Reyleigh Wolf

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Reyleigh Wolf

Post by Broncrast on Sun Apr 14, 2013 11:50 am

Character name: Reyleigh, later took the last name of Wolf.
Alias: The Beast, was his name from his days in the "Nobles Blood Ring"
Gender: Male
Age: 82 years old. (How? Find out ICly)
Race: Worgen
Class: Warrior, brawler, weaponmaster, buisnessman and blacksmith.

Birth region: Unknown even to him.
Specific area/town: Spent years in a mansion near Arathi. Now in ruins.
Family: Alya Victoria Avareau (sister) and Mother (Deceased) are the only known ones thus far.
Known friends or enemies: William Garshaw, concidered a brother. He holds many people close to heart but does his best to keep them from being involved in his troubles.
His friends know who they are and knows that Rey would do anything for them.
His only known enemy has to be Drustai, his history with her is no secret....or most of it isn't.

Description: Rugged looking tall, about 210cm, and muscular man from years of harsh training and battle with yellow eyes with a faint glow but he usually hides it, half his right ear is sliced off, on his left upper arm he has a branding of the number "22".
He has a gray tint in his hair and beard, he seems to be in his late 40s but something about him tells you that he might be alot older in spirit.
Personality: Write here
History: Write here
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