Professor Raziev Felborne

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Professor Raziev Felborne

Post by Raziev on Mon Apr 15, 2013 4:55 am

Character name: Professor Raziev Felborne
Alias: Various
Gender: Male
Age: 50
Race: Undead Human
Class: Warlock

Birth region: Born at sea on an Alliance military vessel
Specific area/town: N/A
Family: Michelle Blackborne (Wife, deceased), Jade Blackborne (daughter, deceased), Shrika Felborne (daughter)
Known friends or enemies: Known to be have associated with the Cult of Shadow, and the Sixty Thieves

Description: Gaunt, sickly thin, withered and frail looking. Heavily endowed with fel/shadow magic.
Personality: Power hungry sociopath, willing to manipulate and trample on anyone to suit his purposes. He is also incredibly, cowardly, paranoid and quick tempered, which contradicts his intelligence and results in foolish mistakes.

History: Raziev is a false Forsaken who introduced the plague of undeath in himself to survive a mortal injury, after being hunted down by small army of Alliance members to Felwood for various crimes related to demonology and ritual magic. Raziev was rescued by a tauren druid named Milhoof, who naively took him for a Forsaken, and delivered him to the Undercity, where Raziev applied himself as a military apothecary. Events of Raziev's life as a living human were detailed extensively in an SI:7 criminal record held by Rargnasha Bloodmark, which Raziev managed to destroy, for fear that it may call his intentions into disrepute...

Raziev has recently been demoted from his position in weaponry research and development to a lowly teacher of junior apothecaries, due to unexplained and elongated periods of absense.

Things you may know about this character: Amoral apothecary, often seen performing questionable experiments in public.
Things you may not know about this character: He is a proficient musician, capable with many instruments.
Possible crime record: None on record, although Raziev is plagued by nefarious and slanderous rumours of participation in the Wrathgate incident.

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