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House Starwhisper

Post by Zalissa on Fri Apr 12, 2013 9:22 am

The Starwhisper Family:
often reffered to as 'house Starwhisper' or 'the Starwhisper clan', simply because it was so vast in its glory days but has greatly diminished due to the fall of Quel'thalas, and the families racial technique that has a heavy cost on life energy. The family mainly consists of high elves but has many humans too. They stem from Lordaeron but have played a massive part in the progress of the City of Dalaran, in retrospect they are spread over Eastern Kingdoms.

    Family Traits
  • The first and foremost distinguishable trait the clan possess is the family marking. The Starwhisper symbol is a rhombus shape on their forehead, and this acts as a threshold of mana, which basically means they can tap into mana they've been gathering for years when ever their base mana runs out, meaning they're very formidable opponants, as this means they can virtually not run out of mana in battle, using this ability also shortens their lifespan however due to the rapidity of cell regrowth when that much mana is pumped back into the body, which is why more high elves exist in the Starwhisper family than humans. It also varies in colour, the most common being purple or blue - this colour determines the characters' crystal colour.

  • They are usually rather pale.

  • Intellect is a common inheritance to a Starwhisper, given the majority of them have enrolled into learning magic. A lot of the Starwhispers are usually astrologists too.

  • A natural affinity for magic. The clan is made up entirely of magi, and thus arcane blood runs thick. This however suggests the family may have subjected to inbreeding to maintain the talent of magic.

  • Due to human and elf breeding for years down the line, (almost holistically) human members will have elf blood, and thus sport some elven features i.e. light skin, lithesomeness, symmetrical features etc.

  • The clan members names are usually elven-ish. And often have connotations with flowers (female) and astrology (male).

  • Each member gains the ability to 'crystalweave' - which is basically the unique ability to create crystals from raw power. These differ from mana gems because they can be manipulated into weapons and are not supplementary consumables. They also exist forever unless de-spelled and attract mana, so they can be used as pylons for magic, unless the creator that made them dies very suddenly of non natural causes, in which case every crystal they have made will shatter.

Family History
Being an entirely magi family, it goes without saying that they dwell in places that pertain such; this is mainly Dalaran, however few do remain in places such as Theramore, Stormwind, Shattrath and even regrettably, Quel'thalas (yes, some of the Quel'dorei converted to Sin'dorei, so it is possible for horde Starwhispers to exist). As their crystals are magical pylons, all the crystals adorning the roofs in Dalaran you see were created by the living remnants of the family. The red crystals that are used in the Violet Hold are also family made (Perhaps by a vault guard Starwhisper with a red crystal affinity?).

Other than that, the family are nobles, rather snobby and rich.

This family is open, and if you desire to make a Starwhisper you must ensure that your character has some of the above traits (Rhombus/Crystal weaving, Mage class is mandatory).
Appearance varies greatly however, and you may either be Human, half-elf, High Elf - what ever you fancy!

As the family was so large, multiple cousins, aunts, brothers, sisters etc to Alorah all still exist. So if you want to make a Starwhisper PM me here on in game, I'd love to see more of them around!

Played Members:

Alorah Starwhisper,
203 years old, twin to sister Sariella, and a middle child to Rin'elle and Rhomlyn Starwhisper.
Crystal Affinity: Blue
Alorah is perhaps one of the most accomplished magi children of the Starwhisper, specifically in the fields of Illusionism.
Before her graduation to Arch Magistrix and appointed teacher of Illusion in the school of Arcane Magics, the family mostly viewed Alorah as a bit of a failure, due to constantly day dreaming, and spending her time painting or drawing. Her bottomless enthusiasm and optimisim often came across as quite childish, as well as her nervous verbal tic - powerfully exclaiming 'Kora!' or 'Il'amare!' (Meaning: 'Courage!' and 'Success!') made her seem bratty/annoying; but she surprised the elders of her family when excelling greatly in Dalaran and her studies.

Sariella Starwhisper,
203 years old, twin to Alorah, middle child to Rin'elle and Rhomlyn Starhwipser.
Crystal Affinity: Violet
Sariella is merely an hour older than her twin Alorah, and is the exact opposite to her loud-mouthed and happy-go-lucky sister, solemn, serious and somewhat of a loner. Sariella always showed talent and diligence from the beginning unlike her sister. She is known for her power through out the family, but otherwise she seems to keep to herself.

Twilion Starwhisper
183 years old, younger brother to Alorah and Sariella. Known for his creativity among the family, when he was younger he wanted to run away to become a bard, and still plays musical instruments. Additionally, he makes attempts at manufacturing magical weapons out of instruments and takes after his sister Alorah with mischief, even at his age now.

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Zalissa Timmens, Loud-mouth ruffian.
Alorah Starwhisper, noble Magistrix.
Adrielle Jainrose, shy Medic/Guard.


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