep for himself of what is paid to him in taxes for the benefit of all. Pass laws which protect the poor from extortion, I beg you!


GHI Import Code:

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Re: [SW] A Lordly Crown

Post by Dorothee/Duvaineth on Mon Apr 15, 2013 8:18 am

Cassandra Oathbreaker mutters as she reads a pamphlet. "Perhaps it is time the people rebel and place the kings head on a pike of jewels."

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